Electric Vehicle Charging at Airports, Airport Car Parks and Airport Hotels

EV Charging in Car Park

Electric Vehicle charging at airports and airport hotels

The electric car industry is booming. With a ban on new sales of petrol and diesel cars coming into force in 2030, and all new cars and vans to be fully zero emission by 2035, the British public are embracing electric vehicles.

In 2021, 17.5% of new car registrations were pure-electric vehicles (BEVs) or plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs); sales of BEVs increased by 88.9% and PHEV sales were up 83.1%. (Source)

The demand for electric vehicle charging points has also, inevitably gone up. From 2016 to 2021, public EV charging points increased by 335%. As of March 2022, there were 18,691 charging locations offering a total of 50,263 connectors, in car parks, shopping centres and garages. (Source)

So, can you charge your car up at the airport? In some, yes, but not all. In 2021, less than half of all UK airports offered EV charging points. (Source) However, although a little slow on the update, more airports are gradually installing EV charging stations. One recent addition was London City Airport, which launched three rapid and four fast charging points in February 2022, including one dedicated to black cabs. (Source)

Below we have listed the airports where we offer parking and the location of the nearest EV charging points, whether on-airport or off-airport.

We have also gathered a list of Airport car parks that offer EV charging, which can be accessed here.

Tesla Superchargers

Airport parking with electric vehicle charging

At which UK airports can you combine airport parking with electric vehicle (EV) charging

With more and more electric and hybrid cars on the roads, there has been a steady rise in the number of EV charging facilities across the UK. And airport car parks are gradually coming to the party too, installing EV charging points and providing a charging service while you are away on your travels.

If you are driving your electric vehicle to the airport, it makes sense to be able to have your car charged up, while you are away. For some travellers, it could be a necessity, having completed a long road journey pre-flight and needing to embark on another one once they have returned to collect their car. 

You may also be at the airport to pick up family or friends and need an EV top-up in the Short Stay car park while waiting in the Arrivals Hall. 

Either way, we have compiled the latest information on which airport car parks in the UK currently offer EV charging points and charging services, including both on-airport car parks, which might be just a few minutes’ walk from the terminal entrance, and off-airport car parks, which usually require a short bus transfer to the terminal.

Here’s our handy guide to airport parking with EV charging. Let’s hope we will be adding even more airports and more airport parking facilities to the list soon!

Airport parking with EV charging

Airport Car ParkInformation
Aberdeen AirportShort Stay car park4x 7kW Pod Point
Priority car park2x 7kW Pod Point
Birmingham AirportPremium set down car park£2 first hour, DC fast charge
Airparks Drop & Go5 chargers, 43kW or 50kW, 30p per kW
Bristol AirportLong Stay car park10 rapid chargers
Cardiff AirportMeet & Greet car park7 chargers across both car parks
Short Stay car park
Edinburgh AirportAirparks with EV charging10x 3kW chargers
Gatwick AirportAPH Park & Ride with EV Charging4x 7.4kW chargers, 30kW or 60 kW charges available
Short Stay North4x 22kW chargers
Short Stay South4x 3kW chargers
Glasgow AirportSkyport Park & Ride6 chargers, fast & super-fast charging
Parksafe Electric Charging6 chargers
Heathrow AirportAll Short Stay car parks7kW chargers
MBW Meet & Greet£15-£35 per charge
NCP car park2x 3kW chargers, Polar Network
Purple Parking T2 & T33 chargers, 43kW or 50kW
Leeds Bradford AirportViking Airport Parking3 chargers, WallPod Point
Park2Travel1 charger
Sentinel car park10p per kW, £3.50 minimum charge
Liverpool AirportLong Stay car park2 rapid chargers
Luton AirportTerminal car park5x Tesla superchargers, 5x other chargers
Airparks Drop & GoFee included with parking
Manchester AirportAPH Park & Ride with EV Charging4x 7.4kW chargers, 30kW or 60kW charges available
Newcastle AirportShort Stay car park 14x 7kW chargers, £1 connection fee
Southampton AirportShort Stay car park4 Pod Point chargers
Priority car park2 Pod Point chargers

UK airports offering EV charging stations

AirportOn-Airport or Off-Airport?Info
Aberdeen Airport On-airportFour Pod Point charging units in the Short Stay car park; two in the Priority car park. Pre-book at least two hours in advance, or just turn up – subject to availability. Bring your own cables
Birmingham Airport On-airportCharging points are available in the Premium Set Down car park. Visit the Customer Services cabin after charging to benefit from reduced parking tariff. Or exit for free if you hold a booking for any other Birmingham Airport car park. Bring your own cables. (Source)
Bournemouth AirportOff-airportTwo-minute drive to Jets Bournemouth. One 22kW Type 2 socket-only point. Port and charges apply.
Bristol AirportOn-airportIn the Multi-Storey car park, ground floor, there are 10 Pod Points, which can be used while you are away. Download the Pod Point app and set up an account in advance. In the Long Stay car park there are two EV charging points in Zone D Row 7, with free parking for two hours to charge your car, if you have a booking confirmation for one of the other airport car parks.
Cardiff AirportOn-airportFour connectors across two charging points, operated by the LiFe network. More information on access can be found in the public charging network area.
Doncaster AirportOff-airportThree-minute drive to the Best Western Mount Pleasant Hotel. One Type 2 socket-only point and one BS1363 3 Pin 13 Amp. Charging is free but parking fees may apply.
East Midland AirportOff-airportA few minutes’ drive to the Donnington Park Moto M1 service stations off Junction 23A. Tethered 43kW Type 2, 50kW CCS Type 2 or six 22kW CEE 5 Pin stations, depending which direction you are travelling in. Charges may apply.
Edinburgh AirportOff-airportBook your Edinburgh Airport parking at Secure Airparks and your car will be charged up for you while you are away. Free transfers on demand to and from the terminal doors take just two minutes. Bring your own cables.
Exeter AirportOff-airport10-minute drive to Exeter Moto M5 Services. Three 50kW CHAdeMO ports, one tethered 43kW Type 2 port and one 50kW CCS Type 2. Cost is 30p/kWh unless you are registered with Ecotricity, when it is 15p/kWh.
London Gatwick AirportOn-airportEight 22kW charging points in the Short Stay car parks; Car Park 5, Level 3 in the North Terminal or Orange Car Park 3, Level 1 in the South Terminal. Download the Pod Point Open Charge app in advance and register for free. Use the app to find the correct charging point and check live availability. Pre-booking not required.
Glasgow AirportOn-airportSix charging points in the Multi-Storey Car Park 1. Free of charge. More information on the GeniePoint app.
London Heathrow AirportOn-airportThere are multiple charging stations at Heathrow. Log on to Pod Point once you arrive at the airport to check locations. 
Leeds Bradford AirportOff-airportElectric cars can be charged up at Sentinel Secure Parking, while you are away on your trip. Cost is 10p/kWh and here is a minimum charge of £3.50, which applies to all PHEVs. Book your parking in advance and enquire about EV charging on your day of travel.
Liverpool AirportOn-airportRapid charging point in the Long Stay car park, part of Ecotricity’s Electric Highway, which is now a part of Gridserve.
Luton AirportOff-airportThe closest charging station to the APH Car Park is a bp pulse on London Road, Luton LU1 4BH. Within the airport there are six Tesla chargers and four Type 2 points located in the Terminal Car Park 1, Level 2
Manchester AirportOff-airportClosest to the APH Car Park is the NewMotion Charging Station at 11 Styal Rd, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5WB or the ChargeYourCar Charging Station at 874 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M20 5WP. There is also a charging point at the Clayton Hotel, close to the airport terminals, and at the BP garage on the airport perimeter road.
Newcastle AirportOn-airportFour charging points in the Short Stay Car Park 1, operated by chargeyourcar.org.uk.
Prestwick AirportOff-airportThe closest is the bp pulse charging station, at The Smithy, Sandyford Toll, KA9 2SP. One 50kW CCS Type 2, one 50kW CHAdeMO and one 43kW Type 2 tethered connector.
Southampton PortOff-portThe closest is the Electric Highway charging station, at 9 W Quay Road, 0333 123 4333. One 60kW CHAdeMO, one 60kW CCS and one 22kW Type 2.
Stansted AirportOff-airportThe closest are the Hubsta charging station at 2104 Pincey Road, 0800 954 0091, and the PitPoint charging station at 1 Bassingbourn Road. Both are open 24 hours.
Southend AirportOff-airportThe closest is the Pod Point charging station at the Shell Sovereign garage, 96-118 Prince Avenue, SS2 6NN.
Close up EV Charger

UK airport hotels with EV charging points

Gatwick:EV Charging Info
Holiday Inn London Gatwick Airportbp pulse 35p/kWh. 50kW CCS, 50kW CHAdeMO, 43kW Type 2.
Crowne Plaza London Gatwick Airportbp pulse. 50kW CCS, 50kW CHAdeMO, 45kW Type 2.
Mercure, Heathrow AirportNewMotion network. 3kW Type 2. Charges may apply.
Holiday Inn Terminal 5 Heathrow Airportbp pulse. 50kW CCS, 50kW CHAdeMO, 43kW Type 2. Charges may apply.
Hilton Hotel Terminal 5 Heathrow AirportTesla supercharger 120kW Tesla Type 2. Charges may apply.
Radisson Blue Edwardian Heathrow AirportZeroNet network. 3kW 3-pin, 7kW Commando. Charges may apply.
Radisson Blu Hotel Stanstead Airport3kW 3-square pin, 7kW Commando.
Holiday Inn Luton AirportHank-Tess. 7kW Type 2.
Ibis Luton Airportbp pulse. 3kW Type 2.
Holiday Inn Express Birmingham NECbp pulse. 50kW Combo CCS, 50kW CHAdeMo, 43kW tethered Type 2.
Marriott Manchester AirportZeroNet network. 3kW 3-pin, 7kW Type 2. Parking charges may apply.
Best Western Cresta Court Hotel Manchester AirportZeroNet network. 7kW Type 2, Charges may apply.

Electric vehicle charging at airports – FAQs

Do I have to pay to charge my EV at an airport?

Most airports that have installed EV charging points in their car parks do not charge extra for charging, once you have paid for the parking. Charging stations that are located near to airports usually charge around 10p-14p per kWh.

How long does it take to charge an EV?

Charging times vary according to the size of the car’s battery and the type of charger, which could be Slow, Fast or Rapid. It also depends if you need to charge up a full battery or just need a top up. A typical EV with a 60kWh battery takes a little under eight hours to charge from empty to full, with a 7kW charging point.

Can I leave my EV in a charging space?

No. You need to factor in charging time before you move your car to a parking bay. However, some airport car parks and parking services will charge your car for you, while you are away, such as Edinburgh’s Secure Airparks.

Can I top up my car while picking up family and friends?

Yes, in those airports where the Short Stay car park has an available charging point.

Can I book an EV parking space?

Most charging points operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Some apps, such as Pod Point, will display live availability of their charging ports.

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