Flying with e-cigarettes… how to stay legal when taking your vaping device and refills through airport security

With more than three millions of Brits swapping tobacco products for e-cigarettes, many could be running the risk of having their expensive ‘vaping’ kit confiscated at the airport.

Find out the security rules when flying with e-cigarettes, refill liquid and batteries. Credit: Thinkstock/Librakv

Find out the security rules when flying with e-cigarettes, refill liquid and batteries. Credit: Thinkstock/Librakv

Flying with e-cigarettes isn’t as straightforward as many might expect. From where to pack your batteries and liquids to finding countries where the devices are banned, make sure you read this before you travel.

Here’s the essential information you need.

Is it okay to vape on the plane?

While some establishments allow vaping where smoking is banned, this is not the case on planes. The use of e-cigarettes is illegal on aircraft.

Where do I pack my e-cigarette or similar device?

If you’re boarding a plane, you will need to pack your e-cigarettes, e-cigars, personal vaporizers and electronic nicotine delivery systems in your hand luggage only. This is down to the rules surrounding lithium batteries and the risk of fire they could pose if packed in the plane’s hold.

I’m looking forward to a ‘vape’ when I land – can I charge my e-cigarette on the plane?

No. Due to the risk of fire and overheating, you are not permitted to charge your device while on-board an aircraft.

Where do my spare batteries need to go?

You can take a maximum of two spare rechargeable batteries and these must be packed either in their original, unopened packaging, or with their terminals taped over if loose.  You must take these with you in your cabin baggage: they must not be stored in your hold baggage under any circumstances.

Can I pack vape liquid?

Most airlines will allow you to carry refill bottles on the plane, with bottles of less than 100ml in carry-on luggage and larger amounts in the hold. Flybe is one exception to the list and does not allow the liquid to be carried on its planes.

Is vaping okay when I get to my destination?

The rules on vaping vary around the globe. Find out the rules in your destination here.

Find more rules on travelling with electrical devices here.


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