Why APH is supporting University of Southampton’s £25m appeal for its world-leading Centre for Cancer Immunology

We can all help beat cancer

We can all help beat cancer

We all know someone whose life has been touched by cancer, which is why we’re so passionate about supporting research in this exciting area of medicine that unleashes our body’s immune system to kill the disease from within.

The University of Southampton is at the forefront of this battle to beat cancer and is currently raising £25 million to build a world-leading centre of excellence in the exciting field of cancer immunology.

It’s also where APH Managing Director Nick Caunter studied – making it the perfect choice for our support.

Southampton Uni old-boy and APH Managing Director, Nick Caunter

Former Southampton University student and APH MD, Nick Caunter

Nick said: ‘Along with my personal link to the University of Southampton, the subject of cancer is one that brings all of us together through our own lives or of those we know.

‘Southampton University’s research into cancer immunology is groundbreaking and already helping sufferers remain healthy and free from cancer for longer.

‘The new Centre for Cancer Immunology can only make the prospect of new treatments and ultimately cures closer than ever before. Here at APH we are proud to support this.’

We’ve already made a financial donation to the £25 million appeal and will be following this with more projects to help the University reach its target. Please read on and find out more about the amazing work that the University of Southampton and those courageous patients taking part in clinical trials are achieving in the battle to beat cancer.

The Campaign for the Centre for Cancer Immunology is our most ambitious to date, aiming to raise £25m to build the UK’s first dedicated centre for cancer immunology research. The University of Southampton has been leading in the field of immunology for 40 years, and the results of our clinical trials are translating into viable treatments for patients in the clinic. We are on the cusp of exciting breakthroughs and our new Centre will help accelerate our progress. We are delighted to welcome APH as our first corporate partner for the campaign, and are extremely grateful for their support through corporate giving, community fundraising and staff engagement. Working together we can make our new Centre a reality and help save more lives from cancer.

Look out for more information on how we’re supporting the University of Southampton Cancer Immunology Centre project soon.

The cure for cancer? You’re it!


It’s the message we’ll all be hearing over the coming weeks, months and years as research and treatments transform our body’s immune system in to a deadly weapon to fight and destroy this most despised of diseases.

APH is proud to back this fight by supporting the University of Southampton and its world-leading cancer immunology research. Read on to find out how together we can all play our small part in this epic battle with a disease that will strike around one in three of us during our lifetime.

What is cancer immunology research?

Quite simply, immunology is saving lives. The groundbreaking research at centres such as the University of Southampton is not just killing cancer in laboratory experiments, but in real people with real lives.

The University of Southampton’s research helps remove the cancer’s cloak of invisibility and allows the sufferer’s immune system to unleash its full anger on the rogue cells that feed the disease.

As treatments developed by the University of Southampton move from the laboratory into clinical trials, it’s already becoming clear they are making a real difference to people suffering from cancer.

The breakthrough treatments have been nothing less than astounding, but this is just the start – which is why APH is supporting the University of Southampton’s campaign to raise £25m to open a state-of-the-art Centre for Cancer Immunology in 2017.


Want to know more about the groundbreaking research?

Head to the University of Southampton’s website for all the information you need.


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