Bring your own coffee cup to Heathrow… airport to remove single-use plastic cups

Caffeine addicts flying from Heathrow Airport could soon need to bring their own cups if they want a coffee or tea before flying. The airport is planning to ban all plastic coffee cups from its terminals. 

Here's why Heathrow Airport has pledged to phase out plastic coffee cups

Here’s why Heathrow Airport has pledged to phase out plastic coffee cups

The UK’s busiest airport has become the latest high-profile name to join the campaign to slash plastic pollution that’s reached epidemic levels across the globe.

Heathrow has said it will ensure all single-use cups are standardised across its four terminals and that all will be suitable for recycling.

It will also urge passengers flying from the airport to bring their own reusable cups, with the end-goal of removing all single-use cups, straws, bottles and stirrers from its terminals.

The coming weeks will see dedicated cup collection points arrive throughout the terminals.

Bosses as at the airport said the site will enable the recycling of all coffee cups purchased from its cafes and shops by the end of 2018.

How will the plan to recycle all single-use coffee cups work?

The initial stage of the process will involve retailers adopting a standardised paper cup that can be collected by the airport and then recycled.

Following on from this, Heathrow chiefs will look for a solution that will completely phase out single-use cups across its on-site retailers.

Why is the scheme needed?

Each year, the UK slurps its way through 2.5billion cups of coffee (other hot beverages available) dispensed in single-use cups – but just 0.25 per cent of these are recycled.

At Heathrow, 78million passengers drink 13.5million cups of tea and coffee, so there’s clearly a need to stem the growth in single-use plastic cups across its terminals.

Heathrow’s chief executive, John Holland-Kaye said: “As a small city, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and using all our influence to ensure individual companies working within our boundaries do so as well.

“This announcement takes us one step further, ensuring all single-use coffee cups at the airport are able to be recycled with additional support from Heathrow.”

What is the Government doing?

Ministers have revealed plans to create a deposit-return scheme for plastic and glass bottles for consumers in England. Shoppers will pay more for their goods, but get the extra back if they return the container for re-use or recycling.


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