Time for a cheaper Greek holiday?

Although we do not want to make a trite point, and it might be seen by some as a trifle flippant under the circumstances, but the awful financial situation in Greece (The Greek government have finally took the decision to seek help from other EU nations, including Great Britain and  are introducing a new harsh tax regimen)  just might see some reductions in the prices of holidays in Greece and the Greek Isles. Of course, one must watch out for the likely impact of increased taxes and the like, but it is highly probable, indeed, perhaps likely, that some hoteliers in Greece will be looking to offer some truly tempting deals to potential holidaymakers from the UK. After all, they must keep holidaymakers in their hotels, in order to pay wages, increased taxes, etc.

Of course, one would be foolish to consider investing in holiday property in Greece just at the moment, but now could be the ideal opportunity to park the car at the APH airport car park, and jet off to Greece for a bargain getaway-from-it-all Greek Islands holiday. Or perhaps you might want to check out if there are any properties available to buy, in the longer term? After all, with all the uncertainly, you never know, you might be Able to find yourself a bargain! After the political and economic circumstances stabilise. There could be a lot of holiday homes coming up for sale, with people selling if they can’t afford the increased taxes on holiday homes.

In short, the advice is to keep an eye out for bargain holidays in Greece, but also do be aware that there is a good deal of social and political unrest in Greece at the moment, which you also need to tale into account when you come to book your next holiday in Greece. https://www.aph.com/community/holidays/exotic-christmas-holidays/

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