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Airport parking with electric vehicle charging

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At which UK airports can you combine airport parking with electric vehicle (EV) charging

With more and more electric and hybrid cars on the roads, there has been a steady rise in the number of EV charging facilities across the UK. And airport car parks are gradually coming to the party too, installing EV charging points and providing a charging service while you are away on your travels.

If you are driving your electric vehicle to the airport, it makes sense to be able to have your car charged up, while you are away. For some travellers, it could be a necessity, having completed a long road journey pre-flight and needing to embark on another one once they have returned to collect their car. 

You may also be at the airport to pick up family or friends and need an EV top-up in the Short Stay car park while waiting in the Arrivals Hall. 

Either way, we have compiled the latest information on which airport car parks in the UK currently offer EV charging points and charging services, including both on-airport car parks, which might be just a few minutes’ walk from the terminal entrance, and off-airport car parks, which usually require a short bus transfer to the terminal.

Here’s our handy guide to airport parking with EV charging. Let’s hope we will be adding even more airports and more airport parking facilities to the list soon!

Airport parking with EV charging

Airport Car ParkInformation
Aberdeen AirportShort Stay car park4x 7kW Pod Point
Priority car park2x 7kW Pod Point
Birmingham AirportPremium set down car park£2 first hour, DC fast charge
Airparks Drop & Go5 chargers, 43kW or 50kW, 30p per kW
Bristol AirportLong Stay car park10 rapid chargers
Cardiff AirportMeet & Greet car park7 chargers across both car parks
Short Stay car park
Edinburgh AirportAirparks with EV charging10x 3kW chargers
Gatwick AirportAPH Park & Ride with EV Charging4x 7.4kW chargers, 30kW or 60 kW charges available
Short Stay North4x 22kW chargers
Short Stay South4x 3kW chargers
Glasgow AirportSkyport Park & Ride6 chargers, fast & super-fast charging
Parksafe Electric Charging6 chargers
Heathrow AirportAll Short Stay car parks7kW chargers
MBW Meet & Greet£15-£35 per charge
NCP car park2x 3kW chargers, Polar Network
Purple Parking T2 & T33 chargers, 43kW or 50kW
Leeds Bradford AirportViking Airport Parking3 chargers, WallPod Point
Park2Travel1 charger
Sentinel car park10p per kW, £3.50 minimum charge
Liverpool AirportLong Stay car park2 rapid chargers
Luton AirportTerminal car park5x Tesla superchargers, 5x other chargers
Airparks Drop & GoFee included with parking
Manchester AirportAPH Park & Ride with EV Charging4x 7.4kW chargers, 30kW or 60kW charges available
Newcastle AirportShort Stay car park 14x 7kW chargers, £1 connection fee
Southampton AirportShort Stay car park4 Pod Point chargers
Priority car park2 Pod Point chargers

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