With heavy demand for parking at this busy regional airport, it’s important to ensure you select the right service your needs. You’ll also need to ensure you’re picking a legitimate service that won’t let you down when it matters.

The following table provides a quick overview of the East Midlands Airport car parks we offer.

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Park Mark Safer Parking Award – Why It’s So Important

For millions of air travellers across the UK, choosing airport parking is often the only viable option when it comes to reaching the terminal on time. And with four million passengers flying from East Midlands Airport there’s a huge demand for space.

This almost insatiable need for parking at East Midlands Airport can open the doors to rogue operators hoping to cash in by offering sub-standard services for airport parking. This is why the Park Mark Safer Parking Award is such a vital tool for travellers.

It’s easy for unscrupulous operators to build a professional-looking website, without any of the physical infrastructure required for safe parking at East Midlands Airport to back it up.

The Park Mark Safer Parking Award offers the legitimacy that travellers should look for when booking a space. That’s why all of the Airport parking services that APH offers come with the reassurance of being a recipient of the respected award.

As a Police Crime Prevention Initiative, the Park Mark Safer Parking Award is designed to help cut the instances of actual crime or the fear of it in car parks across the UK as a whole – including airports.

The Park Mark Safer Parking Award is bestowed on car parks that have satisfied the stringent demands of the police-approved scheme – helping travellers identify legitimate parking facilities at East Midlands Airport.

Exploring services we offer at East Midlands Airport will reveal all the options we offer come with the reassurance of a Park Mark Safer Parking Award. Take a look at the likes of East Midlands Airport Long Stay Car Park 1 to see the type of security on offer to help keep your vehicle safe while you are travelling.

East Midlands Airport Car Parks Reviews Verified By Reevoo

Alongside the Park Mark Safer Parking Award, APH offers travellers full access to user-generated reviews covering every East Midlands Airport car parking product that we offer for sale.

Using these reviews can provide a powerful tool to ensure travellers are booking the best available parking for their next trip from East Midlands Airport.

And, unlike some providers, the reviews published on APH have been collected and verified by an independent ratings company. The company, Reevoo, will ensure only reviews by genuine travellers who’ve used a particular service will be published.

We are deeply committed to operating an honest and transparent service, which is why we place such importance on what you – the day-to-day user – has to say about the services we offer.

We don’t pick and choose the reviews displayed, with all verified ratings published on every product, there’s nowhere to hide for providers offering a shoddy service. We expect the best for all customers who book airport parking through APH.

You can rest assured that you’ll get the full picture when reserving your parking at East Midlands Airport through APH. From on-airport to meet and greet you can expect a drama-free departure day.

Take a look at the reviews here for parking services covering East Midlands Airport. Remember, you’re in control with APH.

Independently collated by internationally respected ratings firm Reevoo, all reviews are made available for consumers to view. 89% of 10875  independently verified customers who have used our services they would recommend us to their friends and family members.


East Midlands Airport is a single-terminal facility, which makes the selection of parking a little easier than at some multi-terminal airports. However, there are still plenty of choices that need to be made.

All of the parking we offer for East Midlands Airport is located within the airport complex and no more than five minutes’ transfer from the terminal – be this by bus transfer or a short walk.

Pick your parking from the likes of East Midlands Airport Short Stay 1, 1 or 1 for trips of a day or two, or East Midlands Airport Mid Stay 2 and 3 along with East Midlands Airport Long Stay 1 for journeys of a longer duration.

Along with parking information, you can also find additional travel-related help with our detailed guides to the likes of how much change you’ll need for baggage trolleys, how to find free WiFi and where to grab a pit-stop to refuel before you fly.

How to get cheap East Midlands Airport parking

Along with providing safe, legitimate parking at East Midlands Airport, APH also offers some of the best prices for parking services at this busy international hub for low-cost airlines such as Jet2 and Ryanair.

We understand hard-pressed travellers want to spend cash on their holiday rather than paying huge amounts for the likes of airport parking. That’s why booking services such as East Midlands Airport Long Stay can bring big savings with the help of APH.

Along with the value-for-money services we already offer, we can offer additional real-world solutions to help cut the amount you’ll pay by grabbing significant savings that are freely available to all travellers using APH.

Here are just a few ways that APH can help smart travellers cut the amount they’ll pay for airport parking at East Midlands Airport – without compromising on location or security.

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If you’re looking for advance warning of great deals and flash sales, then joining our email list is a smart move for savings on the likes of East Midlands Airport Meet & Greet. Once on the list you can expect a weekly heads-up of the best money-saving deals waiting for you.

And the big news for anyone booking right now is that joining up will entitle them to an instant discount of at least 10 per cent! That’s right, a real-world saving you can cash in and benefit from immediately. Book now with East Midlands Airport Short Stay Car Park 1, Car Park 2 and Car Park 3 to grab your savings.

Joining is a breeze, too! No need to fill out lengthy forms with endless personal details – just scroll to the foot of this page and enter your email in the box marked ‘Join here for discounts and offers’. Hit send and start saving.

Book early to save on your East Midlands Airport parking

Looking for more ways to cut the cost of parking at East Midlands Airport? We’ve got just the solution to help do just that for the likes of bookings at East Midlands Airport Mid Stay Car Park 2 and Car Park 3.

As you’ll have likely noticed, the price of airport parking is not a constant throughout the year, with peaks and troughs that follow demand. We all expect to pay more at times of high demand – such as Christmas and school holidays – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

APH can help bring significant savings to your parking at East Midlands Airport whatever time of the year you are planning to travel. And following our cash-saving tips will bring cheaper parking to all types of parking we offer.

While we continually strive to offer the best prices for East Midlands Airport car parking, we also bring benefits of almost 40 years’ market intelligence in the airport parking sector. And it’s this that can bring a cash-saving bonus to travellers looking to book parking in coming months.

Analysing this data, we can create intelligence that reveals what could be the cheapest time to book East Midlands Airport car parking. And looking at the data, it’s clear to see that booking parking in advance is central to bagging the biggest savings.

If your travel plans are set and unlikely to change, booking as soon as possible can make financial sense. We can see the data shows that making a week-long parking reservation six months ahead of travel could bring a jaw-dropping saving of more than 61 per cent compared with the same reservation made seven days before departure.

Putting this in cash-terms, booking a week’s parking at East Midlands Airport could cost £87 if the reservation was made around a week before flying – compared with a bill of around £33 if the booking was completed six months ahead of departure day. We’re sure that a potential saving of £54 will look much better in your pocket.

The following graphic provides an overview of the average savings that could be achieved when purchasing airport parking ahead of departure day.

East Midlands parking rates graph

Based on prices for stays between 1st July 2018 to 31st December 2018

Our cheapest parking at East Midlands Airport

If you want cheap East Midlands Airport parking then choose from services we have on offer. Here’s how much the following types of parking will typically cost for a week-long stay.

Choosing the right East Midlands Airport parking will be central to getting your trip off to a stress-free start. Take a look at the following overview to see what’s on offer and why it might work for your travel party’s needs.

East Midlands Airport parking types

Passengers flying from East Midlands Airport have a wide range of parking options to help ease the passage from car to check-in desk. But what type of parking is right for you? Here we look at how the individual types of parking work and if they might be right for you.

From short-stay and mid-term to long-stay and meet and greet, here’s all you need to know about East Midlands Airport parking.

Short-stay parking: How it works

This type of parking, provided at East Midlands Airport Short Stay Car Park 1, Car Park 2 and Car Park 3, is located right next to the terminal and just a short walk from the check-in desks.

Short stay airport parking process

Choosing this parking solution means fast, easy access to the terminal without the need to take a transfer bus. As the name suggests, these car parks are ideal for trips from East Midlands Airport of just a couple of days and for travellers who are running to a tight schedule.

All of the short-stay car parks at East Midlands Airport operate on a self-park basis. This means travellers will be able to keep their keys while away. Cars will also remain where they are parked for the duration.

Selecting this type of parking can save up to 45 minutes from journeys to the airport when compared with some off-airport services on offer. Additionally, there’s no minimum stay period, so you’ll only pay for parking used.

It’s simple to use, too. Travellers drive straight to the car park – which is located next to the terminal – where they can find a parking space, unload their bags and take the short stroll to the check-in desks.

Security won’t be an issue, with entry and exit barriers, full CCTV and manned patrols looking after vehicles. Along with this, all three short-stay car parks are holders of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award.

Best for: Business travellers looking to cut the time spent away from the office, or those heading off on a short city break will appreciate the ease of short-stay parking. Ideal for anyone running to a tight schedule.

East Midlands Airport Short Stay Car Park 1-3 are suitable for use by Blue Badge holders.

Mid-stay parking: How it works

Travellers looking for cost-effective parking that doesn’t compromise on proximity to the terminal will find the ideal solution with East Midlands Airport Mid Stay Car Park 1 and Car Park 3.

Located just a short walk from the terminal, there’ll be no need to add time for taking shuttle buses to and from the airport. Expect to save around 35 minutes compared with off-airport park and ride services.

With a short walk of five to seven minutes, mid-stay car parks offer rapid access to the check-in desks at great price. The minimum stay is just two days, meaning you’ll only pay for the parking used.

It’s easy to use, too. Simply head straight to the car park – located within the East Midlands Airport complex – find a vacant parking bay, grab your bags and head to the nearby check-in area.

All of the mid-stay car parks operate a self-park procedure, which means drivers will be able to keep hold of their car keys while away. It also ensures vehicles will remain in the same space for the duration of the trip.

Travellers won’t need to worry about security while away, with the likes of barrier-controlled entry and exit, CCTV, security fencing and manned patrols protecting vehicles. Additionally, all of the mid-stay car parks are recipients of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award. 

Best for: Anyone looking to cut the amount of time it takes to reach the terminal and grab great-value parking at the same time. Ideal for business or leisure travellers alike, mid-stay parking will help provide stress-free, affordable parking for all.

Long-stay parking: How it works

For travellers looking for great-value parking, East Midlands Airport Long Stay Car Park 1 could offer the perfect solution.

Airport parking long stay process

Located just five minutes’ transfer from the terminal building, this long-stay car park provides easy access to the terminal at some of the cheapest prices on the airport.

Using long-stay parking at East Midlands Airport is simple and straightforward. Drive to the car park, find a space, unload your luggage and catch one of the regular transfer buses to the nearby check-in area.

Unlike many long-stay car parks, travellers using the facility at East Midlands Airport will park their own cars – meaning there’s no need to leave keys while travelling.

Security is tight, too, with barrier-controlled entry and exit, CCTV and a Park Mark Safer Parking Award to watch over vehicles in their owners’ absence.

Best for: Long-stay parking is the go-to solution for travellers looking for cheap East Midlands Airport parking that doesn’t compromise on security or location.

Perfect for trips of all durations, with just a short bus transfer to and from the airport required. If you’re looking for the best deals – get a quote for long-stay parking now.

Meet and greet parking: How it works

Getting to the terminal on time is never easy, but booking meet and parking from East Midlands Airport Meet & Greet will certainly help smooth the way.

Meet and Greet parking process

Getting one step ahead of the crowds is easy with meet and greet – saving around 40 minutes compared with off-airport car parks handling vehicles for travellers flying from East Midlands Airport.

Along with being one of the fastest routes to the terminal, meet and greet is one of the easiest stress-free ways to access the check-in area.

No need for excursions beyond the airport, or time spent hunting for vacant bays, travellers can simply drive directly to a meeting point at the terminal. Here, travellers will be able to grab their bags and head to the check-in desks while their car’s parked for them.

Despite being the ultimate in East Midlands Airport parking, meet and greet parking isn’t as expensive as you might think – often just a few pounds more than many other products. Get a quote now to find out how much it’ll be to upgrade your upcoming trip.

Best for: Are you travelling with young children, managing a mobility issue or transporting bulky sports equipment? Meet and greet will help make departure day much simpler. Business users will also benefit from the ease and speed this product offers.

Making your way to the terminal on time can be a stressful experience – with this especially the case for travellers departing on early morning flights from East Midlands Airport.

And with East Midlands Airport travel links heavily dependent on the nearby M1 motorway, the risk of this busy arterial route falling victim to congestion and unexpected closures can significantly increase the anxiety of departure day. 

There is an alternative, though, with many savvy travellers choosing to cheat the jams by arriving the day before their flight and pairing airport parking with a night in a nearby hotel.

Swap early morning alarms and rush-hour snarl-ups on nearby motorways for a relaxed night’s sleep and leisurely breakfast before taking a short transfer to the nearby terminal or car park.

Want to join the smart travellers who are already swapping rush-hour for a relaxing night at a nearby airport hotel? Find out more about the hotel and parking packages on offer now.

Get ready for your trip from East Midlands Airport by preparing a route to your car park or meeting point. Just use the map on this page to ensure you’re at the check-in desk with plenty of time to spare.

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