Don’t come home to an empty fridge…

Swap chips for fresh, post-holiday food

Swap chips for fresh, post-holiday food

Returning from holiday isn’t the happiest of times – and coming back to an empty fridge is guarenteed to make it more dismal. Break this cycle of despair by using this APH online supermarket shopping guide to booking a food delivery to greet you.

Supermarket delivery

Here’s all you need to know about getting the best deal for your food delivery as you return home…

Delivery charges
It’s only natural that supermarkets will charge for delivering your food, but that doesn’t mean you can’t beat the charges or simply weigh them up against the aggravation of heading to the supermarket and banging trollies after a 10-hour flight back from the US. Here’s how much you can expect to pay to dodge the aisles and have your food delivered for you.

Asda has a minimum order limit of £25.00 and charges range between £3.00 and £5.50. The cheapest time slots are Monday to Thursday – and you can place your order up to three weeks in advance of delivery.

See if Asda deliver to your home address here

Delivery slots will cost £1.00, £3.00, or £5.00 depending on whether your one-hour slot is during peak, off-peak, or standard hours. Morrisons has a limited coverage at present and you have to register before finding out if your area is covered.

The online supermarket has a minimum order value of £40. Charges vary depending on delivery address, the day and time of your chosen slot and the value of your order. If your order is less than £75, it may be subject to slightly higher delivery charges. Equally, if your order is over £75 you may be offered free delivery at certain times. The cheapest slots are generally in the evening from 9pm and in the morning from 6am-7am. Ocado says delivery cost depends on the time and your location, but can range from £0-£6.99.

You’ll need to get yourself an account to see if Ocado delivers in your area. Head to Ocado here.

There is a £25 minimum order value on all orders. Those over £40 will be charged a delivery fee of between £1.00 and £6.00. Orders under £40 will be charged a maximum delivery fee of £6.95. There is no delivery charge for orders over £100 booked for delivery on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after 2pm.

Check if Sainsbury’s deliver to your area here

This supermarket charges £1.00-£6.00 with its cheapest delivery slots Tuesday to Friday. The £1.00 delivery slots are available at selected times only and subject to availability when you spend £25.00. A £4.00 minimum basket charge applies to all orders under £25.00.
Check to see if the supermarket delivers to your area.

Waitrose is the only one of the major supermarkets to offer free delivery across all its delivery slots, but you will need to spend at least £60.00 per shop. There is no option available for shops of less than £60.00.
Find out if Waitrose delivers to your house by entering your postcode on the homepage

Holiday basket…



How much would it cost to have our ‘holiday basket’ of homecoming essential delivered to your door? Find out with our post-holiday food delivery test here…

Items included in the post-holiday basket were… bread, ham, cheese, sugar, coffee, tea, pasta, soup, milk, eggs, margerine and orange juice. We have used the same brands wherever possible.

Shopping total: £26.10
Total with delivery: £27.10
Delivery slot: Weekday 4pm-6pm
Shopping total: £25.42
Total with delivery: £28.40
Delivery slot: Weekday 5pm-6pm
Shopping total: £25.60
Total with delivery: £32.25
Delivery slot: Anytime

Other options…

Step away from the shopping trolley

Step away from the shopping trolley

Along with home delivery, other options are available for your return.

Click and collect:
This is a useful service where you order your food online, but collect it from the store – avoiding a post-holiday tramp round the aisles of your local supermarket. Here’s how it works.

Asda: Head online, do your shop and choose a collection time. Available at the majority of stores. £25 minimum spend applies.
Find the full details here

Sainsbury’s: With Sainsbury’s Click & Collect Groceries, customers place their orders on the store’s website, select a collection time and collect their items on the same day from selected locations. Orders for same day collection must be checked out before 1pm. Customers can collect orders for free, but these are subject to a £20.00 minimum basket spend.
Find the full details here

Tesco: Simply choose your time slot when you want to collect your groceries then make your way to the collection point and grab your goods. Click & Collect is free when you spend £25 or more, this applies to all locations. A minimum basket charge of £4 will be added to your order if you spend less than £25.00.
Find the full details here

Waitrose: Simply place your order online and pick up your shopping from the designated Click & Collect area in your branch car park, at a time that suits you. The Waitrose Click & Collect service is free of charge.
Find out more here

Arrive and eat
Flying into Gatwick? Then Waitrose will soon be installing special lockers at the airport itself – allowing you to pick up your grub before leaving the terminal. Keep an eye out for this service that should be launching at both terminals in the New Year.
Read more here

 Additional reporting by Amy Dunn

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