Why Book Newcastle Airport Long Stay Parking

With Newcastle Airport Long Stay Parking just a 5-minute walk from the terminal there’s no need to worry or rush on the day of your flight. This highly secure Newcastle Airport parking on-airport car park provides travellers with quick and convenient access to the airport. What’s more, the convenience doesn’t come with the price tag you might expect with affordable parking available for all travellers.

Car Park Features

  • Uniformed staff
  • On-airport
  • 24-hour operation
  • Keep keys
  • Toilets
  • Nearby fuel sales
  • Walk to terminal
  • Fully insured drivers
  • Self-park

If you’re looking for convenient Newcastle Airport parking, you can’t beat the Long Stay Car Park. This official on-airport car park provides travellers with a secure place to park their car, which is ideally located for quick access to the terminal. It’s open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. When you arrive at the car park, you will drive up to the barrier, take a ticket and wait for the barrier to rise. It’s then up to you to choose where you park your car. In peak times, some customers may be asked to leave their keys so that the vehicle can be moved if needed. 

Once you’re parked, you will keep hold of your keys, and from here, you can head straight to the terminal, it’s just a 5-minute walk. There are uniformed staff available to provide any assistance you may require. 

You can rest assured that while you’re away, your car will be well looked after. The car park is approved by the police-backed Park Mark scheme which is awarded to car parks with excellent security measures including 24-hour staff and CCTV. 
On your return, all you need to do is head back to the car park either by walking or the free transfer bus. Drive your car to the barrier and put your ticket into the machine. After doing so, the barrier will rise, and you can quickly head home.


  • 24-hour staff
  • Barrier-controlled
  • Security fencing
  • CCTV
  • Park Mark Award (Police Approved)
  • ANPR

Security is always a top priority when you’re leaving your car in the care of a parking company, and it just so happens that security and safety is also a top priority for Newcastle Airport Long Stay Parking. In fact, the car park has been awarded the Park Mark, which is a police-backed initiative. This scheme recognises car parks which feature high-quality security systems in place to protect vehicles and customers. Car parks are regularly reassessed to ensure they continue to maintain the highest standards. This includes 24-hour staff, barrier-controlled entry and exit, security fencing, regular staff patrols, CCTV, security fencing and floodlighting. You can rest assured that your car is safe and secure while you’re away so that you can enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind. 

For additional security (and convenience), the car park uses automated number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras. This provides extra vehicle security as well as easy entry and exit for customers who have pre-booked their parking.

Transfers to and from Newcastle Airport

The Long Stay Car Park is within the airport grounds and just a 5-minute walk from the terminal. 

Disabled Facilities

Newcastle Airport Long Stay Parking provides several extra-wide spaces for disabled customers in Cell A. In addition, extra assistance with loading and unloading is available on request.

Opening Times

The car park is within the airport grounds and is available for travellers flying at any time of day or night as it’s open 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24-hours a day.

Additional Information

Vehicle restrictions apply, please see more information below for details.

This car park does not accept transit vans, minibuses, motorhomes, caravans and trailers.

Newcastle Airport  Long Stay Parking , Newcastle Airport map

Newcastle Airport Long Stay Parking , Newcastle Airport Woolsington Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 8BZ


Newcastle Airport Long Stay Parking’s location is as convenient as it gets. It’s just a 5-minute walk to the terminal or a 2-minute transfer. Here are directions to help you locate Official Newcastle Airport Long Stay parking at the airport.

From the A1:

  1. Take the A696 and then turn right at the roundabout.
  2. Once in the airport grounds, turn left at the next roundabout.
  3. Drive a few yards to the next roundabout.
  4. Turn left into the Long Stay car park.

Arrival Procedure

Upon arrival at the car park:

  1. Take a ticket from the barrier – cameras will recognise your car registration.
  2. Park your vehicle in an available space.
  3. The terminal building is just five minutes walk 

Return Procedure

On return to the airport:

  1. Follow the signs for the Long Stay Car Park, just a five minute walk.
  2. Once back in the car park, collect your car.
  3. Drive to the exit barrier, insert the ticket issued on arrival and wait for the barrier to raise.