Prestwick Airport car parking is simple with APH. We’ll help you explore the options and select the best service for your budget.

Remember, there’s a lot more to parking at Prestwick Airport than turning up and finding a space. Read on for the essential information you’ll need to get your trip in the air.

Firstly, here’s an overview of the car parking at Prestwick Airport that we currently offer.

Car ParkParking Type
Customer Rating
Transfer TimePark Mark
Price From (per week)
Prestwick Airport Car Park 3
Prestwick Airport Car Park 3 PIK7

On Airport
4.5 out of 5

Walking time 3 - 5 minutes
parkmark logo
Prestwick Airport Car Park 2
Prestwick Airport Car Park 2 Glasgow Prestwick Airport PIK9

On Airport
Awaiting reviews

Walking time 2 - 3 minutes
Prestwick Airport Car Park 1
Prestwick Airport Car Park 1 Glasgow Prestwick Airport PIK0

On Airport
Awaiting reviews

Walking time 1 minute

Park Mark Safer Parking Award – Why It’s So Important

Within excess of 600,000 travellers flying from Prestwick Airport, competition for parking space at such a busy regional airport will be fierce – presenting the opportunity for unscrupulous operators to cash in at your expense.

Hard-pressed travellers looking for cheap Prestwick Airport parking can inadvertently fall into the clutches of such firms that hide behind what appear to be legitimate websites. Follow the old adage, if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

The Park Mark Safer Parking Award offers an essential resource for Prestwick Airport travellers looking to dodge the rogues and travel safe in the knowledge their vehicle hasn’t simply been abandoned on derelict urban wastelands, busy city streets or vulnerable public car parks.

The Park Mark Safer Parking Award helps travellers flying from Prestwick Airport travel with the confidence their car will be safe and remain protected in a security-protected car park.

As a Police Crime Prevention Initiative, the Park Mark Safer Parking Award is designed to help cut crime – or the fear of it – in car parks across the UK as a whole.

Here at APH we are proud supporters of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award and encourage all travellers to ensure their Prestwick Airport parking is a holder.


Prestwick Airport is a single-terminal facility, which makes it easier to select the correct parking service. However, many variables remain, so it’s important to get the full picture from APH when reserving parking at Prestwick Airport.

Along with providing advice on parking, we can help travellers with essential information and guides covering the likes of how much change is required for baggage trolleys, how to log-on to  free WiFi and where to grab some grub before you fly.

Book early to save on your Prestwick Airport car parking

Want to find yourself even more cheap Prestwick Airport parking? Not a problem, we’ve been using our exclusive access to almost 40 years of parking data to reveal the cheapest time to book your parking – whenever you’re planning to travel.

That’s right, you’re not just restricted to cutting your bill during off-peak times, we can also help reduce the pain during the likes of school holidays and the festive period.

Our data reveals what could be the optimum time to book cheap Prestwick Airport parking. The results typically show reserving space as early as possible makes the most sense when it comes to saving the money.

Taking a look at average prices over many years, we can reveal that bookings placed six months before departure could reduce the bill by more than 33 per cent when compared with a reservation made just seven days before flying.

Translating this to cash, a week’s parking at Prestwick Airport could set you back around £54.00 if purchased a week before the big day – compared with just £36.08 for bookings made six months before leaving.

The following analysis plots the savings that might be possible when booking airport parking at varying amounts of time before departure.

Prestwick airport parking prices graph

Based on prices for stays between 1st July 2018 to 31st December 2018

Our cheapest parking at Prestwick Airport

Here’s the parking we currently offer at Prestwick Airport.

Car Park Transfer Time Price
Prestwick Airport Car Park 2 Walking time 3 - 5 minutes £68.00*
Prestwick Airport Car Park 1 Walking time 1 minute £85.00*

*prices based on 1 weeks parking in May 2022

Parking types

A great trip starts with picking the perfect parking at Prestwick Airport. The following parking explainer will help you understand the various services available and why they could be the one for you.

Here’s our at-a-glance guide to the types of parking, with a full description below.

Prestwick Airport parking types

On-airport long-stay parking: How it works

Located within the airport complex, services such as Prestwick Airport Car Park 3 offer prestige parking with the highest security standards.

On-airport long-stay parking at Prestwick Airport is simple to use, too. No need to search for  off-airport car parks or ride cramped transfer buses to and from the terminal, just drive straight to the car park seconds from the check-in desks.

Expect barrier-controlled entry and exit, CCTV and a Park Mark Safer Parking Award.

Prestwick airport long-stay parking process

Best for: Passengers searching for safe and secure parking will find what they are looking for with off-airport parking at Prestwick. Worry-free travel, leaving you safe in the knowledge you car’s being properly looked after in your absence.

Car Park Transfer Time Price*
Prestwick Airport Car Park 2 Walking time 3 - 5 minutes £68.00*
Prestwick Airport Car Park 1 Walking time 1 minute £85.00*

*prices based on 1 weeks parking in May 2022

Off-airport parking: How it works

If you’re looking for cheap parking at Prestwick Airport, this could be the service to consider. Typically, car parks are no more than 20 minutes from the airport.

Off-airport parking is easy to use. Just drive to the car park, where your car will be parked for you in a security-protected compound while you’re away. Drivers then take a short bus ride to the check-in desks.

Expect security measures such as CCTV, manned patrols and barrier controlled gates. Look out for car facilities that are holders of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award.

Prestwick off-airport parking process

Best for: Great for travellers searching for cost-effective parking provided by legitimate operators.

APH does not currently offer this form of parking at Prestwick Airport. Take a look at on-airport parking provided by Prestwick Airport Car Park 3.

Meet and greet parking: How it works

If you’re feeling a little stressed about getting to the terminal on time, meet and greet parking can ease the stress of departure day.

Using meet and greet can cut around 30 minutes from your trip to the terminal when compared with off-airport car parks.

Meet and greet is one of the easiest stress-free ways to access Prestwick Airport’s check-in area.

Passengers drive directly to a meeting point at the terminal, where they will be able to unload their luggage and head to the check-in desks while their car is parked for them.

Prestwick meet and greet airport parking process

Best for: Anyone travelling with young children, managing disability or carrying heavy sports equipment will find meet and greet an effective way to start their trip. Business users will also benefit from the ease and speed this product provides.

APH does not currently offer this form of Prestwick Airport parking. Take a look at on-airport parking provided by Prestwick Airport Car Park 3.

Money Saving

Along with providing the best in safe, legitimate parking at Prestwick Airport, we can help you secure it at the best possible price.

Read on to find out how the savvy traveller can use our insider tips to slash the amount of cash they’ll pay for Prestwick Airport parking.

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Prestwick Airport Car Parks Reviews

Along with the reassurance of a Park Mark Safer Parking Award, APH customers can call on product reviews to ensure they select Prestwick Airport parking offering a service they can trust.

All products on are accompanied by a customer-generated rating and uncensored verified reviews.

You’ll find review scores covering all of the parking products we offer at Prestwick Airport.

Hotels & Parking

Heading to Prestwick Airport for an early morning flight can be a stressful prospect! Rush-hour delays and unexpected road closures can all add to the anxiety.

This won’t be a problem for savvy travellers, though. Cut stress and skip the early morning jams by booking a pre-flight stop-over at a nearby Prestwick Airport hotel.

Along with the stress-relieving benefits, combining parking with a pre- or post-flight stop-over can deliver some great deals.

Find out more about hotel and parking packages at Prestwick Airport and how it could be the solution for your upcoming trip.

Get ready for your journey from Prestwick Airport by preparing a route to your car park. Use the map on this page to help ensure you arrive at the check-in desk with plenty of time to spare.