Read our guide to find out how meet and greet at Gatwick works, why it could be perfect for your trip – and how affordable it is.

Car Park
Customer Rating
Collection / Drop Off PointUniformed chaffeurPark Mark
Price From (per week)
APH Meet & Greet South Terminal
APH Meet & Greet LGWC
Short stay car parkparkmark logo
I Love Meet & Greet Parking
I Love Meet & Greet Parking Gatwick Airport LGWL
Terminal Forecourtparkmark logo
APH Meet & Greet Forecourt
APH Meet & Greet Forecourt Gatwick Airport LGA7
Terminal Forecourtparkmark logo
I Love Meet & Greet Valet
I Love Meet & Greet Valet Gatwick Airport LGWK
Terminal Forecourtparkmark logo

Why book Gatwick Airport meet and greet parking?

Heading to Gatwick Airport for many travellers involves negotiating the nearby M25 and M23 motorways – and battling dense rush-hour traffic in the process.

Booking meet and greet services – including our own award-winning APH Meet & Greet Forecourt – means that you’ll benefit from stress-free parking at Gatwick, ensuring that your departure day goes off without a hitch.

Along with trimming the time it takes to reach the airport, meet and greet services like Ace Parking Meet & Greet can help to offer a seamless transition from car to terminal. Just arrive and fly – it’s that simple!

Who is meet and greet parking for?

Meet and greet parking is typically considered a premium product, but that’s not to say it’s exclusively reserved for travellers with cash to spare. meet and greet at Gatwick is within reach of all travellers, regardless of budget.

If you’re travelling with young kids,passengers who have mobility issues or bulky bags – meet and greet parking can provide a welcome alternative to the additional effort required for off-airport parking.

Business travellers will also reap the benefits of selecting Gatwick Airport meet and greet parking. No wasted time driving to an off-airport car park and queuing for the transfer bus. Just head straight to the terminal building,while the car’s parked in a nearby secure car park.

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, meet and greet parking is the perfect solution for anyone who simply wants to enjoy fast and stressfree parking at Gatwick.

This table gives an insight into how much you could pay for various types of Gatwick Airport parking. We’re sure you’ll agree the added comfort, time-saving and security benefits that come with services from approved meet and greet operators are worth the added cost.

Car Park Parking Type Transfer Time Price (per week)*
Gatwick Airport Short Stay South Terminal Park and Walk 2 minute walk £195.00*
Gatwick Airport Short Stay North Terminal Park and Walk 2 minute walk £167.00*
Gatwick Airport Long Stay North Terminal Park and Ride 10 - 15 minute bus £51.00*
Gatwick Airport Long Stay South Terminal Park and Ride 7 - 12 minute bus £48.00*
Gatwick Airport Valet North Terminal Park and Walk 2 minute walk £69.00*
Gatwick Airport Valet South Terminal Park and Walk 2 minute walk £65.00*

*Prices based on 1 weeks parking in March 2020

How does Gatwick Airport meet and greet parking work?

For those who’ve never used meet and greet parking at Gatwick, here’s a quick overview of how it works and why it’s the go-to solution for savvy travellers heading out from the airport’s North and South terminals.

Meet and greet parking process

Passengers using meet and greet parking at Gatwick can choose any of the providers offered by APH – regardless of whether they’re departing from the North or South Terminal. Services such as APH Meet & Greet Forecourt and Ace Parking Meet & Greet are perfect for both terminals.

On the day of the flight, drive to a prearranged meeting point close to the North or South Terminal. Once at the drop-off point, unload your bags and head directly to the check-in desks.

Your vehicle is then taken to a security-protected car park by a fully insured, driver from the meet and greet provider. The car will remain in this safe, security-controlled location while the you’re away.

Returning to Gatwick is just as simple and stress free. Once again, no need to jostle for space on busy transfer buses – just head to the nearby collection point where your car will be ready and waiting.

Meet and greet is the answer to easy parking at Gatwick.. Additionally – with APH calling on airport parking experience spanning four decades – travellers can rest-assured we only work with legitimate providers such as Ace Meet & Greet and I Love Meet & Greet Valet.

Don’t buy without the Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme

Purchasing legitimate Gatwick airport meet and greet parking is easy with APH and the Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme.

Booking meet and greet parking from a provider that’s not part of the Gatwick Air Approved Operators Scheme could put you and your vehicle at risk from rogue operators.

As you’d expect, all the meet and greet providers offered by APH are part of the Gatwick Airport Approved Operators Scheme – meaning safe, legitimate and worry-free parking while you’re away.

Gatwick Meet and Greet Car Parks Reviews Verified By Reevoo

Combining the Park Mark Safer Parking Award, the Gatwick Airport Approved Operator Scheme and airport parking experience spanning four decades, we know our customers can book meet and greet with confidence.

However, we wouldn’t expect you to simply take our word for it – you can also get the full rundown on our meet and greet Parking at Gatwick by browsing hundreds of verified, independent reviews left by genuine customers.

Find out what the people who really matter think of the services we offer before you buy.

Gatwick Meet & Greet Car Parks score on average 9.4/10 based on 10564 customer reviews.



Here at APH, we’re committed to offering the best parking at the best prices – and we’ll also make sure that loyal customers can save even more through exclusive discounts and sales.

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When to book your Gatwick Airport meet and greet parking

Booking your parking six months in advance of a trip could result in savings of around 60% compared with reservations made in the final week before travel.

Putting this in real-world figures, you could pay less than £43 for a week’s meet and greet parking six months before travel, but fork out around £105 in the seven days before you fly.

Gatwick meet and greet money saving graph

Based on prices for stays between 1st July 2018 to 31st December 2018

Does cheap mean less safe?

Here at APH, we always strive to pass on the best deals to customers, but we’d never contemplate or accept cutting corners to get the price down.

Regardless of how much money you save on your parking, you’ll always receive the same level of security for both yourself and your vehicle.

Our cheapest Gatwick meet and greet parking

Here are the best deals for your meet and greet parking – and the overall independent ratings for satisfaction.

Operator Reevoo Customer Rating Price (per week)*
Ace Meet & Greet 8.5 out of 10 £72.00*
I Love Meet & Greet Parking 9.4 out of 10 £62.00*
APH Meet & Greet Forecourt 9.2 out of 10 £65.05*

*Prices based on 1 weeks parking in March 2020

With meet and greet parking, you won’t need directions to off-airport car parks, but simply where to drop-off your car at the North or South Terminal.

Here’s a guide to where you’ll need to head when approaching Gatwick Airport’s South or North terminal. And don’t worry, you’ll get full instructions emailed to you before you travel.

Operator Drop-off Point Time to Terminal Open Hours Uniformed Staff
Ace Meet & Greet Short Stay South Terminal / Sofitel Hotel Car Park North Terminal 2 minutes walk 24 hours Yes
I Love Meet & Greet North / South Terminal Forecourt 2 minutes walk 24 hours Yes
APH Meet & Greet Forecourt North / South Terminal Forecourt 2 minutes walk 24 hours Yes
I Love Meet & Greet Valet North / South Terminal Forecourt 2 minutes walk 24 hours Yes