How many calories do you think driving burns? Find out here if you can shed the pounds while motoring across the UK

Are you looking to get that beach body for the fast approaching summer? For those of us that failed to uphold our New Year’s Resolutions of hitting the gym and cutting out the junk food, it’s not too late.


Are you ready to hit the beach?

If you find yourself driving often, you could be burning more calories than you think. Brits behind the wheel could already be on the road for that perfect beach body, according to research from ClickMechanic.

Find out below how many calories you could be losing when navigating the UK’s motorways and A-roads.

One hour of general running = Driving London to Edinburgh

One hour of running will burn an average of 490 calories per hour for a man and 400 calories per hour for a woman. This is the equivalent of seven hours of driving, or in terms of travelling within the UK, driving from London to Edinburgh.

One hour of playing tennis = Driving Glasgow to Oxford

A lot of Brits love tennis, and a good hour on the courts will burn an average 420 calories per hour for a man and 343 calories per hour for a woman. To burn the same amount of calories, you would have to drive for six hours, or the distance between Glasgow and Oxford.

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One hour of dancing = Driving Cardiff to Sheffield

Dancing will see the average man burn 245 calories per hour compared to 200 calories per hour for a woman. If you’re looking to drive away those calories you’d be looking at a three and a half hour drive, or Cardiff to Sheffield in your trusty motor.

One hour of swimming = Driving Norwich to Exeter

If you fancy a dip, swimming for one hour will burn 350 calories for the average man and 286 for a woman. A five hour drive along Britain’s roads will see you burn the equivalent, or head to Exeter from Norwich in your car.

One hour of yoga = Driving Birmingham to Portsmouth

For those after a more relaxing form of exercise, one hour of yoga does in fact burn a fair few calories. The average woman will burn 171 calories per hour while the average man will burn 210 calories per hour. This equates to a three hour drive in your motor – a journey from Birmingham to Portsmouth will do the trick.

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