Drop-off and pick-up charges of up to £50 revealed at UK airports – find yours here

Anyone dropping off or picking up passengers from Birmingham airport will need to bring plenty of change to feed the car park machine, with charges hitting £50 for less than an hour’s parking.

Dropping off or picking up at Birmingham Airport could cost £50 for an hour's parking

Dropping off at Birmingham Airport could cost £50 for an hour’s parking if you don’t want to take a bus: Wikipedia

Tightened security at UK airports has meant dropping off and picking up travellers has seen motorists pushed towards expensive parking zones.

Birmingham has been highlighted as one example, where using its Premium set-down zone could see you charged up to £1-a-minute. The alternative Standard set-down offering – a 5-10-minute walk from the terminal – charges £30 for the same duration.

Stansted hits travellers with a charge of £25 for stays longer than 30 minutes, while Gatwick will present  drivers with a £23 bill for 30 minutes.

Anyone dropping off or picking up at Luton might like to steer clear of the Drop Off Zone, which will cost £3 for 10 minutes, but see the charging accelerate by £1-a-minute thereafter.

Find out how much you could be paying before you set off to drop-off or pick-up from the UK’s biggest airports.

Drop-off and pick-up charges at UK airports

Heading to the airport to drop-off or collects family or friends? Make sure you read this first to ensure you pick the correct option for each airport. Remember to share with other to help ensure they don’t get caught out by inflated charges.

Aberdeen Short Stay Car Park:
20 mins: £2.50
60 mins: £6
Belfast City (George Best) Short Stay Car Park
Free for 10 mins.
10 – 30 minutes: £3
Belfast International Drop off/Pick up Zone:
10 minutes: £free – 10
20 mins: £3
60 mins: £6
Birmingham (premium) Premium set-down car park:
10mins: £2
55-60 mins: £50.
Birmingham (standard) Standard set-down (5-10  mins walk):
30mins: £free
55-60 mins: £30.
Bournemouth Pick up and drop off area 
30 mins: £3
Bristol Express drop off:
10 mins: £1
10 – 20 mins: £3
40-60 mins £20
Cardiff Drop off area:
Up to 10 mins: £free
£5 every 10 mins thereafter.
Pick up area:
Up to 10 mins: £1
60 mins: £3.
Long stay 1:
20 minutes: £free (bus).
Doncaster Sheffield Drop off/Pick up:
10 mins: £1
Short Stay Car Park:
15 mins: £free
East Midlands Rapid Drop off: 
10 mins: £2.
Short stay car park:
30 mins: £3.50
Long stay 4: 
Free for 1 hour (bus)
Edinburgh Drop off Zone:
5 mins: £1
5-10 mins: £3
Pick up zone:
15 mins: £4
Long stay:
10 mins: £free (bus).
Exeter Car Park 1:
30 mins: £1.
Car Park 3:
10 mins: £free
Glasgow Pick up area:
10 mins: £2
Long stay car park:
30 mins: £free
Glasgow Prestwick Drop off /pick up area:
Up to 5 mins: £free
6-15 mins: £1.50.
Humberside Car park 1: 
First 15 mins: £free
Inverness Short Stay Car Park:
Free for up to 10 minutes
Leeds Bradford Mid-Stay Car Park:
60 mins: £free (5-min walk)
Liverpool Express Drop off / Pick up:
20 mins:£free
20 mins: £3  

Drop-off 2: 
Free for up to 40 minutes.
London City Short stay car park:
10 mins: £3.20
London Gatwick Drop-off only
Terminal forecourts: £free
Pick up Short Stay Car:
30 mins: £3.80
Drop off/pick up Long Stay:
2 hours: free (bus)
London Heathrow Short Stay Car Park:
30 mins: £4
Long stay car park:
2 hours: £free.
London Luton Mid Stay:
15 mins: £free (bus)
Long Stay:
2 hours: £free (bus)
Drop off zone:
10 mins: £free.
London Southend Short Stay 1:
5 mins: £free
Long Stay 3:
15 mins £free
London Stansted Mid Stay:
Free for 1 hour (bus)
Express Set Down:
10 mins: £3.50
Manchester Drop off/ Pick up: Dep:
Multi- storey by terminals:
30 mins: £4
Newcastle Medium Stay:
15 mins: £free.
Express Parking:
10 mins: £1
Southampton Short Stay:
10 mins: £1
Long Stay:
30 mins: free


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