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Customer Rating
Distance to AirportParking Options
Price From (including one weeks parking)
Holiday Inn Express Stansted Logo
Breakfast included
Holiday Inn ExpressBreakfast included
Thremhall Avenue, Stansted, CM24 1PY
10 Minutes2£89.00
Novotel Hotel London Stansted Novotel Hotels
Novotel Hotel London Stansted
Round Coppice Road, Stansted, CM24 1SF
10 Minutes6£101.75


Parking & Transfer Options at Stansted Airport

One of the benefits of taking your time with your travel arrangements is that you can decide which parking options work best for you. If you’re looking at staying in a hotel before your flight, you will have a number of parking options to choose from, with a variety of prices, of which we’ve explored below.

1. Park at the hotel

If you thought that a good night’s sleep before your flight was the only benefit to staying at a hotel next to the airport, you might be surprised to know that there are parking benefits too. Just like a long or short-stay car park, many hotels operate a transfer service to the airport. If you choose an off-site parking provider, some hotels will allow you to park on their premises overnight completely free of charge.

Hotel parking packages are often cheaper than the airport’s car parks, so if you’re planning on booking a room before your journey, these are worth your consideration. The hotels on-site are equipped with parking package deals and a transfer service to ensure that you reach the terminal in plenty of time. While many of Stansted’s hotels utilise the airport’s long and mid-stay car parks, they will factor the price into their own parking package deal. Beware some off-airport hotels don’t include transfers to the airport, so you may need to book transfers buses or taxis when you arrive at the hotel, the prices of which can vary significantly. For example, when booking a hotel stay and parking at the Holiday Inn Express Stansted Airport, the transfer to terminal costs £3 per adult each way, although under 16s are free.

2. Off-site secured parking

Off-site secured parking enables you to park your car for either long or short-stay periods. These will always have a transfer bus service that frequently runs, roughly every 15-minutes and is included in the price. They usually only take 10-minutes to transfer you from the car park to your terminal, meaning it will be a swift changeover. Booking hotels with off-site parking packages, like I Love Park & Ride can also be a more affordable option. The day before your flight, you drive directly to the hotel and enjoy your stay. Waking up refreshed you head straight to the car park and catch the free transfer bus to the airport terminal.

3. Meet & Greet

If you’re willing to pay a little bit extra for convenience, then Meet & Greet will make the beginning and end of your trip a lot easier. A Meet & Greet system enables you to drop your car off with reliable staff members who will park it for you and then bring it back when your flight is due to land. It’s particularly useful if you have large amounts of luggage, and want to reduce the amount of time you spend transporting it from one vehicle to another. The system enables you to leave your keys and have them safely returned while eliminating the wait for a transfer bus, and locating the car park.

On-Airport Stansted Hotels

If you’re concerned about tight turnarounds or get stressed at the idea of getting caught in traffic, then on-airport hotels could be the best solution. Stansted’s most popular on-airport hotel is the Novotel Hotel London Stansted. All on-airport hotels are generously equipped with all the comforts of home, plus a few extra leisure facilities to keep you occupied. They are also convenient, being only a few minutes’ walk, or just a transfer bus away from the airport terminals.

Novotel Hotel London Stansted

This 4-star hotel will leave you feeling relaxed before your journey, with its impressive array of amenities. It has a bar, a restaurant and a gym to pass the time, either in the evening or on the morning of your flight. Not only is it a very helpful 10-minute drive from Stansted Airport, but the hotel also comes complete with a 24-hour reception and free WiFi. On top of this, Novotel Stansted also has several parking packages, depending on your preference in price and convenience. The ‘Advanced price’ and ‘Standard rate’ packages allow you to park your car at the hotel, and take a transfer bus to the airport. This bus will cost £3 per adult for each journey. The prices for these packages vary, but it is one of the few Stansted airport hotels with onsite parking available to book at APH.

Alternatively, you can take the ‘I Love Park & Ride Standard rate,’ which enables you to drive to the hotel and park overnight for £20. On the day of your flight, you can drive 8-minutes to the I Love Park & Ride car park and use a completely free, 5-minute transfer which is available 24-hours a day.

Radisson Blu Stansted Airport

Radisson Blu is a luxurious 4-star hotel just moments away from the Stansted terminal. It’s the hotel to stay at if you enjoy a carefully selected and wide variety of food to kick off your holiday. It hosts a full continental breakfast complete with meats, cheeses and healthy options. There is also a cooked breakfast range that can be specially made for you. If you’re looking to relax in style during the evening, there is the Angel’s Wine Tower Bar, which involves wine being served by aerial acrobats.

This hotel also has parking packages. All you need to do is register your car with the reception and provide details of when you’ll be expecting to land upon your return to Stansted. Staff will safely move your car to a secure car park while you’re away, and it will be brought back to the hotel car park upon your return. To get to the terminal from the hotel itself, you just need to use the walkway between the two buildings which takes as little as 3-minutes.

Off-Airport Stansted Hotels

If you’d like to combine your hotel stay at Stansted Airport with a parking package to match, off-airport hotels are a great affordable option. They are usually not much further afield than on-airport hotels and offer very similar levels of service and amenities. Their slight location difference means that their parking packages are often very affordable and often provide the same transfer service.

Holiday Inn Express

Having a hotel that can provide a bit of familiarity with a lot of luxurious treatment can be reassuring before starting your holiday. This hotel is 5-minutes away from Stansted airport and comes equipped with a bar and restaurant which is open from 18:00 to 22:00 for guests to kick back and enjoy their evenings. Those who are looking to save a little on meals will be happy to know that breakfast is included as part of your price.

If you are worried about the comfort aspect of staying in a hotel so close to the airport, then you won’t be disappointed. Each room comes with blackout shades, controlled heating and air-conditioning, and a separate walk-in shower. Not only does this hotel specialise in the creature comforts, but they also provide extra entertainment for little ones, with video games available upon request. Families who want to stay close to each other without having to cram themselves into just one room can also opt for a connecting room.

There are two Holiday Inn Stansted parking packages available for guests. The ‘Hotel Parking Standard rate’ deal allows guests to park at the hotel and take a bus transfer to the terminal which operates 24-hours a day, every half an hour. It costs £3 each way, although under-16s go completely free. Alternatively, the ‘I Love Park & Ride Standard rate’ which uses a park and ride service, takes only 5-minutes and is highly-rated by previous customers.

Ramada London Stansted Airport

If you’re looking for a hotel that provides comfort and simplicity, then the Ramada Hotel is a great choice, not only thanks to its free WiFi in every room. It prides itself on its comfy beds, and its windows are triple-glazed, meaning you won’t have to worry about the jet engine noise ruining your sleep. The hotel’s restaurant provides a menu that is full of family crowd pleasers to eliminate the worry of feeding fussy eaters before a flight. Plus, in the morning you have access to a full buffet breakfast. As long as you inform reception, your car’s overnight stay with the hotel is free of charge. The parking is provided by Stansted’s Long Stay car park, which has a regular transfer bus service which takes only 10-minutes to reach the terminal and offers regular buses every 15-minutes.

Days Inn Hotel

Regarding proximity to Stansted Airport, the Days Inn Hotel has similar benefits to the Ramada Hotel. If you are looking for convenience when it comes to an overnight stay, then this hotel will have you covered. You’ll have a TV, ensuite bathroom and WiFi, ensuring that you stay and sleep in comfort the night before your flight. While this hotel doesn’t have its own restaurant facilities, its neighbouring hotel can provide an excellent meal. Just like the Ramada, your parking will come courtesy of Stansted’s very own Long Stay car park. It also has an incredibly helpful transfer service to and from the terminal, which only takes around 10-minutes.

Travelodge Bishops Stortford

The Travelodge at Bishops Stortford could be the perfect budget-friendly answer. This familiar brand provides all the essentials for a comfortable night’s stay before your flight. Free overnight parking is available if you plan on driving to the hotel first, and they have their own Long Stay parking deal, which works in unison with Stansted’s Long Stay car park. While there is no transfer bus service, they will arrange for a taxi to take you to and from the airport which can cost from between £12-15. Their Café Bar is great for affordable meals, and each room comes equipped with a TV offering 17 channels to view during your visit.

Airport Lodge Stansted

If you don’t enjoy the large-scale corporate nature of airport hotels, then the Airport Lodge may be the perfect compromise for you. It’s located 2-miles away from the airport itself. While it’s a little further out, it’s still conveniently close for an early morning flight. This hotel may be small in size, but it has a number of deals and conveniences that are undeniably tempting. It serves a continental breakfast from as early as 04:00 am, which means you can head off for a morning flight without an empty stomach or being deprived of coffee. While this quaint hotel doesn’t have a restaurant, there are a number of eateries you can walk to if you’re after an evening meal. Overnight parking at the Airport Lodge is entirely free of charge, and like many Stansted hotels, it makes use of the airport’s Long Stay car park, where you can catch a transfer bus every 15-minutes.

Cheap Hotel Deals at Stansted Airport

Once you total up the price of new holiday clothes, plane tickets and accommodation, holidays can become a little pricey. Many of us want to be able to afford convenience where it’s possible, without entirely blowing our well-earned holiday budget. If you’re looking to have a getaway which maximises comfort, but uses the best deals on offer to minimise your spending, then we can show you the best Stansted Airport hotel and parking deals available. While some hotels certainly offer more in terms of luxury, others provide equal amounts of comfort but with a much lighter price tag.

Out of all the Stansted hotel and parking offers, the Holiday Inn Express easily comes through as the winner in terms of best deals. For £119 you can afford one of their comfortable rooms for a night’s stay and a week’s parking at their hotel. While it may be the least expensive, it certainly doesn’t hold back on comfort. Each room is elegantly designed, and have very recently been refurbished with a contemporary design and feel. If you are part of a larger family, you can book a connecting room which enables you to get the space you need without splitting everyone up across different hallways. If you are looking for something a bit more plush in terms of service, you can get an Executive Room which provides not only all the necessary comforts of home but also Nespresso coffee machines, mineral water and dressing gowns with slippers for an extra touch of luxury. Each room is complete with a 55” television screen and is air-conditioned for a comfortable temperature.

Thanks to its brilliant location, the time it takes to drive from this hotel to the airport terminal is roughly only 5-minutes. However, if you are looking to park at the hotel, there is a regular transfer bus service between the airport and the hotel which takes only 6-minutes and operates between the hours of 04:00 am and 01:00am.

This hotel has everything you could need. There is a brilliant restaurant and bar which serves a wide variety of international cuisine and unique cocktails for those who wish to celebrate the beginning of their travels with style. A buffet breakfast is also available from as early as 4am, which means that if you have to be up bright and early for a flight, you can still fill up before you go.

Novotel also provides excellent affordability if you are travelling with a family or require disabled access. They have great disabled access in both their restaurant and double rooms on the first floor of the hotel. Novotel also generously offers accommodation and breakfast free of charge for two children under the age of 16.

Top 3 Cheapest Hotels with Parking at Stansted Airport

Hotel Name Distance to Airport Price*
Holiday Inn Express, Stansted Airport 10 minutes £119.00
Novotel Hotel London Stansted 10 minutes £132.20

*Prices based on a 1-night stay with 1 weeks parking in September 2019