History of APH Relationship with World Land Trust

With a relationship that goes back to 2005, APH has worked with World Land Trust (WLT) to both ensure that our operations are carbon balanced, while also donating funds to help buy and protect some of the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats.

WLT itself has been working tirelessly since the 1980s to preserve the most threatened land on the planet; preserving it not only for the wildlife it supports, but also for generations to come.

It’s no secret that international travel isn’t the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, but WLT recognises many of its supporters and emerging economies depend on it. Working with companies such as APH is a realistic and successful way to help redress the balance in favour of the natural world.

Many will be aware of the term ‘greenwashing’ – where a company spends more time and money promoting its supposed environmental credentials than actually applying them – but this is not something WLT tolerates, or APH subscribes to. Throughout our long association, both parties have promoted a proactive and productive partnership.

Along with making financial donations since forming our partnership with World Land Trust, APH has also worked with it to reduce our physical impact on the environment and also balancing unavoidable emissions generated by our core day-to-day operations.

APH has been Carbon Balanced since we first became supporters of WLT more than a decade ago. Every year we have an audit to work out how much carbon we use and offset it through a donation to WLT.

Over the years we have donated a total of £17,007 to buy land to be protected and also to balance our unavoidable carbon emissions. We look forward to the future and pledge to help World Land Trust with its vital work.

“World Land Trust’s work is vital to help protect some of the most threatened wildlife habitats on earth, and corporate sponsors like APH are incredibly important in helping the WLT reach their goals”. Bill Oddie, WLT Ambassador and Council member


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