Thanks for the great time!

You’ve done the beach. Again! And again… Maybe you have visited Disney West and East coast and Paris, too? (Exactly how many times can you see Mickey Mouse and his charming wife, Mini?)

Perhaps you want something different, this year? Perhaps, dare we say it, Disney rodent free? Pumpkin Tours might just have the answer for you. They offer a wide range of less-than-usual holiday adventures. Nobody could describe Pumkin’s offerings as run-of-the-mill!

Pumpkin Tours offers a wonderfully bizarre and diverse range of holidays from driving a Soviet era tank or armed vehicle in Hungary to partying at Serbia’s’ EXIT festival. Pumpkin organises escorted adventure trips, visits to music festivals and also F1 Grand Prix and horse racing packages.

Managing director Eugene Bari, is firm in his beliefs in what constitutes a good holiday: “Our message is simple, Life is for living – get away from the hum drum!”

He went on to say: “We make exciting trips accessible to all to help broaden horizons. Whether it is going to see Lewis Hamilton’s last race at his home ground in Silverstone or firing a machine gun in Cambodia, it is all about the adrenaline rush and the experience being both humbling and life enhancing.”

“We also make sure customers receive more bang for their buck by making all our tours ‘recession-friendly’ – they can have just as much, for less cash,” added Eugene.

For 2009 Pumpkin Tours are to take F1 fans to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in June. This will, of course, be the last time for this event. Weekend and race day packages start from £225. This will include return travel, three-nights camping, entry to the British Grand Prix and nightly entertainment.

For those who fancy a Hungarian adventure, Pumpkin provides trips to drive a whole range of Soviet era armed vehicles and even a ride in an ancient Antonov aircraft, used during World Wear Two.

For adventure-lovers who are in Budapest, Pumpkin Tours can arrange a whole array of activities such as caving in the famed Pal-Volgyi Caves and visiting the secret nuclear bunkers under Buda castle.

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