The person most likely to speed has been revealed… is this person you?

A new piece of research has revealed the profile of a driver who’s most likely to speed. Is this person you?

This driver is most likely to speed (posed by model)

This driver is most likely to speed (posed by model)

Analysis of the driving behaviour of more than 6,000 motorists aged from 17 to 80 has revealed the age, sex and car of the worst offenders for speeding.

Here’s who the research from Smartdriverclub revealed is most likely to break speed limits on UK roads.


The  research has found that drivers most likely to speed are not young drivers, but those aged from 40-50 years old.


It seems that men have the heaviest right foot when it comes to breaking the speed limit.


Smartdriverclub also found that Audi drivers are the worst for speeding, followed closely by BMW and Land Rover drivers.

At the other end of the speedometer, Honda drivers are least likely to speed, with Toyota and Skoda drivers not far in front with top marks for keeping within the speed limit.


If you pull up at the pump with a black nozzle, it’s time to slow down when you return to the road. The research found diesel drivers are most likely to speed.

In contrast, drivers of hybrid vehicles were found to be most likely to avoid breaking speed limits.

UK motorists can be fined up to 175% of their weekly earnings for breaking the speed limit. The minimum penalties for being caught speeding are a £100 fine and three points on their licence

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