Why Book evPark Giant, Heathrow Airport

ePark Giant offers a secure and efficient meet and greet service. They service all Heathrow terminals. ePark Giant offers this service with EV charging for your car whilst you are away. ePark Giants drivers are fully insured and trained and will park your car in a secure compound that is patrolled by guards 24 hours a day. 

Car Park Features

  • Meet & Greet
  • Operates between 04:45 - midnight
  • Leave keys
  • Uniformed staff
  • Walk to terminal
  • Fully insured drivers
  • Valet parking


  • 24-hour staff
  • Security fencing
  • CCTV
  • Park Mark Award (Police Approved)

Park Giant car park is regularly assessed by a specialist team from the British Parking Association’s Safer Parking Scheme and by local Police. There is perimeter fencing, on-site security patrols 24/7 and CCTV. 

Additional Information

Terminal 2 height restriction for Short Stay is 2.2m
Terminal 3 height restriction for Short Stay is 2.2m
Terminal 4 height restriction for Short Stay is 2.1m 
Terminal 5 height restriction for Short Stay is 2.2m 

IMPORTANT - To avoid additional Short Stay Car Park charges, please call 07857366664 or 07594517711 at LEAST 30 minutes prior to reaching the airport and you must be contactable on the number you have provided on the booking.

ParkGiant will only pay for a maximum of 15 minutes parking, if there are any changes in any of the booked time(s) please keep ParkGiant informed with the numbers provided above.

Arrival Procedure

Please call us on 07857 366664 when you are approximately 30 mins away from Heathrow. If there are any changes in the booked time(s) please keep us informed.

Ensure that you have removed your travel documentation, phones, any cash, and all valuables from your vehicle. No responsibility is accepted for any personal items left in vehicles.

Hand over the vehicle and keys to our fully insured Chauffeur, sign the paperwork and head straight into your terminal check-in. A fully insured chauffeur will drive your vehicle to our secure location for storage whilst you are away.

Return Procedure

On your return, please call us twice on 07857 366664, first call as soon as you land and the second call as soon as you collect your luggage.

You must check your vehicle in full upon arrival and advise us of any concerns before moving from the parking bay. Damage claims will not be accepted if reported after leaving the parking bay.

Sign the paperwork and collect your vehicle from the designated point. Entering the Heathrow Drop-Off areas (signposted) will incur additional fees that are payable directly to the airport.


Vehicle Collection Instructions

We are currently asking customers to call us TWICE; once when you have landed and once when you have all your luggage; this allows us to monitor customer arrivals much more efficiently. Please notify us if there will be any delays as we will only cover the cost for a maximum of 15 minutes of parking in the short stay car park. If you are unsure of any of the directions, please speak to the duty controller on the day of your travel or email us with any questions at contact@parkgiant.co.uk.

Terminal 2 

Please head to Level 4 of the Short Stay car park and the collection point will be the Off-Airport parking areas at Rows A & B.

Terminal 3 

As you enter the arrivals hall, just before the exit door on the right-hand side take the lift to Level 4 Short Stay Car Park. Your vehicle will be delivered to ROWS A & B, look for Off-Airport Meet & Greet signage.

Terminal 4 

As you enter the arrival hall, Costa Coffee will be in front of you. Turn left and take the exit next to WH Smith. Cross the 3 lanes using the zebra crossing. Take the set of lifts to your left to level 2. The office will inform you of your vehicle and driver location.

Terminal 5 

As you exit into the main arrivals hall, you’ll need to head to your left and exit the building where you’ll see lifts ahead of you. Take the lift up to Level 4 of the Short Stay Car Park and look for rows R or S and within designated Off-Airport Meet & Greet parking areas.