Gluten-free restaurants at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport Gluten-free

Nutritional awareness may be on the rise in restaurants, shops and schools across the UK but, when you are travelling and have particular dietary requirements, it is helpful to know what you can expect when you get to the airport.

You may not always be able to carry your own food and drinks through security, so while you might have a gluten-free in-flight meal ordered for you, it may be sometime away before you receive it. At Manchester Airport, thankfully, there is a reasonable range of gluten-free refreshment options to tide you over in the meantime. 

Gluten free food

Please be aware that not all restaurants, cafés and take-aways can guarantee a gluten-free food preparation environment, even when they offer gluten-free food items. However, many do publish their own allergen guides and have staff to help you make the right choices. There are also mainstream retailers, such as Boots, WH Smiths and M&S Food, that stock pre-prepared gluten-free sandwiches and wraps, subject to availability.

Read on for our gluten-free restaurants guide to each of the three terminals at Manchester Airport.

Manchester Airport Terminal 1

In Terminal 1 you’ll find Bar MCR, which offers a range of food and drink favourites starting with breakfast, alongside great views of the runway. You can check out their allergen guide in advance. For French/North African-fusion cuisine, look out for Café Balzar. They may not have a huge range of gluten-free food options but, again, they have an allergen guide online, which you can view ahead of your visit.

Giraffe World Kitchen offer a truly global range of tasty dishes and have a specific Gluten-free Menu including gluten-free bread. Or you can ask for an allergen guide, or filter the menu online.

If you are looking for a quick bite before going through security, Greggs publishes an allergen guide and have a limited selection of snacky, gluten-free food items.

Pret a Manger have an outlet once you reach the Departures Hall and usually stocks a range of gluten-free sandwiches, soups, salad pots and more, while Starbucks have recently advertised a gluten-free ham and cheese panini.

The Grain Loft is a good spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner and lists gluten-free options as ‘NGCI’ on their menus. You can also ask staff for an allergen guide.

Manchester Airport Terminal 2

Over in Terminal 2, the Apiary offers a French-inspired menu of brunches and British classics, including gluten-free options. For a touch of industrial-style pub, head to the Bridgewater Exchange, which also has gluten-free options on their menu.

A popular coffee bar airside is Broderick’s, who will be happy to cater for gluten-free and coeliac diets pre-order. And the big chains in Terminal 2, which usually have some gluten-free sandwiches, salads and more, include Costa Coffee, Pret a Manger and Starbucks.

For pure, natural produce VIT is the place to recharge and revitalise before your flight. Just ask the staff for gluten-free options. And for some deep umami Asian flavours, including gluten-free noodle bowls, Wagamama publishes a dedicated gluten-free menu. If it’s a taste of authentic India you’re looking for, then at Wrapchic you can eat in or takeaway; view their full allergen and nutrition guide.

Manchester Airport Terminal 3

If you are flying from Terminal 3, you can grab coffee and snacks from Caffe Nero before heading through security. Caffe Nero have their own allergen guide and lists gluten-free items on their menu, although gluten-free food options can be somewhat limited.

Once you are airside, you’ll find Costa Coffee, which list gluten free drinks and a few gluten-free snacks. Or opt for a gluten-free porridge pot at Flat White.

For modern British pub dining in Terminal 3, The Lion and Antelope list a few gluten-free items on their classic pub menu. If you prefer to go Italian, however, then the staff at Trattoria Milano will happily give you allergen advice.

Cafes and Restaurants with gluten-free options at Manchester Airport

NameOpening TimesLocation
Apiary T2variableAfter Security
Bar MCR T14am – 7pmAfter Security
Bridgewater Exchange T23am – last flightAfter Security
Broderick’s T2variableAfter Security
Café Balzar T1variableAfter Security
Caffe Nero T35am – 5pmBefore Security
Costa Coffee T23.30am – 2pmAfter Security
Costa Coffee T33.30am – 6pmAfter Security
Flat White T3variableAfter Security
Giraffe T14am – variableAfter Security
Greggs T15.30am – 10pmBefore Security
Pret a Manger T14am – 8pmAfter Security
Pret a Manger T16am – 7pm Before Security
Pret a Manger T24am – variableAfter Security
Starbucks T13am – 8pmAfter Security
Starbucks T224 HoursBefore Security
The Grain Loft T13.30am – last flightAfter Security
The Lion and Antelope T33.30am – last flightAfter Security
Trattoria Milano T3variableAfter Security
VIT T2variable After Security
Wrapchic T2variableAfter Security
Wagamama T24am – 4pmAfter Security

Please note that all opening hours are subject to change. Gluten-free options cannot always be available. Please always ask for allergen advice.

Plan your trip from Manchester Airport with our guide to restaurants and cafes in each terminal.

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