European countries don’t actually use the Euro!

We have updated this list of countries that use the euro currency.
Please view the 2017 list of euro and non-euro currency countries here.

Amazingly over half of European countries don’t actually use the Euro! Airport Parking and Hotels (APH), the long stay airport parking specialist, has compiled a quick reference guide to non-Euro weekend break destinations to help budget conscious travellers avoid the Eurozone and get more holidays for their pounds.

The guide highlights all the countries which still retain their own currency, as well as those that use the Euro as their currency, including recent additions for 2009 such as Slovakia. Although 19 countries within Europe now use the Euro as their principal exchange, a surprising 25 countries also within Europe still maintain their own independent currency.

Current booking trends are also showing that travellers are favouring non-Euro currency destinations in order to get more value for their money. For example, 2009 celebrates Vilnius in Lithuania as the new European Capital of Culture, and with the destination offering its own currency of the Lithunian litas it is sure to be a popular hotspot for 2009.

Nick Caunter, managing director of APH, says, “We have created these tables to help travellers when choosing a good value holiday destination this year. There’s still plenty of choice amongst countries who have not adopted the Euro”.

Euro-Currency Countries

Non Euro-Currency Countries



Austria Albania Albanian Lek
Belgium Belarus Belarusian Ruble
Cyprus (Southern) Bosnia-Herzegovina Konvertibilna Marka
Finland Bulgaria Lev
France Croatia Kuna
Germany Cyprus(Northern) Turkish Lire
Greece CzechRepublic Koruna
Ireland Denmark Kroner
Italy Estonia Estonian Kroon
Kosovo Hungary Forint
Luxembourg Iceland Krona
Malta Lithuania Litas
Montenegro Latvia Latvian Lats
Monaco Macedonia MacedoniaDenar
Netherlands Moldova Moldovan Leu
Portugal Norway Krone
Spain Poland Zloty
Slovenia Romania Lei
Slovakia Russia(Western) Rouble
Serbia Serbian Dinar
Sweden Krona
Switzerland Franc
Turkey Lire
UK Pound
Ukraine Ukrainian Hryvnia

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8 comments for “European countries don’t actually use the Euro!

  1. John Stephens says:

    The Euro is a dangerous currency. It is a stepping stone to a world currency, thus, a very oppressive world government.

    There should be an open democratic process, that gives people a chance to use it, or not.

  2. Dan says:

    Turkey isn’t a European country

    • Answer Wiz says:

      Acctually, that’s not true. Turkey is in BOTH asia and europe. so if you lived there, you could say you live in asia AND europe.

    • Suman says:

      Turkey is a European country. 95% of turkey is in Europe and remaining 5% in Asia.

      • Stavak says:

        Wrong! It’s the other way around. Look at the geographical map. Majority part of Istanbul is in Europe but 95% of Turkey is Asia. Istanbul is a straddle city. I was there, I even crossed the Bosphorus bridge connecting Asia & Europe.

  3. Larry Gibbs says:

    Maybe Poland Norway and Sweden will use it someday. Who knows.

  4. Mike says:

    You need to update this list. These Countries now use the Euro
    Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Andorra. You also missed San Marino & Vatican City who also have used the euro for quite some time.

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