Travellers flying from Stansted Airport have a wide selection of meet and greet services to choose from. With options including our own APH Meet & Greet and I Love Meet & Greet, there’s a solution to suit all needs and budgets.

Here’s a full list of the meet and greet services we offer at Stansted Airport. Use this information to help pick a product that’s right for you.

Car Park
Customer Rating
Collection / Drop Off PointUniformed chaffeurPark Mark
Price From (per week)
I Love Meet and Greet
I Love Meet And Greet Stansted Airport STNQ
Terminal Forecourtparkmark logo
Stansted Meet & Greet
Stansted Meet & Greet Stansted Airport STNW
Short stay car parkparkmark logo
APH Meet & Greet
APH Meet & Greet Stansted Airport STNI
Terminal Forecourtparkmark logo
I Love Meet and Greet Valet
I Love Meet And Greet Valet Stansted Airport STA7
Terminal Forecourtparkmark logo

Why book Stansted Airport meet and greet parking

Have you rejected meet and greet parking at Stansted Airport – dismissing it as not being right for your needs or budget? Take a few minutes to see just why you could be missing out.

Getting your trip off to a stress-free start will begin with picking the right Stansted Airport parking – and services such as APH Meet & Greet and I Love Meet and Greet could be the solution.

Picking meet and greet parking can cut up 45 minutes from trips to the terminal. Without the need to drive to off-airport car parks and queue for transfer buses, the time-saving soon adds up.

The benefits of the resulting ‘time-in-pocket’ can be far-reaching. More time to prepare ahead of early morning flights – and more time to negotiate clogged roads and unexpected delays as you head to Stansted Airport.

With notorious sections of the M25 and M1 likely to figure in your travel plans, heading straight to the airport will also help reduce the impact of unexpected delays.

Booking Stansted meet greet parking through APH will ensure your car’s looked after in a legitimate security-protected car park – safe from rogue operators ‘parking’ expensive vehicles in the likes of housing estates and muddy, unprotected fields.

You’ll also keep your airport parking streamlined with meet and greet – skipping transfer buses and packed on-airport car parks – ensuring a fast, stress-free start to your trip from Stansted Airport.

Get your instant quote from the likes of Stansted Meet & Greet and I Love Meet & Greet Valet right now.

Who is meet and greet parking for?

If you’re unsure about meet and greet parking, here are just a few compelling reasons why it could be the ideal solution for your next flight.

Perhaps you’re travelling with young children? Heading straight the airport will take the edge off early morning alarms – and avoid the need to negotiate packed transfer buses with bulky buggies and bags. Just load up, drive to the airport and let your meet and greet driver do the rest.

Passengers with mobility issues will be able to travel with confidence when choosing meet and greet parking at Stansted Airport – easing anxieties over accessibility problems on transfer buses and difficulty reaching the terminal from on-site car parks. Travel with complete confidence in your own car – both to and from the terminal.

Additionally, meet and greet parking is great news for sports fans travelling with bulky equipment such as cycles, surfboards and skis. Many will already have experienced gear being barred from airport transfer buses. Bypass the problem by loading up your wagon and heading straight to the terminal in your own vehicle. Your car – your rules!

It goes without saying that business travellers will benefit from selecting Stansted Airport meet and greet parking from the likes of APH Meet & Greet. Going offline cuts productivity, so reducing the amount of downtime makes sound financial sense. Don’t waste time driving to remote off-airport car parks and queuing for transfers buses – just head straight to the check-in desks while your car’s delivered to nearby a security-protected car park.

But what if you don’t fit any of these categories and simply want to reach the Stansted terminal as quickly as possible? The great news is, meet and greet is open for everyone! Get smart and get one step ahead of the crowds with Stansted Airport meet and greet parking. See what companies such as Stansted Meet & Greet and I Love Meet & Greet can offer for your flight.

And meet and greet parking will make returning home that little bit easier, too. After a long, tiring flight, jumping straight into your own car will be the perfect conclusion to any trip.

It’s clear that meet and greet offers the ultimate in Stansted Airport parking, but what about the cost? Of course there will be a cost premium, but with the time saved we’re sure you’ll agree that picking meet and greet provides a significant return on investment for many travellers.

Take a look at how Stansted Airport meet and greet compares with other types of parking offered.

Parking Type Time to Terminal Transfer Required Price (per week)*
Meet and Greet 2 - 5 minutes Walk £80.00*
On-Airport Long Stay 10 - 15 minutes Bus (every 15 minutes) £47.99*
Park and Ride 3 - 5 minutes Bus (on demand) £59.99*

*Prices based on 1 week's parking in November 2019

How does Stansted Airport meet and greet parking work?

For many, getting to the airport involves a pre-dawn alarm, blurry-eyed slog through rush-hour traffic and a time-consuming transfer from car park to terminal. But not with Stansted Airport meet and greet parking.

If you’ve not tried meet and greet parking before, you might not realise how it can help ease the burden of getting to the airport by forging a stress-free departure day. Here we look at how simple it is to use and why it could be the ideal parking selection for your trip from Stansted Airport.

This graphic illustrates  how easy your airport parking process could be with meet and greet at Stansted.

Meet and greet parking process

Most importantly, travellers using meet and greet will no longer need to add time to their trip by driving to off-airport car parks before catching a bus back to terminal. And for those parking at the airport, meet and greet will avoid the anxiety of hunting vacant bays in packed on-airport car parks without allocated spaces.     

Travellers who book meet and greet parking simply drive straight to the airport terminal where they’ll be met by a fully insured, uniformed representative from their service provider. Typically, the meeting point will be on the terminal forecourt or nearby on-airport car park.

Once at the meeting point, travellers can unload bags and take a short stroll – typically 2 or 3 minutes – to the check-in desks while a fully insured driver delivers their car to a nearby security-protected car park for the duration of their trip.

And when booked through APH, cars cared for by meet and greet providers will be stored in facilities that hold a police-approved Park Mark Safer Parking Award. No need to worry about rogue operators dumping vehicles on public streets, municipal car parks or unprotected wasteland.

And don’t forget, along with departure day, meet and greet brings welcome benefits for travellers returning to Stansted. Arriving back at the airport, passengers can clear customs, collect their bags and walk from terminal doors straight into their vehicle. No need to queue for transfers of drag bags around car parks.

Stansted Meet & Greet Car Parks score on average 9.0/10 based on 5112 customer reviews.


Booking the ultimate airport parking will inevitably attract a premium over lesser products available at Stansted Airport. But APH can help cut the amount you'll pay by ensuring all customers can enjoy big savings.

Simply booking through APH means you benefit from some of the cheapest prices at this busy Essex airport. However, savvy travellers can enjoy further savings by following our cost-cutting tips.

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When to book your Stansted Airport meet and greet parking

Want to save even more cash when booking your Stansted Airport meet and greet parking from the likes of I Love Meet and Greet and APH Meet and Greet? Okay - here's how to do just that.

You'll probably have noticed the price of airport parking varies across the year. Typically, peak periods - such as school holidays and the festive season can see prices creeping up. However, APH can help you roll back the clock to be beat the hikes!

Using data we've collected over many years in the business, we can analyse prices and predict the best time to book your Stansted Airport meet and greet parking to secure the cheapest prices for your trip -okay whenever it is!

For example, booking a week’s meet and greet parking at Stansted Airport could be almost 50 per cent cheaper if the reservation is made six months ahead of departure day, compared with the same a week before the flight.

Putting this in cash terms, booking seven nights' parking a week before flying could cost an average of £86, while the same might be just £45 six months out! And let’s face it, that £41 would be a lot more use sitting in your purse or wallet come departure day.

Use the table below to get a good indication of how much you could slash from your bill by booking in advance. Remember, many of the services we offer can be amended if plans change – so booking early could prove to be a win-win situation!

Stansted airport meet and greet prices

Based on prices for stays between 1st January 2019 to 30th June 2019

Does cheap airport parking mean 'less safe'

Sometimes picking the cheapest Stansted Airport meet and greet parking could end up as an expensive mistake. Sadly, there are rogue operators exploiting meet and greet parking to make big profits by leaving cars on public streets, municipal car parks and even unprotected muddy fields.

However, booking through APH removes the risk and empowers travellers with the ability to enjoy genuinely cheap parking in a safe, security-protected environment. Remember, all of the meet and greet operators we work with are holders of the police-approved Park Mark Safer Parking Award.

So, don't be afraid to save cash when you book your Stansted Airport meet and greet parking - just ensure you choose a reputable operator to look after your car while you’re away.

And with almost 40 years’ experience of airport parking, booking with APH is the safe and cost-effective option you’ve been looking for.

Our cheapest Stansted Airport meet and greet parking

Here are some of the best meet and greet services at Stansted Airport. Remember, signing-up to our digital mailing list and booking early could help you claim big savings.

Operator Time to terminal Reevoo customer rating Price (from per week)*
Stansted Airport Meet & Greet 5 minute walk 8.4 / 10 £80.00*
I Love Meet & Greet 2 minute walk 9 / 10 £80.00*
I Love Meet & Greet Valet 2 minute walk 9 / 10 £105.00*
APH Meet and Greet 2 minute walk 9.1 / 10 £83.78*

* Prices based on 1 week's parking in November 2019

No need to worry about navigating complicated directions that lead you up dead-ends when heading to Stansted Airport with meet and greet parking.

No searching for off-airport car parks or hunting down vacant bays in packed official facilities – just follow the big signs to Stansted Airport! Once there, simply unload your bags and hurry into the terminal building just seconds away.

Here’s all you need to know about finding the drop-off point for your Stansted Airport meet and greet parking. And don’t worry – you’ll get full instructions before you leave.

Operator Drop-off point Time to terminal Uniformed staff
Stansted Airport Meet & Greet Short stay car park 5 minute walk Yes
I Love Meet & Greet Terminal forecourt 2 minute walk Yes
APH Meet & Greet Terminal forecourt 2 minute walk Yes
I Love Meet & Greet Valet Terminal forecourt 2 minute walk Yes