Emergency winter parts for your car… Instant online guide to finding the right replacement items for your motor

Winter puts an incredible strain on your car and the ancillary systems that keep it moving and safe throughout the season.

Cold, wet, windy and icy weather can take its toll on the likes of lights, brakes tyres, batteries and many other essential parts fitted to you your car – but replacing them just got a whole lot easier with our instant part-finder guide.

Find out the part number, or size of all these parts that might need replacing in cold weather

Find out the part number, or size of all these parts that might need replacing in cold weather

Whether looking for spares to carry with you as a precaution, or searching out an emergency repair, this collection of online tools can help you find the correct items for YOUR vehicle.

Simply browse the list below and pick the section you’re looking for to grab the information you need to get that essential spare part.

These are all parts that you can fit or change yourself with a little help from your car’s handbook or internet sites.


Running low on this winter-essential can be catastrophic for your engine and bank balance. Getting hold of a ‘concentration check’ tool will reveal if you need to top it up.

Use your car’s registration number to find the right variety of antifreeze for your car.


Car batteries really don’t like winter. The cold hampers the chemical process that helps cells charge and then retain power. The RAC cites failed batteries as the number one cause of winter callouts.

Find the battery that right for your car here – just enter your reg number.

Brake fluid

As with oil, old brake fluid can thicken in cold weather, so make sure your car’s reservoir is topped up and has fresh, high-grade brake fluid in place.

Find out what brake fluid your car needs here.

Bulb finder

These items are particularly prone to failure in cold weather, but are also essential for safe driving on dark winter mornings and nights.

Simply enter your numberplate into this Halfords tool and get a full list of replacement bulbs for your motor.

Engine oil

Cold weather thickens oil and if it’s already full of sludge and grit then it’s going to put extra strain on the battery as it attempts to crank over the engine at start-up. Old, dirty oil can easily contribute to sudden battery failure.

Find the correct engine oil that’s suitable for winter use here. Enter your reg here.

Pollen filter

Not the most obvious part to change in winter, but a clogged filter from heavy summer use could be degrading the quality of air pumped into the cabin during dank, wet winter months. There’s also the risk of mould, fungi, and bacteria being circulated. It’s claimed this can cause allergic reactions or breathing problems.

Add your registration plate here to find a pollen filter for your motor.

Snow chains

It’s not an everyday occurrence during the British winter, but if you’re driving to a foreign ski resort, or simply want to be prepared should the white stuff put in an appearance, then snow chains are an essential accessory for your boot.

Find the correct snow chains or socks by entering your numberplate here.

Spark plugs

If driving a petrol motor, then cold weather can have a serious impact on your motor’s spark plugs. Some cars will need plugs replaced professionally, but many will be within the reach of DIY mechanics.

Find the spark plugs your car needs here

Tyre pressure finder

Cold weather will see your tyre pressures drop! This can be extremely dangerous, so, as the mercury falls, it’s time to head for the local garage and check your tyre pressures right now.

Get the correct tyre pressures for your car here – just enter your car’s reg here.

Tyre finder

From potholes to hidden debris in floods, or simple lack of tread, winter can play havoc with our rubber.

Get the standard size tyre for your model here – just enter your reg number.

Wiper blades

Possibly one of the most essential parts of your car to keep in good order over the winter – but all that salt, grit and grime will take its toll.

Enter your numberplate here to find wiper blades for your vehicle


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