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Customer Rating
Distance to AirportParking Options
Price From (including one weeks parking)
Ibis Birmingham Airport Ibis Hotels
Ambassador Road, Birmingham, B26 3AW
Novotel Birmingham Airport logo
Birmingham Airport, Birmingham, B26 3QL
Novotel With Breakfast Birmingham Airport Novotel Hotels
Novotel with Breakfast
Birmingham Airport, Birmingham, B26 3QL

Brimingham Hotel Parking & Transfer Options

When choosing to park and stay at Birmingham Airport, you need to find a parking option which is secure, convenient and suited to your budget.

When booking a Birmingham airport hotel, there are three main parking options to choose from:. 

1. Parking at the hotel

Flying can be stressful, which is why more people are choosing to remove the stress of parking on the day with a Birmingham Airport overnight stay. That way, you can make your flight with plenty of time to spare and, having had a good night’s sleep, you’ll be refreshed for the journey ahead.

Leaving your car at the hotel for the duration of your trip can be more expensive than an off-site parking option. You should also be aware that hotel shuttle buses or taxis to the airport will need to be booked on arrival at the hotel. These can vary in price, so make sure you check before you book.

2. Off-site secured parking

Travellers often find that they save money and remove the hassle of having to find a parking space by using an off-site secure car park. After your Birmingham Airport overnight stay, simply drive your car to one of our off-site car parks – which are within a 15-minute drive of the airport.

One of our qualified drivers will then park your car on our secure site.

3. Meet and Greet

For the smoothest start to your trip, consider a Meet and Greet parking service. While it is a more expensive choice, it can’t be beaten for convenience. Meet and Greet parking is ideal for anyone looking for a quick and smooth arrival at the airport. It’s a particularly straightforward solution for families travelling with young children, bulky luggage, such as sports equipment, or for people with mobility issues.

On-Airport Birmingham Hotels with Parking

It can often be cheaper to stay in one of the hotels near Birmingham Airport with parking off-site, but you may prefer the convenience of staying in one of the on-site hotels just a few minutes’ walk from the check in desks.

What Do On-Airport Birmingham Hotels Offer?

There are hotels near to Birmingham Airport which offer a wide range of amenities, quality restaurants and comfortable rooms.

The hotels include the Ibis and the Novotel. Both hotels offer a selection of room types for individuals, couples and families at competitive prices. They also provide the highest level of convenience for travellers looking for easy access to the terminals at Birmingham Airport.

What Are The Best Hotels at Birmingham Airport?

We’ve explored our Birmingham Airport hotel options in more detail below:

Novotel Hotel, Birmingham Airport

Choose to park and stay at Birmingham Airport in the 4-star Novotel Hotel, located a short walk from the airport. You can enjoy an evening meal at the excellent on-site restaurant or spend some time at the 24-hour bar.

The Novotel also has a fitness centre, a children’s play area, accessible rooms and a range of delicious breakfast options.

Ibis Hotel, Birmingham Airport

Opt for a Birmingham Airport overnight stay and book into the 3-star Ibis hotel. In addition to being just a stone’s throw away from the airport, the Ibis also offers two on-site restaurants.

The hotel offers free WiFi, en-suite facilities and a flat-screen TV in every room. The Ibis has double or twin rooms, as well as eight reduced mobility rooms - and all areas of the hotel are wheelchair accessible.

Birmingham Airport Hotel and Parking Deals

When it comes to Birmingham hotels with parking, you’ll want to keep the cost down. After all, there are many more enjoyable ways to spend your money while away on your trip.

Here are some of our handy tips on finding the best Birmingham Airport hotel and parking deals.

Off-airport car parks offer the best value for money. These car parks are no more than a 15-minute drive from the airport and provide free transfers to take you and your luggage directly to the terminal. The cheapest off-site Birmingham airport parking deals are currently with APH from £47.77 for a week. The most competitive on-airport car park prices start from £68.02 – also for a week. When it comes to booking a Birmingham Airport overnight stay, the lowest prices start at £189 per night. At these prices, to book the hotel and a week of APH parking separately will cost £236.77.

Booking more than a month in advance is another great way to reduce the price you pay.

Cheapest hotels with parking at Birmingham Airport

Hotel Name Distance to Airport Price*
Novotel, Birmingham Airport On airport £200.99*

*Prices based on a 1-night hotel stay with 1 weeks parking in June 2023