Revealed: The UK’s slowest cities and motorways for driving speeds

The M25 has been revealed as the slowest motorway in the UK, with an average driving speed of just 25.05 mph.

Data gathered by Satrak throughout 2016, covering 2,173 miles of Britain’s motorways, revealed the slowest motorways and cities in the UK.

Heading to the airport?

The results signal bad news for travellers and holidaymakers, with motorways feeding the UK’s leading airports taking some of the top spots for slowest motorway speeds.

Those heading to Heathrow will bear the brunt of sluggish carriageways, with journeys on the M25 and M4 returning the slowest speeds.

Luton Airport sees a similar scenario with the M1 showing a decidedly steady average of 43.90.

Flying from a regional airport won’t get you to the check-in desks any faster, with Cardiff and Bristol affected by the M4 and anyone heading to Manchester Airport will be held-up by the M60.

Top 10 slowest motorways

Check here to see if your journey will be affected.

Motorway Average speed (mph)
M25 25.05
M4 30.46
M606 40.68
M621 42.32
M73 43.71
M1 43.9
M8 44.62
M60 46.05
M3 46.61
M602 48.33

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Slowest UK city?

The UK’s cities don’t escape the sluggish pace of Britain’s slow roads either. With Cambridge taking the number one spot with an average driving speed of just 13.73 mph.

London is often renowned for always being in a rush, yet its roads seem to disagree, ranking in third with a steady average driving speed of 14.59 mph.

Use the below map to find out if your city ranks in the top 50 for slowest driving speeds.

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