What are the categories on my driving licence? What you can (and can’t) drive on a standard UK driving licence

categories on my driving licence

You can drive a tractor with a standard UK driving licence

Ever wondered about the different categories on the back of your UK driving licence? We’ve compiled a list of all those categories so you can see what you can and can’t drive once you’ve passed your driving test, as well as what ones you’ll need to take an additional test for.

What do the categories on your driving licence mean?

Find out what your currently entitled to drive with your standard UK driving licence.

Catergory Type Additional driving test Restrictions
A Motorbikes Yes N/A
AM 2 or 3 wheeled motors Yes Max speed 15.5-28mph
B Cars No Max 8 passenger seats
B auto Automatic cars No N/A
B+E Cat B + trailer No Up to 3,500kg
B1 Light vehicles No Up to 550kg with goods
C Large lorries Yes Max trailer 750kg
C+E Cat C + trailer Yes N/A
C1 Lorries Yes Up to 7,500kg + 750kg trailer
C1+E Cat C1 + trailer Yes Max combined weight 12,000kg
D Bus Yes Trailer up to 750kg
D+E Cat D + trailer Yes N/A
D1 Minibus Yes Length max 8m, trailer max 750kg
D1+E Cat D1 + trailer Yes N/A
F Tractor No N/A
G Road roller Yes N/A
H Tracked vehicles Yes N/A
K Pedestrian vehicles No Self-propelled
Q 2 wheeled motors No Max speed 15.5mph

Classes you can drive with a standard UK licence

Category AM

This classification means you can drive two- or three-wheeled motors with a maximum design speed between 15.5mph and 28mph. But, you’ll need to pass a compulsory basic training test (CBT) as well.

This classification also includes quad bikes that have a maximum design speed of between 15.5mph and 28mph, weighing no more than 350kg (doesn’t include batteries on electric vehicles).

Category B

To drive a car, Category B is the classification you’ll need; you can drive vehicles up to 3,500kg Maximum Authorised Mass, with up to eight passenger seats.

For those over 21 years old, Category B also means you can driver motor tricycles that have a power output higher than 15kW; you also get provisional entitlement to ride category motor tricycles that meet Cat A1 or A requirements (and if you’re physically disabled).

Category F

You can drive an agricultural tractor. That’s right, you can hop behind the wheel of an agricultural tractor, with no restrictions.

Category K

This classification means you can drive a pedestrian-controlled vehicle; in other words, any self-propelled device you walk behind to control. For example, a mowing machine.

Category Q

You can drive a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine size of no more than 50cc if powered by internal combustion and have a maximum design speed of no more than 15.5mph.

Classes you might have on your licence

Category B1

You can drive motor vehicles with four wheels up to 400kg unladen or 550kg if they are designed for carrying goods – this is common on older driving licences.

Category B+E

If you passed your test before January 1, 1997, then you’ll be able to drive a vehicle with a trailer over the usual combined limit of 3,500kg, so up to 8,250kg. If you passed your test after this date you’ll have to take an additional test to tow weights over 3,500kg.

Category B auto

Used instead of a Category B licence, this means you are limited to driving automatic cars only and are not allowed to drive a manual car.

Category P

This is an old category still on some people’s licences. It refers to two-wheeled vehicles with a maximum design speed of no more than 31mph and an engine size lower than 50cc. On recent licences this category is merged with Category AM.

Classes you need to complete an additional test for

Category A

Once you pass a bike test you’ll be able to drive motorbikes with a power output of more than 47bhp and tricycles with a power output over 20bhp.

Category C1

After passing the appropriate test, you’ll be entitled to drive vehicles weighing between 3,500kg and 7,500kg (with a trailer up to 750kg) thanks to Category C1 on your driving license.

Category C1+E

Gives you trailer entitlement to Category C1, meaning you can tow a trailer weighing over 750kg. The combined weight of both the vehicle and the trailer cannot exceed 12,00kg and the trailer cannot weigh more than the towing vehicle either.

Category C

Complete the relevant additional test and you can drive vehicles weighing more than 3,500kg (with a trailer up to 750kg).

Category C+E

Gives you trailer entitlement to Category C, meaning you can tow a trailer weighing over 750kg.

Category D1

With the D1 classification you can drive a minibus with no more than 16 passenger seats and a maximum length of 8 metres, once you’ve passed the relevant test of course. You’ll also be able to tow a trailer up to a maximum weight of 750kg.

Category D1+E

With this classification you can drive D1 category vehicles with a trailer over 750kg – provided the combined weight of the trailer and vehicle do not exceed 12,000kg.

Category D

Category D means you can drive any bus with more than 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg).

Category D+E

You can tow a trailer over 750kg on a Category D vehicle.

Category G

If you fancy it, this gives you entitlement to drive a road roller.

Category H

With Category H you can drive tracked vehicles, and yes, this includes tanks.


You don’t need a driving licence for electric bikes, mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs.

5 comments for “What are the categories on my driving licence? What you can (and can’t) drive on a standard UK driving licence

  1. Lynne stowe
    January 10, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    Can I tow a caravan with my licence as it is with code B1 and B please

  2. B.J. Madden
    November 18, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    I passed my motorcycle driving test around June/July 1960. (any size engine)On my new type photo licence it says I am entitled to drive/ride groups:—- AM—A—B1–B—BE—& f.k.i.n.p.q. My question is
    can I ride a large motorcycle 1200cc ? It looks as though I cannot.But I passed my test many years ago !

  3. John H
    October 18, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    I passed my bus test in a single decker in1983 in a semi-automatic working for the local council, on my licence relating to bus….. D1,, D,, D1E and DE are on….
    Could I now drive a manual bus without taking another test…. I have been told that I can

  4. James Albon
    July 17, 2017 at 7:18 am

    Hi. I’ve got category AM and category A with a date on it. Can I ride a motorbike without taking any more tests. Thanks

    • james loughery
      October 14, 2017 at 12:13 pm

      As far as i can see you will still need to do a CBT basic bike test and if the bike goes over 28mph a full bike test must also be passed.. I myself do not have the full bike test passed and have similar as to which your question states .. Hope this helps ..

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