Newcastle Airport Car Parks – What’s On Offer?

Finding the right car parking at Newcastle Airport might seem a little daunting, but making a reservation through APH takes away the uncertainty and anxiety. With more than 39 years’ experience in the airport parking business, we only work with legitimate companies that take security as seriously and customer service as we do.

See the table below for a quick guide to the airport parking we offer. And don’t forget, each service offers something a little different to help you select the ideal parking at Newcastle Airport for your trip.

Car ParkParking Type
Customer Rating
Transfer TimePark Mark
Price From (per week)
Newcastle Airport Long Stay Parking
Newcastle Airport  Long Stay Parking NCL4

On Airport
4.5 out of 5
parkmark logo
Newcastle Airport Short Stay 1 Parking
Newcastle Airport Short Stay Parking NCLA

On Airport
4.6 out of 5

Walking time 2 minutes
parkmark logo
£54.99For 4 days

Park Mark Safer Parking Award – Why It’s So Important

With almost 5.5 million travellers flying from Newcastle Airport in 2017 alone, it’s clear that many of these holiday makers and business travellers will be arriving by car – creating a huge demand for parking space.

Sadly, where there’s such an insatiable appetite for space, the doors can be opened to rogue operators looking to cash-in on travellers looking for Newcastle Airport parking at cheap prices. And it’s easy for these unscrupulous ‘providers’ to hide behind smart, credible-looking websites without the physical infrastructure to keep cars safe in security-protected car parks or compounds.

That’s why the Park Mark Safer Parking Award is such a valuable tool when it comes to ensuring your vehicle isn’t left languishing on derelict waste ground, residential streets or dumped in unsafe municipal car parks.

The Park Mark Safer Parking Award helps travellers flying from Newcastle Airport confirm the parking firm they’re about to trust their vehicle to has robust security measures in place – ensuring a safe location for both them and their car.

It is the Park Mark Safer Parking Award that offers legitimacy and confidence that travellers should look for when reserving space. That’s why all Newcastle Airport car parking services that APH offers are proud recipients of the award.

As a Police Crime Prevention Initiative, the Park Mark Safer Parking Award is designed to help cut the instances of actual crime or the fear of it in car parks across the UK as a whole – including airports.

We are proud supporters of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award and its mission to bring safe and legitimate airport parking to all travellers.

Newcastle Airport Car Parks Reviews

Alongside the Park Mark Safer Parking Award, we offer travellers another equally vital tool to ensure they’re getting safe, legitimate airport car parking. We also provide access to genuine customer reviews of all parking services that we offer.

These reviews help travellers choose the very best parking at Newcastle Airport. Submitted by real, verified customers.

You’ll find review scores covering all of the parking products we offer at Newcastle Airport.

Airport Terminals

Newcastle Airport operates as a single-terminal facility, which makes selecting your parking much easier than at multi-terminal facilities. However, there are still many choices that need to be explored to help find the perfect solution for your trip.

Pick parking from the likes of Newcastle Airport Long Stay Parking at Newcastle Airport to get your trip off to a flying start.

Along with parking information, you can also find additional help and vital information at the terminal with our handy guides to the likes of how much change you’ll need for baggage trolleys, how to find free WiFi and where to grab some food before you fly.

How to get cheap Newcastle Airport parking

It’s not just the best customer service and safest parking at Newcastle Airport that we offer – we also strive to provide it at the cheapest possible price.

We’re passionate about parking, but we know that you’d rather be spending your cash on the fun things once you reach your destination – which is why we’ve put together this handy guide looking at some very real ways you can cut the amount you’ll pay for airport parking.

Take a look at these real-world money-saving tips and find out just how much money APH could help you keep in your pocket.

Book early to save on your Newcastle Airport car parking

There’s more, too! Along with some of the best prices available and the email newsletter discount, we can also offer smart travellers another way to make huge savings on their airport parking package.

The price of Newcastle Airport parking rises and falls throughout the year, with fluctuations following demand. We’re all too aware of how we have to pay high prices at the times we really want to travel – such as the festive period and school holidays – but clever travellers can use this peak and trough system to reduce the amount of money they pay for parking.

APH always works to provide the best prices for Newcastle Airport parking, but we also have the benefit of almost four decades of market intelligence to draw on. And it’s this that can help bring genuine savings to those looking to reserve parking in the coming months.

This data reveals what could be the cheapest time to book parking at Newcastle Airport. The result is clear, too – revealing that booking sooner rather than later makes the most financial sense.

If your travel plans seem unlikely to change, making your airport car parking booking in advance could bring jaw-dropping savings. Taking a look at average prices we can see that booking six months out from departure day could save you more than 45 per cent on a booking made just a week before flying.

Converting that saving to real-world cash, booking a week’s parking at Newcastle Airport could come in at £64 if bought a week before flying – compared with a bill for just £34 if the booking was placed six months ahead of departure day. We think you’d agree the cash would feel a lot better in your purse or wallet.

The graph below offers an overview of the average savings that could be enjoyed when booking car parking at Newcastle Airport.

Newcastle airport parking charges price graph

Based on prices for stays between 1st July 2018 to 31st December 2018

Opt for park and ride parking

Along with when you book, the type of parking at Newcastle Airport that you choose could also top up the savings.

While some of us might want to be right on the doorstep of the terminal, those who are prepared to park in a safe and secure off-airport car park are likely to enjoy the cheapest prices.

Booking an off-airport parking service such as Newcastle Airport Park & Fly Parking will mean a short transfer ride to the terminal, but it’ll also mean the cheapest price. And booking through APH ensures there’s no chance that cutting costs means cutting corners when it comes to service and security.

Join-up for great deals

So, here’s your starter for 10… literally! Have you joined our email list yet? Simply doing this will save you a minimum of 10 per cent on your next airport parking booking.

And, along with the instant cash-saving benefit of joining, you’ll also enjoy advance warning of great deals and sales. Once subscribed you will find weekly updates detailing the best money-saving deals on offer arriving in your inbox just when you need them.

And joining the email list is really simple! No tedious forms to complete – just drop to the foot of this webpage and write your email in the box labelled ‘Join here for discounts and offers’. Hit send and you’re 10 per cent better off when it comes to booking parking at Newcastle Airport.

Picking the perfect parking for your trip from Newcastle Airport will help ensure your trip gets off to the stress-free start it deserves. Use this guide to help choose from the likes of park and ride, short-stay, long-stay and meet and greet parking.

Newcastle Airport Parking Types

Here is all you need to know about finding the right Newcastle Airport parking for your trip.

Short-stay parking: How it works

This type of parking, provided by companies such as Newcastle Airport Short Stay Parking, will usually be located within the airport perimeter and just a short walk to the terminal required.

Selecting this form of Newcastle Airport parking will save time when compared with some off-airport services. Short-stay parking means there’s no need to find off-airport car parks or add time for taking transfer buses to the terminal.

Instead, just drive straight to the airport, find a space in the nearby short-stay car park, grab your bags and head to the check-in desks.

On airport short stay parking process

Best for: Anyone travelling on business, short trips or simply running to a tight schedule will love this type of parking. You also get to keep your keys and enjoy a fast getaway on your return.

It might add a few pounds to the cost of parking, but for many the time and hassle saved will make this small premium well worthwhile.

On-airport long-stay parking: How it works

If you’re looking for fast, easy-to-use parking that comes at a great price, then on-airport long-stay parking could be the solution.

Just a few minutes from the terminal building, services provided by operators including Newcastle Airport Long Stay Parking can offer fast parking in a safe and secure location at affordable prices.

Using on-airport long-stay parking at Newcastle Airport is simple. No need to search for off-airport car parks or endure long transfer rides to the terminal, just drive directly to the car park on the airport grounds. Once at the car park, travellers will simply find a vacant bay, grab their bags and take the short shuttle transfer to the terminal.

Security will be strict, too, with barrier-controlled entry and exit, CCTV and a Park Mark Safer Parking Award in place.

On airport long stay parking process

Best for: Anyone looking for convenient parking that won’t break the bank will find a warm welcome with this type of service. A great blend of convenience and value without compromise. Ideal for trips of all durations, with just a short bus transfer to and from the airport required.

Off-airport parking: How it works

If you’re looking for the cheapest option for parking at Newcastle Airport, selecting this type of service will offer safe, legitimate parking for great prices.

Providers such as Newcastle Airport Park & Fly Parking offer this service just a few minutes’ drive from the terminal – ensuring that travellers won’t need to compromise on location or security when booking.

Again, it’s extremely easy to use; travellers simply drive to the car park, park their car before jumping on one of the regular transfer buses heading to the terminal.

Security won’t be an issue either, with the likes of security barriers, CCTV and manned patrols on hand to keep a watchful eye over your vehicle.

Off airport parking process

Best for: If are looking to cut the cost of your parking, this is the solution for you. It’s safe, legitimate and still within a few minutes’ transfer from the terminal building. Value without compromise.

Meet and greet parking: How it works

Booking meet and greet parking can often help travellers save time by avoiding the need for a transfer bus, or looking for a vacant bay in busy on-airport car parks.

Along with saving the time required to reach the terminal, meet and greet parking also helps to create a stress-free solution for reaching the terminal at Newcastle Airport.

No need to drive to sites located beyond the airport, or waste time hunting for spaces in packed on-airport car parks, travellers head directly to a meeting point close to the terminal building. Travellers can then unload their bags and take the short walk to the check-in desks while their car is parked for them.

Meet and greet airport parking process

Best for: Anyone travelling with children, mobility issues or bulky sports equipment will benefit from this type of Newcastle Airport parking. Have a look at Newcastle Airport Meet and Greet Parking.

Heading to the Newcastle Airport for an early morning flight can be a stressful time. Battling through rush-hour traffic, running the risk of congestion and unexpected closures could leave you rushing to park and catch your flight.

However, smart travellers can help avoid the stress and risk of missed flights by booking a pre-flight stop-over in a nearby hotel.

Swap pre-dawn alarms and rush-hour jams for a great night’s sleep and relaxed breakfast before taking a short ride to the nearby terminal or car park.

Combining a room with your parking could cost just a few pounds more than parking alone. Get more information on parking and hotel deals here.

Get ready for your trip from Newcastle Airport in the air by preparing a route to your car park or meeting point. Use the map on this page to help ensure you arrive at the check-in desk with plenty of time to spare.

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