The Ultimate Checklist For Business Travel

Heading out on an important business trip? If it’s your first time, you may be unsure of what to pack or how to prepare. Well, our business travel checklist will soon have you raring and ready to go! Whether you’re travelling across the world or to the other end of the country, being fully set up for your trip is essential for business to run smoothly. Read on for business trip essentials and other information that will tell you how to plan a business trip, the right way.

Business travel tips

Business travel checklist

Travelling for business? While some stress is inevitable, it doesn’t have to take over. Get used to preparing for business travel and get into a routine using our tips and tricks. Here’s a list of things to remember before you head off:

Have you got the right currency?

Whether you’re treating a client to a meal at an expensive restaurant or paying for your hotel, having the right currency is a vital part of a work trip. Whilst there may be cash points in the airport, you can avoid the hassle of queuing up by getting your money before you leave. Or maybe you’ve been given a company credit card for business travel purposes? In which case, you may find a metal card protector useful to help protect against card information theft, and you won’t need much cash at all. Just make sure you have enough for a taxi and a bite to eat.

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Luggage allowance

Check your airline for what luggage you can take – making sure that you have the right allowance for any vital paperwork or equipment that you need to take. Not forgetting your clothes, of course! For longer trips, a wheeled case may be needed, but where you can, take a case or bag that can fit in the overhead lockers on the plane – it’ll save you time on either end of your flight. This also reduces the risk of losing your luggage and makes it easier to get in and out of the airport, faster.

Fast track security

Fancy flying through security and skipping lengthy lines to help avoid stress and save time? Maybe you have some pressing emails to attend to or an important document to finalise? Booking a fast track pass through security will help save precious time that may be better spent elsewhere.

Business travel insurance

This might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a work trip, but whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you should make sure that you are safeguarded against any additional costs that aren’t your fault. So if your journey is delayed, cancelled or affected by other issues like lost baggage, you are covered.

Do your research

If you’re heading off to a new, unfamiliar location, then be sure to look into any specific workplace customs or practices before you leave, as it is important to adapt to the business culture of your respective partners. For example, in Singapore – a multi-ethnic society – there are different standards that you should follow, depending on who you are doing business with. One rule to remember  if you are entertaining Malay associates who are Muslim, is to avoid conducting business on Fridays or during the Ramadan.

Stay cyber safe

Before you leave, make sure all your devices are encrypted and back up your data for protection against any potential security breaches.

Set up your personal hotspot

Eliminate the need to depend on unsafe and unreliable public WiFi’s and use your phone connection as a personal hotspot instead.

Prepare your flight entertainment

Long flight? Download some of your favourite TV series or podcasts to keep you going.

Top tip:

If you hadn’t heard, Japan Airlines are now offering a new filter that shows you where all the children are sitting on your flight. The perfect tool for getting your head into meeting preparation without any fuss. So, keep your eyes peeled for other airlines that may be introducing this feature to their booking system.

Business trip packing list

Packing for a business trip properly is vital for a successful working visit. Whether you’re a frequent business traveller or only head off for the occasional overnight stay, keeping a list of the business trip essentials will help to relieve stress and save time in the process. Here’s a list of some business trip essentials that you won’t want to forget:


It sounds simple, but making sure you’ve packed the right clothes for your trip is a big one. So pack your bag with appropriate business attire to suit the work that you are completing whilst you’re away. Whether that’s a business suit for conferences and meetings, or something a little more elaborate for black tie events. But be sure to pack a comfortable outfit to travel in to avoid creases!

Top tips:

  • Roll up your belts and keep them in the collars of your dress shirts to help keep their shape.
  • Pack your shoes in a plastic bag (shower caps are handy for this!) or luggage packing bag to keep them from dirtying your clothes.
  • Stick to neutral colours where you can, so you can pack light but mix-and-match to create more outfits.
  • Have your clothes wrinkled on the move? Hang them up in the bathroom right before you have a hot shower – but make sure you close the door to keep the steam in. Use your hands to smooth out the wrinkles once you’re done. Or for those of you who may be carrying hair straighteners, use them to flatten out any small wrinkled spots on collars or cuffs – but be sure to use a gentle hand.

Travel Documents

From passports and insurance documents to hotel and rental car confirmations. Make sure you are carrying everything you need so that your journey is trouble-free.

Laptop, bag and charger

Obvious, but extremely important. You can’t present a slide deck or respond to emails without a laptop! So be sure to keep it charged to a reasonable level at all times.

Office supplies

Pack some pens, paper, sticky notes and even envelopes to store expense receipts so you can keep them organised and ready to send.

How to plan a business trip

Booking the right airport lounge will ensure that you have a place to get your head stuck in to any work that you need to get done before you go. With complimentary drinks and snacks available and access to free unlimited WiFi, it’s the perfect environment for any working traveller. Some of our lounges also have computer workstation facilities to help boost productivity levels.

And don’t forget the convenience of Meet and Greet parking. Booking airport parking will relieve some of the stress you may be feeling before you head off on a business trip. Better yet, combine your Meet and Greet with an overnight stay in an airport hotel and book a hotel and parking package – it’s the best of both worlds! That way, there’s no need to worry about checking in on time and getting stuck in traffic along the way. All you have to do is walk a few minutes straight from the hotel to the check-in desk. And if you’ve checked in online, you can wake up and head straight for security.

Have you booked a hire car? Or organised your airport transfer? These are all important things to consider when travelling for business. Check out our travel extras to help your journey run as smoothly as possible, leaving you ready and raring for that all-important business meeting.

Once you’ve ticked off your checklist for business travel, you’re ready to go! Whether you’re a first-time or experienced business traveller, knowing how to plan a business trip properly is vital to its success. Just remember to arrange your hotel and parking package and book an airport lounge experience to help ease the stress.

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