Travel greener with APH and World Land Trust

World Land Trust and APH

Sir David Attenborough has long been a patron of World Land Trust and it’s easy to see why. Since the late eighties, they have been working hard to protect the most threatened land on the planet; preserving it not only for the wildlife it supports but also for generations to come.

travel greener with APH

Jaguar tracks through land in Brazil. Image credit: © Jo Dale

Working across the globe, from Asia to South America, World Land Trust buys up threatened acres of land and entrusts them into the hands of local conservation groups. This in-country support means that the responsibility for the protection of the land, and the animals that call it home, is vested in local people who pledge to protect it permanently.

Working with wildlife

WLT works across the globe on many different projects; here are some of their latest:

Big Cat Appeal

travel greener with APH

Tiger in India. Image credit: © Jo Dale

Big cats across the globe are under threat; with their land being swallowed up by developers and people moving closer to their natural corridors, human and big cat conflict is on the rise.

World Land Trust aims to help preserve these important wildlife corridors, giving larger reserves and greater protection to threatened big cats like the beautiful Bengal Tiger in Northern India, and the Puma and Jaguar of South and Central America.

Buy an Acre

Their long-running campaign is currently busy preserving important rainforest and wildlife habitats in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, costing just £100 an acre. Each acre that is bought becomes part of a protected nature reserve which is maintained by partners in that country.

Keepers of the Wild

Funding the recruitment and equipment for reserve rangers to helps to protect the reserves that have been created – home to some of the world’s most threatened habitats.

Plant a Tree

Currently working in Ecuador; World Land Trust plant trees to restore lost or damaged habitats and help connect natural habitats and create better environments for wildlife.

How long has APH been involved?

APH have a long-standing relationship with World Land Trust; we are proud to have been supporters since 2005.

travel greener with APH

Jaguars in Brazil. Image credit: © Jo Dale

In that first year alone we raised thousands of pounds; this was mostly raised through donations, as customers booked their airport hotel stays through us; but we also worked out the acreage of our car park and matched that to the rainforest, donating the equivalent funds.

Over the years we have raised over £7,500 which has seen the purchase of over 115 acres of rainforest in Ecuador.

We have been Carbon Balanced through World Land Trust in addition, since we first became supporters back in 2005. Every year we have an audit to work out how much carbon we use, and this is offset by a donation to World Land Trust who use the funds for carbon sequestration projects, to date we have donated over £10,000.

Travel greener with APH

travel greener with APH

Puma footprint in Brazil. Image credit: Helen Cavilla

Although no one is claiming that travelling the world is good for the environment, you can help do your bit to make your travel a little greener.

Offsetting the carbon footprint of your flight is a great way to do this, and because at APH we are Carbon Balanced, using our car park and riding our buses won’t cost the earth; we’re doing our bit to help preserve the planet for future generations.

Calculate the carbon footprint of your flight here!

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