Travel in luxury: APH highlights new (and affordable!) ways to fly high

To help savvy holiday-goers travel in style, the award-winning airport parking operator, APH has revealed six money-saving hacks that every traveller needs to know.

The tips and tricks highlight the most cost-effective ways to travel like a VIP, whilst not breaking the bank. These include flying in Business or First class by bidding on unused seats, booking private flights with local pilots through flight-sharing platforms, flying in Business class with boutique airlines and chartering empty-leg flights on private jets.

  1. Bid on unused seats in Business and First class cabins

Travellers dreaming of turning left once they board their flight can bid on airline upgrades on over 50 major airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, Qantas and Lufthansa. Flyers can bid on unused space in Business and First class cabins once they make a flight reservation using a sliding bar with a set price range within which bids are accepted depending on ‘strength’. Usually upgrades clear 24-hours in advance of a flight and successful travellers will be charged automatically and can enjoy the benefits of high flying without the price tag!

  1. Consider flight-sharing with local pilots  

Holidaymakers looking for a private flying experience should turn to Wingly – the first flight sharing platform in Europe that connects private pilots with passengers to share the costs and perks of private aviation for prices as low as £50! Wingly’s website lists flights to and from numerous airfields and small airports which can be taken as short excursions, return day trips or one-way flights, showing that private aviation is a luxury everyone can afford!

  1. Fly with an all-Business-class boutique airline

Operating on flights from New York to Paris or Nice, boutique airline La Compagnie offers a unique all-business-class flight experience for holidaymakers wanting to upgrade their travel experience. The aircraft cabin contains 76 full-flat seats and free unlimited Wi-Fi. As well as serving premium French gastronomy, La Compagnie passengers have priority head-of-the-line airport privileges and access to a business class lounge before take-off. For those business travellers who spend a lot of time crossing the Atlantic, La Compagnie has also created the Pass which allows customers to book flexible tickets at more affordable prices.

  1. Relax in luxury in airport lounges

Perhaps one of the greatest perks of VIP travel is the pre-flight lounge access to avoid airport crowds. Savvy travellers will already know you can purchase one-day airport lounge passes from airlines and Third-Party vendors without the hefty price tag of upgrading cabin class. APH offers an extensive range of luxury airport lounges at the UK’s major airports such as Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester to ensure holiday-goers are relaxed, refreshed and ready to fly and more frequent fliers can also invest in an airport lounge membership pass such as those offered by Priority Pass, whose packages include 10 visits per year for £189 or unlimited lounge access for £339 per year.

Luxury Airport Lounges
  1. Opt for seat sharing

A good option for business travellers or those looking to indulge when travelling alone is seat sharing. In a similar way to commercial flights, companies like XO encourage travellers to buy empty seats on private planes that are then filled up with other travellers looking to do the same. The similarities with commercial flying stop there however as passengers who choose to seat share still benefit from perks such as arriving 15 minutes before take-off at a private terminal and skipping long security lines.

  1. Charter an empty-leg flight

Finally, holiday-goers looking for the ultimate A-lister indulgence can charter empty-leg flights on private jets. Such flights are available for booking after a private jet is chartered for a specific one-way flight, meaning the empty leg is unoccupied on its return. Perfect for group holidays or special occasions, LunaJets allows travellers to charter empty leg flights, saving passengers up to 75% compared to the price of regular private jet hire!

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