VIP your trip from Heathrow Airport – fast track your way through heathrow

It’s always the little details that get you; finding a parking space, negotiating the transfer bus, sitting on a hard plastic chair in the crowded and chaotic departure lounge; these are the things that really take the shine off your holiday…

VIP your trip from Heathrow

Put your feet up while someone else takes care of the details…

At APH we like to think that holidays are about relaxing and enjoying yourself, not sweating the small stuff; so why not take a leaf out of the celebrity handbook and treat yourself to a little luxury before your flight.

Fortunately you don’t need to have won the lottery to take advantage of some serious VIP treatment; in fact many of our tips could actually save you a packet; so get ready for the high life and set off in style as you VIP your trip from Heathrow!

Fast Track security lane

Unlike many UK airports, a fast-track security lane is not available to all passengers. Only ‘selected’ travellers will be able to use this handy feature.

The lucky passengers who are entitled to use the Fast Track lane – predominantly first class and business class ticket holders – will be able to bypass the queues and pass security in around five minutes.

Heathrow’s Fast Track service is also available to ‘top tier members of airline frequent flier programmes. American Express Centurion card holders will also be able to use the lane.

Fast Track services are available through both Departures and Arrivals. Check with your airline to see if you are entitled to use the service.  Check your ticket… you never know…

Upgrade your airport experience

VIP your trip from Heathrow

And relax…

Airports should be exciting places, full of wonder; you are about to jet off to sunnier shores for a well-earned break, but the hustle and bustle of Heathrow can make for a stressful start to any trip. Celebrities and A-listers don’t have to deal with chaos and crowds, and neither should you! Follow our top tips to VIP your trip and you can unwind in style while someone else takes care of the details…

Meet and greet parking at Heathrow

VIP your trip from Heathrow

The terminal is your only stop with meet and greet parking…

Step one is getting to the airport, and queuing for a transfer bus in the pouring rain is not the VIP way… For a truly celeb style start to your hols; meet and greet is the only way to arrive at Heathrow.

A drive-up and drop-off service that makes finding a parking space someone else’s’ job; with meet and greet parking there’s no need to hang around somewhere in deepest darkest Middlesex waiting for a shuttle bus; just drive straight to your terminal of choice where a friendly driver will be waiting to take your car off your hands.

As your car is driven off carefully to a nearby car park, you and your luggage are free to hop and skip your way to the waiting check-in desk. And the best part is, there’s no designer price tag for this star service; this is a little bit of luxury that everyone can afford. Book your meet and greet parking here and get ready to relax…

Sleep easy

VIP your trip from Heathrow

Breakfast in bed is how all the celebs roll

Does avoiding the caffeine fuelled early morning commute sound appealing? Or how about waking up to a delicious breakfast just a short walk from the gate?  True VIPs don’t waste their time or stress in traffic jams; they make their lives as easy as possible. So taking their lead, our next top tip is to book yourself into an airport hotel.

Most airport hotels are within 10 minutes of Heathrow, and everything from cheap and cheerful to 4-star and flash is on offer. If you’re looking for some serious star treatment however, staying on-airport is the only way to go…

Heathrow Hilton 

This perfect little island of a hotel is handily connected to Terminal 4 by a covered walkway; it has everything you need for a dreamy night’s sleep before a big day. Work up a sweat at the 24-hour fitness centre, take a dip in the indoor pool or enjoy stylish dining at one of the many restaurants on offer; you’ll feel like you’re on holiday before you’ve even hit the airport.

Sofitel Heathrow

If you’re flying from Terminal 5 however, you might want to take a look at Sofitel Heathrow. Enjoy total peace and quiet in one of its luxuriously kitted out and soundproofed rooms, as the huge bed welcomes you into a relaxing sleep. If you’re feeling lively, you won’t be disappointed by the choice of restaurants or the fabulous fitness centre and spa; all just a short stroll from the terminal entrance.

APH has hotel & parking packages, too; so we’ll take care of your car as you head down the covered walkway straight to the check-in desks.

VIP seats

VIP your trip from Heathrow

Planes aren’t the most comfortable places to while away your time; but you don’t need business class bucks to get a little more leg room on most flights. Upgrade your seat at, a clever little tool that lets you locate the best seats on your flight; you just enter your details and a seating plan is loaded.

Choosing an exit seat, or one with increased leg room really can make all the difference on a flight; instead of feeling squeezed in and claustrophobic, you could be reclining at leisure for just a couple of extra pounds. Most airlines will let you pre-book seats in advance, head to your airline for more information.

Lounge life

Having made your way through security, you suddenly find yourself thrust into the chaos that is the departure lounge; there’s kids’ screaming, people talking loudly on phones and seating designed to keep you on the move; gradually the memory of your leisurely morning fades…

But there is another way! These days you don’t need to be clutching a first class ticket to get into an exclusive lounge; airport lounges offer a real alternative to the crowded departure lounge and are the only place to relax pre-flight. They can offer complimentary food and drink, newspapers and magazines, televisions, loads of sofas to relax on and free Wi-Fi; so you can start uploading holiday pictures from the second you hit the airport.

If you’re flying from Heathrow Terminal 3, we suggest hot footing it to the No 1 Traveller Lounge; here you will find peace and tranquillity served up alongside free food, a well-stocked bar that’s on the house and a cinema so you can catch up on some serious screen time.

With passes starting from £16, an airport lounge is a must for any aspiring a-lister. Book yourself a luxurious lounge pass here and start your holiday Hollywood style!

Shop ‘til you drop

VIP your trip from Heathrow

Actually, thanks to Heathrow’s army of personal shoppers, there’s no need to move a muscle; all you have to do is take a seat in the swish private lounge and sip some champers as the hard work is done for you!

With over 140 brands to choose from; these dedicated stylists will find you exactly what you’re after while you unwind and get ready for your trip.

VIP your trip from Heathrow

Personal shoppers are available at Heathrow Terminal 2 and need to be pre-booked 48 hours before your flight by clicking here!

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