With airport parking experience spanning four decades, we know a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work.

As one of the leading airport parking providers in the UK, APH can offer a vast selection of products to ensure you get parking at Heathrow Terminal 5 that’s a perfect fit for both you and your party’s needs.

Take a look at the table, below, for an overview of Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 parking available through APH.

Car ParkParking Type
Customer Rating
Transfer TimePark Mark
Price From (per week)
Edward Lloyd Meet & Greet
Edward Lloyd Meet & Greet Parking Heathrow Airport LHAZ

Meet & Greet

Walking time 1 - 6 minutes
parkmark logo
Park Giant Meet & Greet Parking
Park Giant Heathrow Airport LHP12

Meet & Greet

Walking time 1 - 6 minutes
parkmark logo
Maple Express Park & Ride T5
Maple Express Park & Ride T5 Heathrow Airport LHP5

Off Airport

Transfer time 5 minutes
parkmark logo
MBW Meet & Greet
MBW Meet & Greet Heathrow Airport LHRM

Meet & Greet

Walking time 2 - 8 minutes
parkmark logo
Maple Parking Meet and Greet T5
Maple Parking Meet And Greet T5 Heathrow Airport LHP3 V2

Meet & Greet
parkmark logo
evPark Giant Meet & Greet Parking
EPark Giant Heathrow Airport EvPark Giant Meet And Greet

Meet & Greet
parkmark logo
Maple Parking Business Meet and Greet T5
Maple Parking Business Meet And Greet T5 Heathrow Airport LHP4 V2

Meet & Greet
parkmark logo

Park Mark Safer Parking Award – Why It’s So Important

With around 32 million travellers taking more than 215,000 flights from Heathrow's Terminal 5, this insatiable demand for parking attracts a wide range of providers – making it important to ensure you select a legitimate operator.

And with hard-pressed travellers feeling the pinch, it can be tempting to base selections on cost alone. However, saving a few pounds on parking could end up costing you far more than you could ever hope to save.

That’s why the Park Mark Safer Parking Award offers such a potent tool for travellers looking to find great Terminal 5 parking deals from legitimate providers.

Don’t risk leaving your expensive vehicle parked on bleak public streets or abandoned on waste ground while you're away, simply look out for the Park Mark Safer Parking Award.

Services provided through APH, such as Good To Go Park & Ride T5, offer the reassurance of being part of the scheme that helps travellers identify safe, legitimate providers for their parking at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

The Park Mark Safer Parking Award helps travellers flying from Heathrow Terminal 5 – and facilities across the entire UK – park with confidence, safe in the knowledge the provider they’re trusting to care for their car offers genuine and robust security protection.

As a Police Crime Prevention Initiative, the Park Mark Safer Parking Award is designed to help cut the instances of actual crime or the fear of it in car parks across the UK as a whole – including airports.

APH is a proud supporter of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award, and its mission statement to ensure safe and legitimate Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 parking is available to all travellers.

Look for Park Mark Safer Parking Award-holding car parks on the official Park Mark site here.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 Parking Reviews

Alongside the Park Mark Safer Parking Award, APH offers reviews to help users choose the best parking at Heathrow Terminal 5.

And with all reviews collected and verified through the respected Trustpilot organisation, you can be sure you’re getting the full picture and not just the sanitised version offered by some less transparent providers.

Trustpilot guarantees the product reviews published on the APH website have not been vetted or selected to deliver either positive or negative impressions of products. Working with Trustpilot means YOU always get the FULL story!

Along with top-rated secure parking at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, APH strives to provide the best available price.

Here we reveal some insider tips to help you book parking at a price that’s right for you.

Book early to save on your Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 parking

Want to save even more cash to spend on the fun parts of your holiday? Here at APH, we can help out with that, too.

As you’ll have most likely noticed, the cost of airport parking is not consistent across the year; with higher rates for periods such as school holidays and the festive period

So, instead of allowing peak period parking to leave you out of pocket, why not get smart and beat the price rises with APH?

With airport parking experience spanning four decades, APH has huge amounts of historical data available to help predict the best – read cheapest – times to purchase your parking at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5.

While many parking providers might want to keep this data under wraps, here at APH we're happy to share it to help hard-pressed travellers to help them get a better deal when booking their big getaway. Here’s how…

Analysing parking prices from previous years, we can reveal the average price of Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 parking depending on when it’s booked. The results show that prices are often cheapest when reservations are made six months before departure.

Our figures show that booking your Terminal 5 parking six months before departure day could be around 45 per cent cheaper than a purchase completed just seven days before flying.

Putting this in cash terms, booking a week’s parking just seven days for you leave could cost around £131 whereas making the same booking six months before the big day could come in at just £71 – a significant saving of £60.

Not everyone can book six months ahead, but making your reservation as soon as possible will typically bring a decent saving. Use the graph below to find potential savings obtainable depending on when a booking is placed with the likes of Good To Go Park & Rider T5.

When to book airport parking at Heathrow Airport

Prices are correct at time of writing and subject to change

Opt for park and ride parking

If you want to save more money, choosing park and ride services will offer the cheapest form of parking when compared with on-airport parking and meet and greet parking services.

Our cheapest parking at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Here’s the parking we currently offer at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

Car Park Parking Type Transfer Time Price From (per week)*
Edward Lloyd Meet & Greet Parking Meet & Greet 1 - 6 minute walk £145.00*
MBW Meet & Greet Meet & Greet 2 - 8 minute walk £170.90*

*Prices are correct at time of writing and subject to change

Join-up for great deals

Making real savings on your airport parking at Heathrow Terminal 5 is easier than you'd imagine. In fact, why not start by saving at least 10 per cent on your next booking right now.

It’s true, you can bag a saving of at least 10 per cent on your next parking stay – and all reservations thereafter. All you need to do is join our free email mailing list.

Joining is simple, takes just a few seconds and lets you get saving right away. You’ll also get advance warning of sales, deals and competitions we’re offering.

Claim your savings right now by scrolling to the foot of this page and entering your email address in the space provided. Hit send and you’re ready to claim your 10 per cent discount on Heathrow Terminal 5 car parking from the likes of Smart Park Meet & Greet.

Creating a stress-free departure day is fast and simple with APH. Use this easy-to-read guide explaining what the different types of airport parking offer and find the perfect match for your journey.

Here’s a quick at-a-glance guide to the various types of parking, followed by a full description below.

Airport parking types for Heathrow Airport

On-airport parking: How it works

Using this service is simple when travelling from Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. Booking with service providers such as Good To Go Park & Ride T5 will mean fast and fuss-free access to the check-in desks.

This type of parking is easy and fast to use because the car parks are located just a few minutes’ transfer ride from the terminal doors – and within the airport complex.

Simply drive to the airport, enter the car park, find a vacant bay then take the short transfer to Terminal 5. You’ll also benefit from keeping your car keys while you travel – safe in the knowledge your car won’t be moved while you’re away.

On-airport car parks also benefit from stringent security that operates within the airport complex – along with the Park Mark Safer Parking Award at all on-airport facilities.

On airport parking process for heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Best for: Anyone who is looking for fast and easy parking. Great for arrivals, but also a timesaver when returning home. Parking without compromise.

There will be a price premium compared with services such as off-airport parking.

Off-airport parking: How it works

Travellers searching for a great deal with safe parking should consider choosing off-airport parking services offered by APH.

Located just a few minutes’ transfer from the terminal doors, services such as Blue Circle Park & Ride provide safe, legitimate parking at some of the cheapest prices available for Heathrow Terminal 5.

Using it is easy, too. Simply drive to the car park – around 15-20 minutes from the Terminal 5 building – and jump on one of the regular transfer buses to the terminal doors.

Booking a service such as this through APH will ensure your vehicle is parked in a security-protected car park while you’re away. Features will include the likes of CCTV, security fencing and barriers along with manned patrols.

The majority of these services offered by APH are also holders of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award for added peace of mind.

Off airport parking process at Heathrow Airport

Best for: Great for travellers looking for the cheapest and best parking available – with no need to compromise on security and safety.

Passengers will need to add a little time for getting to the terminal, but many will see this as a small price to pay in return for safe affordable parking.

Meet & Greet parking: How it works

Booking meet and greet parking will help those travelling from Terminal 5 save time by skipping transfer buses and the need to search for a vacant bay in packed car parks.

It’s not just about saving time, though, booking meet and greet parking from the likes of Good To Go Meet & Greet Terminal 5 also means a lot less stress come departure day!

No need to head for hard-to-find off-airport car parks, or take time-consuming transfers to the check-in desks – simply drive straight to the terminal!

Drive to the meeting point – usually just a few minutes’ walk from the terminal doors – hand your keys to the fully insured driver, unload your luggage and get checked in.

Your car will be parked in a security-protected compound while you’re away. All meet and greet services provided by APH hold the Park Mark Safer Parking Award.

Meet and greet parking process at Heathrow Airport

Best for: Anyone travelling with young children, disability or heavy sports equipment will love this type of Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 parking. Fast and stress-free is the name of the order of the day with this premium parking service.

Heading to the airport for an early morning flight can be a stressful time for many travellers. With rush-hour traffic to negotiate, there’s always the risk of congestion or unexpected closures on the M25 to increase anxiety levels.

However, smart travellers can swerve the early morning airport run by booking a pre-flight stop-over at one of the many nearby airport hotels.

And pairing your parking with a hotel room can often add just a few pounds to your overall bill.

Find out more about hotel and parking packages at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 and how it could be right for your next trip.

Get ready for your journey from Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 by preparing a route to your car park or meeting point. Use the map on this page to help ensure you arrive at the check-in desk with plenty of time to spare.

Get your holiday on the road with APH...