Grab A Bargain Holiday Deal

Long-term effects on tourism can happen when an area, region or country has suffered from a natural disaster or civil war – but this is precisely where the savvy traveller and the canny tourist come into their own! They know that there are bargains to be had and deals to be struck.

Grab A Bargain Holiday Deal

Of course, some travellers will be cautious about such areas and who can blame them? Parents, especially, are very wary of taking their children to an area where there has been tensions, wars, civil wars and the like.

However, sometimes the reputation of an area or a country can be unfairly retained, long after the war is over or the civil emergency contained.

Firstly, you must find out about the area. Check with the Foreign Office. If a country still comes up with a flag of concern as far as the Foreign Office is concerned, then it is still best avoided, at least for the present time.

But once the country is off the danger list, then check up on them as potential holiday destinations.

There will be bargain holiday to these destinations that are available. You can find out through the Tourist Board or the embassy, call or visit your local travel agent or check out some of the larger fully licensed and insured online travel agents to see what deals are on offer.

Not only will you be able to bag yourself a bargain break, you can feel good about yourself as you are helping a struggling region or country get back on its feet. So it’s a win-win situation for you!

Check with the Tourist Board of the country concerned. If they do not have a Tourist Board listed in the UK, call their embassy as they will have a department whose sole aim is to promote their country as a tourist destination.

The staff at the embassy should be friendly and helpful. If they aren’t, perhaps you should re-think your travel plan?

Sometimes secondhand bookshops and charity shops can be of help. Hunt out an old and out of date tourist guidebook to the country you are thinking of visiting. Whilst it is possible that some of the tourist features might have been damaged or even completely destroyed, the guide will be able to give you a flavour of what the area used to be like and what their tourist authorities will be trying to re-establish.

Next step is to book your airport car parking and arrange to stay at one of our great airport hotels the night before your flight for a truly stress-free start to your holiday. Bon voyage!

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