As a single-terminal airport, travellers can choose from the full roster of parking products on offer. This makes picking airport parking more straight forward, but there are still many variables to consider before you book.

The following overview of Luton Airport car parking options will help travellers refine their search to find the ideal product from park and ride or meet and greet. Find out here.

Car Park Parking Type Transfer Time Price from (per week)*
Airparks Self Park Park & Ride 12 - 14 min transfer £39.99*
APH Car Park Park & Ride 10 - 15 min transfer £36.50*
Paige Parking Park & Ride 10 - 15 min transfer £36.50*
E-Park Meet & Greet Meet & Greet 2 min walk £61.99*
Blue Circle Meet & Greet Meet & Greet 2 min walk £66.99*
Luton Airparks Meet & Greet Meet & Greet 5 min walk £48.99*

*prices based on 1 weeks parking for an arrival in November 2021

Park Mark Safer Parking Award – Why It’s So Important

With high-demand for parking space at airports such as Luton, it’s inevitable that rogue operators will attempt to infiltrate the marketplace.

While the vast majority of providers offer safe, legitimate parking, it’s important to watch out for those who aren’t so diligent when it comes to looking after travellers’ cars.

The Park Mark Safer Parking Award helps owners avoid rogue operators by highlighting legitimate firms who offer police-approved parking facilities safe for both driver and vehicle.

As a Police Crime Prevention Initiative, the Park Mark Safer Parking Award is designed to help reduce crime and the fear of it in car parks across the UK. The scheme covers car parking at Luton Airport.

As you’d expect, the vast majority of Luton parking firms we offer are recipients of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award, and the rest are working towards gaining it.

Take look at the services we provide, such as Paige Airport Parking and check out the security features that help to make APH the first choice for booking safe, legitimate Luton Airport car parking.

You can also find out more about the Park Mark Safer Parking Award here.

How to get cheap Luton Airport parking

Here at APH we’re passionate about helping you find parking at Luton Airport that’s right for you – and your budget!

And while we only offer legitimate, reputable parking services, it doesn’t mean we can’t help travellers find accommodation for their vehicles at the best possible price.

Here we share experience of the parking industry gained over four decades to help save cash when booking airport parking at Luton Airport. Simply follow these tips.

Book early to save on your Luton Airport parking

Along with signing-up to our email alerts, you can benefit from extensive market intelligence we collect at APH – helping to secure the very best prices for parking at Luton Airport.

The ebb and flow of demand dictates how much you’ll pay for parking throughout the year. And using such ‘fluctuations’ in pricing can help savvy travellers bag significant savings.

Typically, booking Luton Airport parking early will bring the biggest savings from the likes of APH Car Park and Airparks.

And looking at the data, it can be seen that booking airport parking at Luton six months ahead of travel could save around 28 per cent compared with a reservation placed just one week before departure.

Illustrating this in cash terms, reserving a week’s parking seven days before flying could set you back around £54, but bring that booking forward to six months before travel and you could pay just £38!

If your plans are set early, being smart and booking parking at the same time will prove a shrewd move to trim the cost of travel.

Use the following data to see how the average price of Luton parking rises and falls depending on how long before departure a booking is made.

Luton airport parking price graph

Based on prices for stays between 1st July 2018 to 31st December 2018

Book Non-Flexible Luton Airport Car Parking

Along with picking the optimum time to purchase your parking, picking a Non-Flex deal can help depreciate what you’ll pay.

This type of parking offers savings for travellers who are sure they won’t need to change the date, time and type of airport car parking booked. Amends cannot be made.

Look for Non-Flex parking deals from the likes of APH Car Park  and Paige Airport Parking when getting your quote. Savings can typically be around £5 compared with corresponding flexible counterparts.

Opt for Park & Ride

In most cases, booking park and ride services will offer the cheapest Luton Airport parking. So, if you’re not averse to adding a few minutes’ travel your journey time – on a transfer bus to the terminal – reserving this type of service will help cut costs.

Sign-up for great deals

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But the headline is – you can start saving right away simply by signing up. Take a diversion to the bottom of this page, enter your email address, hit ‘Join Now’ and you’ll be entitled to an instant discount of at least 10 per cent.

Sign-up now and start saving cash right away – it’s that simple.

Passengers travelling from Luton Airport have a healthy variety of parking services to choose from. Top options offered by APH include budget-friendly park and ride services along with the super-fast option of meet and greet.

From the likes of Paige Airport Parking and Blue Circle Meet & Greet take a look at what the different forms of parking offer at Luton Airport – and why they might be ideal for your trip from this busy London hub.

Luton Airport parking at-a-glance guide

Airport parking comes in many forms, so finding the ideal solution for your trip can help forge a stress-free departure day from Luton Airport. Here we help you select the product that’s right for you.

Take a look at this easy-to-read overview of the parking types available at Luton Airport – and how they might or might not work for you.  

Luton Airport parking types

Off-airport parking: How it works

Anyone looking for cheap, safe Luton Airport parking just a few minutes from the terminal will find the answer in off-airport services offered by APH.

From the APH Car Park to Airparks Long Term, travellers really can expect great deals without having to compromise on safety or location with park and ride off-airport parking offered by APH.

Typically, this type of service will offer some of the cheapest prices, but this certainly won’t mean cut-price safety and security. All Luton off-airport car parks offered by APH are holders of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award and offer extensive protection.

It’s really simple to get parked up and get on your way, too. Simply set your sat-nav for the car park, arrive, unload your bags and jump on one of the regular transfer buses to the nearby terminal.

Typically, the transfer will take between 5 – 15 minutes. Your car will then be parked in a security-protected car park while you’re away.

Here’s a simple visual overview of how off-airport parking works for passengers travelling from Luton Airport.

Off airport parking process

Best for: This type of parking is ideal for air passengers who want the best in cost-effective parking without compromising on safety or location.

So, if you’re flying from Luton Airport, picking one of the off-airport services offered by APH will help cut costs and offer peace of mind while you’re away.

It’s ideal for all types of travellers, too. Business or leisure, enter your dates now for an instant overview of what’s available. 

How much is Park & Ride parking at Luton Airport?

Car Park Parking Type Transfer time Price from (per week)*
Airparks Self Park Park & Ride 12 - 14 min transfer £36.99*
APH Car Park Park & Ride 10 - 15 min transfer £36.99*
Paige Parking Park & Ride 10 - 15 min transfer £36.50*

*prices based on 1 weeks parking for an arrival in November 2021

Meet and greet parking: How it works

Looking for something special from your Luton Airport parking? Meet and greet is the solution you’re searching for. There’s no faster way from car to check-in desk.

No more stress of queuing for transfer buses, or hunting down parking spaces in packed airport car parks – travellers can leave that to someone else as they head into the terminal.

Using meet and greet is simple and fast – with passengers heading straight to the terminal forecourt or nearby meeting point. The car will then be parked in a nearby compound.

Forget horror stories of rogue operators dumping cars on streets or illegal ‘car parks’ in muddy fields, APH works only with legitimate Luton Airport meet and greet providers.

Take your pick from the top-rated services such as Blue Circle Meet and Greet and E-Park Meet & Greet Parking to get departure day off to a truly jet-set start.

Forget the transfer bus – your holiday starts just a few steps from the terminal doors. Here’s a quick overview of how meet and greet parking works for you.

Meet and greet parking process 2

Best for: Travellers with young children or heavy bags will find this service useful, as will those on business trips.

It’s great for anyone running to a tight schedule – passengers using meet and greet services can expect to trim up to 45 minutes from their trip to the terminal.

How much is Meet & Greet parking at Luton Airport?

Car Park Parking Type Transfer time Price from (per week)*
E-Park Meet & Greet Meet & Greet 2 min walk £61.99*
Blue Circle Meet & Greet Meet & Greet 2 min walk £66.99*

*prices based on 1 weeks parking for an arrival in March 2020

We all look forward to holidays but getting to the airport can often become an obstinate obstacle to be overcome before the good times can start.

From early morning alarm calls to navigating congested rush-hour roads, getting to the terminal on time can prove a stressful proposition for many.

And travel times to Luton Airport are made all the more unpredictable by the fact it’s fed by some of the UK’s busiest sections of the motorway network.

So, why not join the smart travellers who’ve swapped rush-hour slogs on the M25 and M1 for a relaxing night in a Luton Airport hotel combined with parking while they’re away?

There’s a package to suit all budgets, so why not take a look at the airport hotels and parking options available for your trip from Luton.

From the cost-effective Holiday Inn paired with a trio of parking options to the luxurious 4-star Hampton Garden Inn, there’s accommodation and parking for all.

Find out more about the hotel and parking packages on offer now.

Get ready for your trip from Luton Airport by pre-planning your route to your car park or meeting point. Use the tools on this page to help point you in the right direction and ensure your departure day goes without a hitch.

Get your holiday on the road and in the air with APH...