How to use ‘hidden’ dates to beat school holiday price hikes

Looking to beat the school holiday price hikes? Use this tool to find the hidden holiday dates that could save you hundreds in travel costs.

School holiday dates often differ from area to area, which can leave the start or end date of term time in your area at odds with the majority.

This means starting or ending your holiday on these dates will be outside the window of when holiday firms respond to increased demand by increasing prices.

Here's how you can use hidden days to beat school holiday price hikes

Here’s how you can use hidden days to beat school holiday price hikes

How checking for hidden dates can save £100s and beat school holiday price hikes

An example of this has been published by Money Saving Expert, where schools in Leicestershire close for the summer on Friday, 13th July – which is lucky for local parents – because the majority of others break up on July 20.

The research from Money Saving Expert found a holiday in Ravello, Italy – including a 3-star hotel and flights from Birmingham – for £324 leaving on Monday, July 16. Take the same holiday a week later and it cost £608 – a saving of £284.

How do I find these ‘hidden’ dates

Finding out if your school dates differ from surrounding areas is easy. Here’s what you can do…

  • Head to this website, enter your postcode and find your school’s term dates.
  • Now, search Google for other term dates. This Holiday Lettings blog, reported on Money Saving Expert, gives a good insight into dates.
  • Now, simply work out when – and if – your school differs from the norm. You can then get booking around those dates.

Booking at the end of summer is usually cheaper – look out for September inset days

The final two weeks of summer from the end of August to the start of September will see prices plummet. If your school returns late, or has inset days, you could easily bag a huge bargain – with many prices dropping by as much as 50 per cent for package holidays.

Look out for more tips to beat the holiday hikes coming soon.


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