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Why book Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking

Heading off on holiday from Birmingham Airport is a great feeling, but getting to the terminal on time can sometimes prove a stressful experience for travellers.

From early morning alarm calls to unpredictable journey times on clogged rush-hour roads, getting to the airport can be a struggle for even the most experienced traveller.

Picking meet and greet at Birmingham Airport could be the answer! Booking with providers such as Drivefly Meet & Greet will forge the fast and stress-free route from home to terminal you’ve been yearning.

With no need for transfer buses, or hunting down vacant bays in packed self-park car parks, meet and greet services cut up to 45 minutes’ travel time both to and from the terminal.

With the time-saving benefits of meet and greet in hand, there’ll be more time to reach that early morning flight along with a cushion to mitigate the effects of congestion or unexpected closures.

And, with some of the UK’s most notorious motorway sections feeding Birmingham Airport, meet and greet will help ensure the M40, M42 and M5 are less likely to hinder your timely arrival at the terminal.

Returning home is made easier by meet and greet, too! Clear customs, grab your bags and swap the transfer bus jostle-fest for a short walk straight to your car! Just try not to smile too widely while cruising past your fellow passenger who didn’t choose meet and greet.

Get your quote now to see just how affordable the likes of Drivefly Meet & Greet can be for just one more compelling reason to swap your current service for the ease and speed of this arrive-and-fly airport parking.

Who is meet and greet parking for?

Have you simply dismissed Birmingham Airport meet and greet out of hand, without considering the myriad reasons why it could be the obvious choice for your parking?

Just take a look at some of the reasons why this ‘ultimate’ airport parking is so much more than just a luxurious gimmick. And why it could be a perfect fit for your needs.

How about flying with young children? Forget the tutts and mutterings as you battle to board the transfer bus with buggies and bags, simply enjoy the comfort of your own vehicle right to the terminal doors. See what services such as Birmingham Meet & Greet can offer you here.

Similarly, travellers with mobility issues won’t need to be concerned about accessibility on airport transfer buses, or in multi-storey car parks. Take control and travel in the comfort of your own vehicle. Meet and greet really can help to ensure there’s a stress-free route to the terminal for all.

Additionally, anyone travelling with bulky bags and specialist sports equipment – including the likes of surfboards and cycles – will be aware of restrictions and bans put in place on many transfer buses. Not a problem with meet and greet, bypass the embargos by using your own vehicle – where you’re the boss!

It’s not just leisure travellers who’ll bag the benefits of meet and greet at Birmingham. Business users will appreciate the rapid transfer from car to terminal. If time really is money, cutting the amount spent waiting for transfer buses will provide a great return.

But what if you don’t fit into any of these ‘categories’ and simply want to get from car to terminal in the shortest possible time? Here’s the good news – everyone’s welcome to use meet and greet whatever their requirements.

So, as you can see, meet and greet really is the parking solution for the many, not just the few. Get your quote now.

Here you can take a look at how the cost of meet and greet compares with other forms of parking at this busy international airport. You’ll also see that compared with park and ride, choosing meet and greet could save up to 45 minutes’ travel time to and from the airport.

Parking Type Time to terminal Transfer required Price (per week)*
Meet and Greet 2 - 3 mins No £60.50*
On-Airport 2 - 5 mins No £55.70*
Park and Ride 15mins Shuttle bus (every 15mins) £47.77*

*Prices for a week’s parking from 12th August till 19h August 2019

How does Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking work?

Getting to the airport on time doesn’t have to be a battle when choosing meet and greet at Birmingham Airport. Here’s an overview of how picking this type of service can simplify your trip to and from the terminal.

The choice of airport parking products might seem confusing, but in reality picking meet and greet is the simple choice. It really is the straight forward option for travellers who just want to reach the terminal as quickly and easily as possible.

No hunting for off-airport car parks, or searching for vacant bays in packed on-airport self-park facilities, meet and greet can ease the anxiety of departure day by removing all the uncertainty of parking your vehicle.

Jump in your car, set the sat-nav for the airport and get going. No need to worry about where you’re heading, just the peace of mind knowing that someone is waiting to meet you just seconds from the terminal doors.

The following visualisation illustrates just how simple meet and greet parking is – and why it’ll help ensure your holiday starts the moment you shut the front door behind you.

Meet and Greet parking process

So how does meet and greet parking work for travellers flying from Birmingham Airport?

Firstly, choosing the right meet and greet service is easy with APH. Just click through to our product information to find everything from security measures to how far you’ll be from the terminal doors. You can even read independent reviews from verified users.

Take a look at Drivefly Meet & Greet and Birmingham Airport Meet & Greet here.

Starting your trip, you’ll love the ease of driving straight to the terminal – avoiding transfer buses or hunting down parking spaces in busy on-airport car parks. Just set the sat-nav for the terminal and hit ‘go’.

Once at the terminal, travellers drive to a meeting point where they’ll unload their bags and take the short walk – around 2-3 minutes – to the nearby check-in desks.

And don’t worry about what happens to the car afterwards. As the passenger heads through the terminal doors, their car will be delivered straight to a security-protected compound where it’ll remain until the owner’s return.

There’s no need to risk leaving your vehicle in the hands of rogue operators – who typically park cars on public streets and unguarded municipal car parks – APH works with legitimate providers operating from security-protected facilities.

Returning to Birmingham Airport is just as easy. A fully insured driver will drive the car back to the terminal where it’ll be ready and waiting for the owner’s onward journey.

Birmingham Airport Meet & Greet Car Parks score on average 8.7/10 based on 1753 customer reviews.


It’s clear that Birmingham Airport meet and greet offers a premium service, so there’s no surprise it comes with a cost premium over some alternatives. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t help savvy travellers lessen what they pay.

Booking through APH brings the added premium of knowing your car will be safe while you’re away – with almost 40 years’ airport parking experience, our single goal is to ensure we uphold our reputation by offering only the very best service providers.

We’ll never compromise our pledge to supply the very best in legitimate parking, but we can help hard-pressed travellers secure parking with big savings. Here are a couple of our ‘insider’ tips to ensure you never pay more than you have to.

Join the mailing list and start saving right now

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To start with, we give members advance notice of sales and enhanced discounts and online-only deals.

But the big news is, anyone who joins – by adding their email address at the bottom of this page – will be entitled to at least 10 per cent off their airport parking. That’s all parking – wherever and whenever it’s booked.

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When to book your Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking

Want to save even more cash on your Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking? Here at APH we’re happy to share information that many providers hide – helping you bag big savings.

The cost of parking doesn’t stay the same throughout the year. Demand for space combined with other seasonal variables result in a fluctuation of prices throughout the year and analysis can reveal the best time to book for the cheapest Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking.

If you’ve booked your break months ahead of departure day – doing the same for airport parking is likely to reward you with big savings.

Reserving meet and greet parking six months ahead of departure day from Birmingham Airport could slash a staggering 37 per cent off the price you could be paying compared with it until a week before flying.

In cash terms, booking seven night's Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking six months before flying could cost around £68, whereas making the same reservation a week before travelling could could be around £107.60.

Use the following analysis of prices to work out the best time to purchase your meet and greet at Birmingham Airport.

when to book

Based on prices for stays between 1st July 2018 to 31st December 2018

Does cheap airport parking mean ‘less safe’ parking?

Simply looking for the cheapest meet and greet parking is not a smart move – and could end up costing far more than it saves.

Sadly, meet and greet parking can open the door for bogus operators and criminals to exploit passengers travelling from Birmingham Airport. With no need to provide sight of a secure compound, cars can be left on public streets or deposited in unprotected public car parks.

This doesn’t mean that saving cash isn’t an option – as we’ve shown above. Just make sure you book it through a reputable operator – where you can be assured of your car being looked after in a safe, security-protected environment while you’re away.

And with airport parking experience spanning four decades, booking with APH guarantees your vehicle will be looked after in a legitimate, security-protected car park while you travel.

Look out for our providers who have a Park Mark Safer Parking Award-holding car park.

Our cheapest Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking

Take a look at the best Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking we have on offer.

Operator Reevoo customer rating Price (from per week)*
Drivefly Meet & Greet 8.5 / 10 £60.50*
Birmingham Airport Meet & Greet 8.6 / 10 £108.99*

*Prices based on 1 weeks parkings in August 2019

There’ll be no dramas when it comes to getting your car parked with Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking – just head for the terminal you’re flying from.

Drive to the drop-off point, unload your bags and head to the check-in desks.

Operator Drop-off point Time to terminal Open hours Uniformed staff
Drivefly Meet & Greet Valet parking car park 2 mins walk 24 hours Yes
Birmingham Airport Meet & Greet Valet car park 3 mins walk 24 hours Yes


As multi-time winners of the Best Airport Parking Company category at the British Travel Awards, APH is committed to providing the absolute best in customer service.

With almost 40 years’ experience of airport parking, we know that your trust is the greatest honour we can receive.

That’s why we continually strive to provide the best parking experience available at all major UK airports. Offering this with honesty, integrity and transparency to all customers alike.

And to help ensure the services we offer remain at the very highest levels, we publish independently verified customer reviews to ensure there’s nowhere to hide for poor service.

Unlike some operators who ‘edit’ their customer ratings and select only the ones they want you to see, APH reviews are collected and published by an independent company.

Because we put such a high priority on customer service, we want to ensure that you as much information as possible when it comes to choosing who to book.

You’ll find independent reviews from genuine customers attached to every product we offer for sale on the APH website. Just scroll to the bottom of each product page to read the ratings – whatever they are.

Meet our top-rated Birmingham Airport meet and greet service….

Birmingham Airport Meet & Greet

Overall rating: 8.6/10

Number of reviews: 79 (as of 24/10/18)

What they say…

Brilliant service - no delay either way

Mary, Worcester

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