The car park that never sleeps? Watch a day in the life of APH Gatwick in just two minutes

What’s a car park? Just Tarmac and white lines? For us, it’s so much more…

A living breathing space that hour after hour, day after day month after month and year after year is waiting to watch over your car while you explore the world.

A day in the life of APH Gatwick… watch it all in just two minutes…

Here at APH Gatwick, our car park really is a living, breathing entity; never sleeping and never leaving your car alone or unguarded.

From the start of your journey to welcoming you back home, APH Gatwick will never close. Alive with its lifeblood of drivers, car movers and reception staff, you’re free to travel the world without care…

Click below to see what happens to your car after you jump on the transfer bus and head off on your holidays… it’s a day in the life of APH Gatwick…


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