And now for something completely different!

The introduction: “And now for Something Completely Different” would herald bizarre and surreal comedy from the Monty Python team. But what if you want something completely different by way of a holiday?

Andalucian Adventures may just have what you are looking for. They provide holidays in a variety of locations: Greece, Spain, Italy, Morocco, even in England.

The holidays contain many of the elements of the more traditional brochure holiday. Good food and wine (they also cater for special diets, so long as you advise them in advance) and accommodation, they have what one could call a Value Added Attraction to their holidays. In that they offer course (both for the beginner and the more advanced student) in singing, photography, art and walking.

And if you have a partner who doesn’t want to indulge in your passion for music, painting, drawing, taking photographs or walking, then they’ll get a £100 discount and be able to enjoy it as an ‘ordinary’ holiday, whilst you get to enjoy your hobby! Though Andalucian Adventures do point out that it might be advisable to leave them to do their own thing and for the enthusiast to travel alone to their destination. But as they will be spending their holiday with like- minded people who share their enthusiasms, they will certainly rapidly find themselves amidst some new friends on their holiday! It is possible that special requests can be accommodated in as far as is possible. (Two examples given by Andalucian Adventures is anniversary flowers and horse rides.)

But it would be wrong to think that the holidays organised by Andalucian Adventures are merely hermetically sealed off from the beautiful locations in which they are staged. Andalucian Adventures quite justifiably prides itself on being a socially as well as ecologically responsible tour organiser. They make every effort to ensure that locally-owned hotels and businesses are used and that the holidays they organise are as ecologically sustainable as humanly possible.

The tutors are all experts in their own fields and chosen because they not only know their subject but can also pass on their knowledge and love for their subject to their guests.

To find out more or to receive a brochure, visit or call 01453 834137.

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