Lounge life at Heathrow

If the thought of travelling through one of Europe’s busiest airports fills you with despair – read on to find out just why it needn’t be the stressful affair you imagine.

Luxurious... join the jet-set in lounges such as the SkyTeam venue at Heathrow's Terminal 4

Luxurious… join the jet-set in lounges such as the SkyTeam venue at Heathrow’s Terminal 4

So what if more than 70million passengers pass through this busy London hub on a yearly basis! It’s simple to side step the crowds and morph your experience from ordeal to pleasure. It’s time to swap pleasure for pain with an airport lounge.

Airport lounges – mythbusters…

For many passengers who’ve dodged the hordes and taken a place in the haven of an airport lounge, they’ll never travel any other way… but if you’ve never sampled the luxury of lounging ahead of your flight, here’s the information you need.

Aren’t lounges for business- and first class travellers?

Once upon a time, but democracy has arrived in the UK’s lounges and anyone can buy a ticket at prices that don’t require a six-figure salary. In fact, most will be between £20-30 at Heathrow.

It’s still a lot of money to pay

While it certainly is an added extra on the face of it, after taking into account the complimentary food, drink and entertainment that comes with your ticket – it really is only a few pound more than you’d pay for all the airport essentials while waiting to board. And you’ll get all the above in a quiet, relaxed environment.

Have a look at this graphic to show how the cost of lounging is really only a few pounds more than you’d pay in the ‘outside’ terminal.

See the graphic: Click here to compare terminal costs with lounge entry

Luxury upgrade for pennies

Luxury upgrade for pennies

I don’t like wearing suits or formal wear when flying
Provided you’re not wearing a crop top, boob tube or football shire or abusive slogans, it’s unlikely you’ll be turned away from the lounge. Smart but casual is the rule here. Lounges aren’t the stuffy member-only clubs of yesteryear.

I have kids
Not a problem – all the lounges we offer at Heathrow are happy to accommodate well-behaved children. Infants under 2 are free, too.

Want to see what’s on offer and get a quote?

Check out the options we’ve got at Heathrow here.
We sell lounges at all terminals – click the link at the bottom of this page to find additional facilities beyond our featured lounges here.

No.1 Lounge Heathrow Terminal 3

If it’s a VIP send-off you’re looking for, the No.1 Lounge Heathrow Terminal 3 will tick the boxes. Offering an unrivalled range of services, from spa treatments to pod bedrooms, there really isn’t a more luxurious launch pad to start your trip.

Find out more and get a quote 

SkyTeam Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 4

Located over two floors, the truly luxurious SkyTeam Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 4 is an exceptional facility and the ideal location to escape the crowds at one of the UK’s busiest airport terminals.

Find out more and get a quote 

Find more Heathrow and UK lounges here

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