Passengers flying from Luton Airport have a wide selection of meet and greet services to choose from. Great-value options include the likes of Airparks Meet & Greet.

With all of our Luton Airport meet and greet providers offering a service that’s just two minutes’ walk from the terminal doors, it’s ideal for anyone looking to get one step ahead of the crowds at check-in time.

The following provides a full list of the meet and greet services we offer at Luton Airport. Take a look at what’s available and find the ideal parking for your next trip.

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Maple Meet & Greet
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Why book Luton Airport meet and greet parking

Booking meet and greet parking at Luton Airport could be the departure-day solution you’ve been yearning! If fast, easy and stress-free parking sounds like music to your ears – read on to find out what meet and greet can offer you.

Above all, what most of us really want is easy-to-use parking that’s simple to find and gets us to the terminal on time. And meet and greet parking at Luton Airport can bring just that for all travellers.

To start with, choosing meet and greet parking could help cut the time taken to reach the terminal by up to 45 minutes – and the same again when returning. This will make those early morning flights more bearable while also helping to beat unexpected rush-hour jams.

Additionally, there’ll be no more queuing for busy transfer buses or hunting for vacant bays in packed multi-storey car parks – just head straight to the terminal and let a fully insured driver handle the parking for you. It really is the height of drama-free parking at Luton Airport.

And with notoriously congested sections of the M1 and M25 likely to be part of your route to Luton Airport, cutting the time required to reach the terminal will be pivotal to securing a stress-free departure day. E-Park Meet & Greet and Airparks can help provide just that.

You won’t need to worry about falling victim to rogue operators, either. Booking Luton Airport meet and greet parking through APH guarantees you’ll enjoy a safe legitimate service with your car looked after in a security-protected compound while away.

There really isn’t a faster or easier way to reach the check-in desks. Get your Luton Airport meet and greet quote right now.

Who is meet and greet parking for?

Have you previously dismissed meet and greet parking? Perhaps rejecting it on the expectation of increased costs or simply as an unnecessary luxury reserved for high-rolling business travellers? Here we look at why you could be extremely wide of the mark.

Maybe you’re travelling with a young family? It’s likely you’ll be dreading the early morning slog to the car park – and attempting to successfully negotiate a busy transfer bus with bags, buggies and kids to contend with. How does driving straight to the terminal in your own car sound? No shuttle bus, no space hunting – just a two-minute stroll to the check-in desks while your car’s parked for you. This is meet and greet!

The benefits of meet and greet parking at Luton Airport aren’t restricted to parents, either. Travellers with mobility issues will also find it an extremely useful product. No need to worry about unpredictable levels of accessibility on transfer buses, or in packed multi-storey car parks with limited numbers of designated parking bays! Just head straight to the terminal in the comfort of your own car and leave parking to a trained and fully insured member of staff.

Additionally, opting for meet and greet parking will bring welcome relief to sports fans travelling with bulky equipment. Many will already have experienced problems transporting the likes of skis, cycles or surfboards on shuttle buses – with many operators banning them altogether. Not a problem, simply load up your kit and drive straight to the terminal in your own vehicle. No drama – just a fast-track route to the surf or slopes!

Business users will also appreciate the slick, streamlined nature of meet and greet parking at Luton Airport. No time wasted searching for off-airport car parks or hunting down vacant bays in packed self-park multi-storey facilities – just the ultimate in drop-and-go parking seconds from the terminal doors. Meet and greet really will bring a great return on investment for businesses of all sizes.

But the reality of meet and greet parking at Luton Airport is that it’s not just for the few – meet and greet really is parking for all. Anyone who longs for a seamless and stress-free departure can find what they’re looking for with this ultimate airport parking service. Get your instant quote now.

And don’t forget, coming home to Luton Airport won’t be such a chore with meet and greet parking. No more misery in the car park transfer queue, or dragging bags around faceless airport car parks in search of your vehicle. No – just clear customs, grab your bags and step from the terminal doors to the nearby haven of your very own vehicle. Just don’t look too smug as you motor past downcast passengers queuing for the shuttle bus.

How does Luton Airport meet and greet parking work?

Making your way to the airport can be a chore, with early morning alarms and rush-hour roads to contend with before you even think about parking. This can then add time looking for off-airport car parks or searching for spaces in unallocated on-site facilities. But there is an alternative with Luton Airport meet and greet parking.

Using this type of parking is fast, easy and safe when booked through reputable companies such as APH. Here we take a look at why Luton Airport meet and greet parking could be the perfect solution for your next trip from this busy international hub.

So how does meet and greet parking work? This simple graphic illustrates how easy the parking process can be at Luton Airport with meet and greet.

Meet and greet parking process

Looking at meet and greet parking in more depth, here’s how this ‘ultimate’ service could prove to be the ideal service to get your trip off to the best possible start from Luton Airport.

The big win for travellers comes through time-saving benefits of meet and greet. For those who’ve previously used park and ride, there’ll be no outlying car parks or shuttle buses – just direct access to the terminal. Those using on-airport facilities will avoid the rigmarole of hunting for vacant bays in packed unallocated multi-storeys.

Choosing meet and greet allows travellers to drive directly to the airport terminal. Once there, they’ll be able to unload and take the short stroll to the terminal doors – typically just a two-minute walk at Luton Airport – while their car’s parked for them.   

The fully-insured and uniformed meet and greet staff member will take the vehicle to a security-protected compound for the duration of the trip. Typically, these providers will offer barrier-controlled entry and exit, security fencing, CCTV and 24-hour staffing.

Coming home will also be made easier to bear with the help of meet and greet parking at Luton Airport. Once back in the terminal, passengers will be able to clear security, collect their bags before jumping into their car just seconds from the terminal doors. Just like the outbound trip, meet and greet customers can cut up to 45 minutes from their return journey.

Booking through APH will ensure drivers get legitimate parking, too. With experience spanning four decades, we only work with providers we can trust to uphold our core values of honest, transparent customer service. You can rely on APH to provide the very best in secure, safe parking for your upcoming trip from Luton Airport.

Luton Meet & Greet Reviews

As a multiple winner of the Best Airport Parking Company category at the British Travel Awards, we know how to offer the best customer service available for travellers flying from Luton Airport.

And while we are humbled to the receive the BTA award – because it’s voted for by you, the British travelling public – we’re also keen to see the businesses we work with open to the same scrutiny from those who actually use them. That’s why every product we offer displays genuine customers reviews.

All the reviews and ratings you see on each product are genuine and from travellers who’ve actually used the service – helping you make an informed decision about where you park your car when flying from Luton Airport.

Booking meet and greet parking at Luton will come with a cost premium over products offering lower levels of convenience, but that doesn’t mean travellers can’t secure big savings on the amount they’ll pay for this ‘ultimate’ service.

And don’t forget, simply booking through APH means you’ll get some of the cheapest prices for Luton Airport meet and greet parking – along with the knowledge you won’t pay the price of inadvertently choosing a rogue operator to ‘care’ for your car.

But the great news is – along with our pledge to offer great prices as standard – smart travellers can follow our cash-saving tips to bag even more impressive reductions on their Luton Airport meet and greet parking. Here’s how to get started...

Join the APH mailing list and start saving right now

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to cut the cash spent on meet and greet parking,  we’ve got just the thing. Simply joining the APH digital mailing list will bring an instant discount of at least 10 per cent. It’s free, takes seconds to secure and is waiting for you right now. Scroll to the foot of this page and enter your email in the space provided.

Along with the instant discount, those who join will get notice of special deals and sales. From parking to hotels at Luton Airport, this is the place to start. Just look out for our weekly emails to see what’s on offer.

When to book your Luton Airport meet and greet parking

Along with joining our digital mailing list, smart travellers can enjoy further significant savings with the help of APH. Here’s how...

As you’ve probably noticed, the price of airport parking varies throughout the year. With charges increasing at times of high demand – such as school holidays and over the festive period. Nothing new about that, but using seasonal data can help travellers bag big savings.

If you’re planning to book Luton Airport valet parking from the likes of Airparks Meet & Greet or E-Park Meet & Greet then we can help turn the clock back to secure big savings. All you need to know is when you want to park!

It’s true! If your travel dates are confirmed well in advance of departure there’s a good chance you can use this to cut what you’ll pay. Using data we’ve collected over many years, we can crunch the numbers and reveal the best time to book.

If your travel dates are set, booking right away could bring impressive savings. For example, reserving Luton Airport meet and greet parking six months ahead of departure day could be more than 47 per cent cheaper than buying just seven days before leaving.

However, booking too far ahead could reduce the amount you’ll save. In fact, buying meet and greet more than half a year ahead of flying could be around 26 per cent pricier than purchasing at the six-month milestone.

Putting this in cash terms, the average price of eight days’ meet and greet parking at Luton Airport could be £52 when booked six months ahead. This compares with £99 for the same reservation made a week before departure day.

These are big, achievable savings which could cut the price of meet and greet to within a few pounds of park and ride services! Use the following data table to help ensure you get the best price for your Luton Airport meet and greet parking.

Luton Airport parking price chart

Prices are correct at time of writing and subject to change

Does cheap airport parking mean ‘less safe’?

Sifting through internet search results for meet and greet parking at rock bottom prices could prove to be an expensive mistake.

While legitimate meet and greet can offer the ultimate experience in airport parking, there are unscrupulous operators who’ll attempt to exploit the fact that travellers don’t need to visit the car park where their vehicle will be cared for.

Sadly, finding a deal that looks too good to be true on the third page of search engine results could be exactly that – too good to be true. Picking these operators could put your expensive automobile at risk of being ‘looked after’ on public streets, unprotected municipal car parks, or even muddy wastelands in derelict industrial landscapes.

However, booking through the likes of APH guarantees against the unwelcome scenarios outlined above. All the service providers we work with store vehicles in security-protected car parks with the likes of 24-hour manned staff, barrier-controlled entry and exit, security fencing and CCTV coverage on hand.

Don’t be afraid to save cash, just make sure you stay protected by booking through legitimate providers such as APH – ensuring your ‘savings’ don’t end up costing you so much more at the hands of rogues.

One of the best parts of meet and greet parking at Luton Airport is that it’s so easy to find. No complicated directions to remote car parks, just follow the big signs straight to the airport.

You won’t need to waste time queuing for transfer buses either – you’ll arrive just seconds from the terminal doors and one step ahead of the crowds.