APH Heathrow competition: who you chose to meet and greet you…

Well aren’t you a lovely lot!

We ran a Heathrow competition recently to find out who APH customers would most like to meet and greet them at the airport; the answers have been collated and it looks as though family is one of your top choices!

heathrow meet & greet competition

Being greeted by excited children? What could be better!

Being met at Heathrow arrivals by your nearest and dearest is the perfect end to a holiday according to our customers, with long lost relatives living in far flung lands, children, parents, partners and even family members who are sadly no longer with us, all making the list.

We were overwhelmed with responses to the competition and fascinated to read your answers, so we’ve rounded up some of the most popular, and the most quirky for you to enjoy below…

Celebrity chauffeurs

Celebrities were a common occurrence throughout the competition, with stars of the screencoming out on top, just ahead of music and sports stars.

The males dominated the desirable actors; with gorgeous George Clooney and Ryan Gosling topping the list, closely followed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Cruise and Sean Connery.

Kylie Minogue took the crown for the most requested celebrity, closely followed by Lewis Hamilton who many of you believe would guarantee you a speedy journey home!

Other sporting stars that you would like to see waiting for you in arrivals include David Beckham, Jenson Button and Alan Shearer.

Money matters

heathrow competition

Camelot made a regular appearance with many of you dreaming of a large lottery cheque waiting for you in arrivals; well wouldn’t jetting straight back off on holiday be the perfect end to any trip?

Guests of distinction

The Queen was a popular choice, as was the Pope and Princess Diana; they would surely guarantee a crowd in the arrivals lounge.

Other royals to make the cut include Prince Harry, Princess Grace of Monaco and the slightly less current King Tut of 14th century BC Eygpt!

A few of you even chose Father Christmas to meet you at the airport before whisking you off to Lapland!

…and the less obvious choices!

heathrow competition

Mr Blobby, aliens and adorable pet dogs; there’s something for everyone! Image credit

We loved the variety of your answers, with everyone from Orville the Duck to erm, Mr Blobby making an appearance! A little green man, a fairy Godmother and even Tintin, complete with sidekick snowy, made the list.

Pet lovers also requested that their cats or dogs meet them at the airport; we can only imagine the resulting chaos…

If you ask us, some of the best people to have waiting for you at the terminal are meet and greet valets! If you’re looking for a smooth start & end to a trip, meet and greet parking at Heathrow means you can drive straight to the terminal where a friendly and fully insured chauffeur will take care of your parking needs, leaving you with nothing to do but get yourself ready to holiday!

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