Fantastic Footie Fans! Who are the most dedicated?

With the South Africa World Cup 2010 now only days away, football fever is growing all over the world, and fans from all corners of the globe (if you’ll pardon that expression!) are praying and hoping that their team might (sometimes against all the odds!)  progress to World Cup victory.. But which nations have the most ardent, dedicated fans? You might be surprised!

Website Skyscanner has searched through its flight search data to check up on exactly which football nations are displaying the most interest in travelling to see the World Cup.Football (real football that is!) is seen as a relatively minor sport in the US, coming quite far behind American Football in terms of a fanbase. But it looks as if US football fans are the most supportive of their team. This is based on data for searches for flights to South Africa leaping by a stupendous 440% on last year’s figures for the same time of year. So it looks logical to assume most of them are making the journey across the Atlantic to South Africa to watch their National team in person.

Spain was fairly close behind with a remarkable rise of 409%, trailed closely by Brazil with a 399% jump. France come in with a 331% rise and the Aussies are also there with an impressive 308% increase. Portugal had a respectable 272% rise, Germany just a little further behind with a 250% rise.

The Dutch? Well, they are there with displaying a little less fervour with a 226% increase in searches, and England? England’s rose by 206%.

Skyscanner felt surprised that current World Cup champions, Italy, were a little less fervent in their support of their national team, showing an increase of just over 134%, one of the lowest increases of any World Cup nation. Skyscanner’s co-founder,  Barry Smith said: “It’s great to see the Americans taking such an interest in the World Cup, especially as football is not one of America’s favourite sports. But we were surprised to see that the Italians appear to be showing less support for their team than most of the other nations in the competition.”

The details
Country    % Rise in travel to South Africa for World Cup 2010 period
USA             440%
Spain           409%
Brazil           399%
France          331%
Australia       308%
Portugal        272%
Germany       250%
Netherlands   226%
England         206%
Italy              134%

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