At APH, our 43 years of experience mean we can offer the best choice of hotel and parking options. Whether you’re jetting off on holiday or travelling for business, our range of luxurious and affordable hotel and parking packages at East Midlands Airport will allow you to wake up refreshed and ready for your flight.

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Parking and Transfers at East Midlands Airport

East Midlands is an easily accessible airport, located not only minutes away from the M1 but also near A42 for Birmingham city centre, A50 for Stoke-on-Trent, and A453 for Nottingham. These great connections make it a popular choice for drivers, with many parking and hotel options to choose from. The most popular parking options include parking in a secure car park  and meet and greet.

1. On-Airport Secure car parks

If you don’t want to leave your car at the hotel, or would prefer a parking deal only, we have on-airport secure parking packages that can meet your needs. These combine your hotel accommodation with one of our secure car parks and can save you money when booked together.

Our secure car parks are awarded the Park Mark certification, which means they have been assessed by the police to ensure they offer the highest level of security for both vehicles and passengers. When choosing a car park, it’s highly recommended passengers look for this award. By selecting the Park Mark award you are guaranteed both CCTV in the car park, as well as dedicated security guards.

Our parking offers include East Midlands Airport Jet Parks. These parks are located on-airport. There are two Jet Parks, and each offers a free transfer bus which takes an average of 8-10-minutes to get to the terminals. The buses run every 15-minutes, 24-hours a day, so if you miss one you won’t have to wait long for the next. When you arrive at the airport, drive into the car park where you will be presented with a ticket at the barrier. You can then park in any of the marked bays in the car park and catch an airport shuttle service to your terminal. When you get back from your trip, jump back on the shuttle bus, find your car, use the ticket you were given when you arrived to open the barrier and carry on home. It’s important that you keep hold of your car park ticket, otherwise the barrier will not open when you try to leave.

We also offer additional secure car parks, for both long stay, mid stay and short stay parking, but the transfer times do vary.

  • Jet Parks 1: 10-minutes, with buses running every 10-15-minutes, 24-hours a day.
  • Jet Parks 2:  8-minutes, with buses running every 10-15-minutes, 24-hours day.
  • East Midlands Long Stay Car Park 1: 5-minutes, with buses running every 15-minutes, 24-hours a day.
  • East Midlands Short Stay Car Park 1: 1-5 minutes walk to the terminal.
  • East Midlands Short Stay Car Park 2: 1-3 minutes walk to the terminal.
  • East Midlands Short Stay Car Park 3: 1-5 minute walk to the terminal.
  • East Midlands Airport Mid Stay 1: 6-7-minutes walk to the terminal.
  • East Midlands Airport Mid Stay 2: 5-7 minutes walk to the terminal.

2. Meet and greet

Make the start of your holiday as convenient as possible with one of our meet and greet packages at East Midlands Airport. This option is ideal for those with mobility issues or young children but it’s a luxurious way to kick off your getaway for anyone.

Our Meet & Greet packages makes it easy to get to the terminal on time. The process couldn’t be more simple. After your stay at one of our hotels at East Midlands Airport, all you need to do is drive to the terminal where you will drop your car off with a fully insured member of staff. They will then park your car, so there’s no need for you to worry about finding a parking space. Your vehicle will be parked in a secure car park, also awarded the Park Mark certification. There it will be looked after by a security guard, along with CCTV, 24-hours a day. When you return, head to the Meet & Greet office, where an attendant will collect your car and return it to you. You can then continue your journey home without worrying about having to find your car in a huge car park.  

On-Airport East Midlands Airport Hotels & Parking

Our on-airport hotels at East Midland airport offer all the amenities you could want before a flight, with the added bonus of being very close to the terminals. By choosing an on-airport hotel, you can start your holiday with no stress. When you combine it with a parking package, you don’t have to worry about paying for a car park space on the day.

Leonardo East Midlands Airport

This luxurious 4-star hotel is located minutes away from the terminal. Check-in time starts at 15:00 and guests are asked to check-out by 11:00. This late check-out time makes it ideal for those whose flights leave a little bit later in the day.

The facilities on offer at this hotel are extensive. If you wish to relax with a swim before you head to bed, there is a complimentary fitness centre which not only includes a swimming pool, but also offers a sauna and a fully equipped gym. If you are travelling with children, kids eat free in the restaurant, and you can keep them occupied with the on-site games room. The reception is open 24-hours a day, so no matter when you arrive or leave, there will be someone on hand to help you. There is also free WiFi throughout the hotel, and flight information screens so you can keep up to date with your flight times.

When you book the Leonardo, you can combine your room deal with parking on-site at the hotel. This takes away from the stress of having to find a different car park before you check-in. You simply park at the hotel, knowing your car will be safe and secure for when you return.

Off-Airport East Midlands Airport Hotels & Parking

While off-airport hotels do require additional travel time to get from the hotel to the terminal, it is an affordable option for holidaymakers. There are some great hotels near East Midland airport with parking:

Hilton East Midlands Airport

The amenities offered at the Hilton are one of the reasons it’s one of the most popular hotels around the world. The Hilton at East Midlands Airport is located four miles from the airport itself, making it an accessible hotel for any traveller.

At the Hilton hotel, you can enjoy one of the UK’s finest traditions, a scrumptious afternoon tea, served daily from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm in our charming Caffe Cino.

The hotel is a 10 minute drive from the airport but the hotel doesn’t offer a free transfer service. Guests can either make the drive to the airport themselves or book a taxi. 

Cheap Hotel and Parking Deals at East Midlands Airport

When booking a holiday, it’s only natural to want to get the best deal possible. At APH, we understand this, which is why we offer cheap hotel and parking deals at East Midland airport. This way, you can start your getaway with a little bit of extra spending money.

Our best deal is currently the Leonardo. Located within the airport, prices for this hotel start at £145.09 which includes one week's parking. Included within this price is parking on-site at the hotel for one week. 

Does East Midlands Airport have Hotels On-Airport?
East Midlands Airport has one dedicated on-airport hotel: Leonardo.

What Hotels are Near East Midlands Airport?
There are some great hotels located near East Midlands Airport. These include the Hilton East Midlands and Leonardo Hotel. Each is within an easy distance to get to the terminal.

Why Choose a Hotel and Parking Package at East Midlands Airport?
Combining your hotel accommodation and parking will often result in money saving. You also don’t have to worry about finding a car parking space on the day, or paying extra for your parking when you arrive.