Off-Airport Hotel & Parking Package Offers

Many airports have hotels nearby, which are known as “off-airport hotels”. A great option for those with a longer journey to the airport, an early flight departure, or travelling with young children, an off-airport hotel combined with an off-airport car park is usually the best-value airport hotel and parking deal.

Enjoy a leisurely overnight stay along with the peace of mind that you will wake up close to the airport, ready to check-in for your flight. Most off-airport hotels are within five to twenty minutes of the terminal doors, and you can usually combine an overnight stay with off-airport parking or with on-airport parking, such as Meet & Greet.

By booking your airport hotel and parking at the same time, you will maximise your savings. It often costs not much more to add a hotel stay onto a week’s parking, for example. 

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Here are some of our latest offers for airport hotels with parking.

On-Airport Hotel & Parking Package Offers

Most of the major airports in the UK have hotels right next to the terminal, or nearby, within the airport perimeter. These are known as “on-airport hotels.” The advantage of staying in an on-airport hotel is proximity to check-in – usually a short walk by a covered walkway.

Offering a range of accommodation and facilities, the on-airport hotels that we partner with all offer a comfortable night’s stay and most have restaurant, bar and leisure facilities on-site, making for a relaxing start to your travels.

Our airport hotels with parking packages often come with a choice of parking. You might choose the secure parking facilities of an off-airport Park & Ride, where you can leave your car the day you arrive at the airport and take the free shuttle bus to the terminal, then walk across to your hotel. At the end of your trip, you then simply take the free shuttle bus back to the car park to collect your vehicle. 

You can also often combine our on-airport hotels with on-airport parking, such as Meet & Greet. Just enter your details into the search box above to receive an instant airport hotel and parking quote for the airport you are flying from.

Here are some of our latest airport hotel and parking deals.

Airport Parking Locations

With over 42 years’ experience in airport parking, we’ve got all the major airports covered across the UK, as well as two ports. We offer all types of airport parking, including off-airport Park & Ride and Self Park options, as well as on-airport Multi-Storeys and valet services such as Meet & Greet.

Airport Hotel Locations

We have carefully selected our portfolio of airport hotels to ensure they offer the right facilities and good value, without compromising on location. Most of our off-airport hotels are within twenty minutes’ drive of the terminal – many are much closer. Most of our on-airport hotels are within a few minutes’ walking distances to check-in.

Hotel facilities can include restaurants, lounges, coffee shops, bars, fitness centres, business centres, lifts, complimentary WiFi, baggage storage, family-friendly facilities and disabled facilities, but will vary between each hotel.

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Airport Lounge Locations

In addition to the airport hotel and parking packages, we also offer an extensive range of airport lounges at the UK’s major airports. An airport lounge is a perfect place to relax before your flight, away from the crowds, with a little peace. Many lounges include complimentary food and drink, unlimited WiFi and often panoramic runway views.

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European Lounges

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