Predictions for 2017… APH Managing Director, Nick Caunter

As part of our ongoing series of interviews with the APH team, we question Managing Director, Nick Caunter, about his predictions for 2017.

APH Managing Director, Nick Caunter

APH Managing Director, Nick Caunter

How – if at all – do you predict that events such as Donald Trump’s election and Brexit could affect the travel sector during 2017? 

NC: The weakening of Sterling is well established now and looks set to remain at the current levels for the foreseeable future. Like-for-like travel costs will undoubtedly increase, but the savvy British traveller will either take it on the chin or more likely seek out alternative, cheaper travel options.

These may include previously less popular destinations or perhaps drop a grade in accommodation or use disrupter alternatives such as Airbnb.  It’s pretty clear from events since June last year, that there is no sign yet of a significant drop off in outbound air travel.

Are there any upcoming trends in aviation and car technology that might impact on the airport parking business?

NC: The good news for our professional car movers and chauffeurs is that self-parking and self driving cars are not likely to put them out of work anytime soon.

As far as car apps are concerned, they are becoming more popular, but sadly not always accurate.  For example, recently a customer with a new Range Rover rang us from his holiday saying his app told him the car was unlocked, we checked and found it fully locked up and alarmed.

What are APH’s main business focuses for the year?

NC: Keeping our running costs under control at the same time as keeping the service levels at their usual peak; our customers will expect the best value for money as rising inflation will eat into their disposable incomes but they will not accept us cutting any corners.

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