Crit’Air (Crit air) anti-pollution stickers in Lyon, France – find out how it will affect you and your vehicle

Like Paris, the French city of Lyon has launched a new Crit’Air anti-pollution scheme. Find out all about it and how it could affect your car or motorhome…

The French city of Lyon is now using Crit'Air stickers to help cut pollution from vehicles

The French city of Lyon is now using Crit’Air stickers to help cut pollution from vehicles: Image credit

Here’s our at-a-glance guide to Crit’Air anti-pollution stickers for anyone driving in or near Lyon.

What are Crit’Air stickers?

Crit’Air certificates are small round stickers that denote how polluting a vehicle is. They are a single ‘certificate’ that can be used by authorities across France to offer favourable transport conditions and parking for motorists with the least-polluting vehicles.

The schemes linked to Crit’Air stickers vary across France; Paris has created a zone encompassing the entire city to prevent older, more-polluting vehicles entering the zone during weekdays, while also limiting other Crit’Air categories on days of peak pollution.

The Paris scheme requires the vast majority of public vehicles to display a Crit’Air sticker, whereas the Lyon version is more selective – and not mandatory. Find out more about the Paris Crit’Air scheme here.

How do Crit’ Air stickers work in Lyon?

The Lyon system has a low emissions zone, where stickers are recommended for French-registered vehicles that wish to drive in the city when pollution levels are high.

Unlike Paris, the stickers are not mandatory in Lyon, but they will allow some cars to drive in the city when restrictions apply.

During these periods of high-pollution, the city operates a scheme where vehicles with odd and even numbers on registration plates enter the city on alternating days. However, the Crit’Air stickers allow vehicles with ‘cleaner’ ratings to enter regardless of their number plate being odd or even.

Are foreign vehicles affected in Lyon?

Here’s where it gets complicated…

The new Crit'Air stickers that some vehicles will require for driving in Lyon

The new Crit’Air stickers that some vehicles will require for driving in Lyon

Cars: Foreign-registered Vehicles with a kerb weight of less than 3.5 tonnes will not be affected by the scheme, according to the EU-funded Urban Access website. It seems, therefore that drivers of cars do not need a Crit’Air sticker and can drive in the city at all times.

Motorhomes and vans 3.5-7.5 tonnes: Drivers of vans and motorhomes will need to apply for and display a Crit’Air sticker if they want to drive in the city during periods of high pollution.

During these periods, whether or not a foreign-registered motorhome or van can drive in the city will relate to its Crit’Air sticker. In most cases, this means zero-emission-, 1-, 2- and 3-rated Crit’Air vehicles will be able to enter the city.

Local news websites and the local Prefecture (Government) website will publish the relevant information on Crit’Air categories allowed to drive in the city.

Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes: These vehicles are not allowed to drive in Lyon.

Where is the controlled zone in Lyon?

The following map shows the ‘pollution zone’ within the black border. However, the roads in green (including the ring road) are not subject to the restrictions.


The zone is within the black border, but the green lines denote auto routes that are not covered by the scheme – such as the city’s ring road

The restriction consists of roads located within the municipalities of Lyon and Villeurbanne, except for the following roads: (Please note, this has been taken from a French translation.)

  • Boulevard Laurent Bonnevay, formerly RD 383;
  • Boulevard Pierre Sémard;
  • Northern ring road;
  • A7 motorway;
  • A6 motorway;
  • A42 motorway;
  • Route to access and leave Vaise Park by the Sedaillan wharf, the Quai du Commerce, the water station quay, the Rue de Saint-Cyr and the Rue du 24 mars 1852;
  • The route between the Northern Boulevard and the Vaise Relay Park via the Bourgogne and the Rue du 24 mars 1852;
  • The route between Boulevard Laurent Bonnevay and the Soie Relay Park by the former RD 517, the rue Léon Blum, the rue de la Soie and the rue de la Poudrette;
  • Between the A7 and parking for the station at Lyon-Perrache using the ramps of The motorway interchange of Perrache and the Cours de Verdun Récamier.

Where can I find information of pollution levels?

The local government site will provide information here

How much do the Crit’Air stickers cost?

The sticker will cost €4.18 (around £3.60) for drivers of foreign-registered vehicles.

What is the fine for ignoring pollution restrictions?

For light vans and motorhomes: €68 (around £58)

HGV and busses pay €135 (around £115)

Are there any exemptions for Blue Badge holders?

Yes, Blue Badge holders will be ‘exempt’ from the scheme, according to the EU-funded Urban Access website.

Other exemptions are listed as:

Car sharing vehicles
Foreign vehicles <3.5 tonnes
Collective transport, Taxis
Vehicles carrying perishable goods to shops and markets
Emergency vehicles and vehicles on urgent public business
Vehicles for: construction, cleaning, waste removal, agricultural, motor garages, harbour, postal,
Business vehicles from health professionals
Vehicles of people with disabilities or reduced mobility
Journalists’ vehicles
Funeral vehicles

Which Crit’Air sticker will apply for my vehicle?

You can run a simulation to see which of the following your vehicle is likely to receive by clicking here.

This is how the new Crit’Air stickers will be applied to your vehicle.

Lowest band restricted only for 100% pure-electric or hydrogen vehicles.

Plug-in hybrid cars and Euro 5 and 6 petrol models (registered from 1 January 2011).

Euro 4 petrol-powered cars (registered between 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2010) and Euro 5 and 6 diesel models (registered from 1 January 2011).

Euro 2 and 3 petrol cars (registered from 1 January 1997 to 31 December 2005).
Petrol cars registered before 1997 do not qualify for a Crit’Air sticker at all and will be barred from entering the city 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday
Crit’Air 3 also includes Euro 4 diesel cars (registered between 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2010).

Euro 3 diesel cars registered between 1 January 2001 and 31 December 2005.

Euro 2 diesels, registered from 1 January 1997 to 31 December 2000.


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5 comments for “Crit’Air (Crit air) anti-pollution stickers in Lyon, France – find out how it will affect you and your vehicle

  1. Geoff says:

    Lyon have brought a badge system, Paris has one as well and so do some other French Cities Do you have to buy one for each city or is this a national thing and you buy one and its good for all, Germany has a national clean air sticker thats good for all, if every country has its own clean air sticker the UK cars will fail their MOT’s for blocking the view out the windscreen

  2. Garth says:

    Hello. I wonder if you can help? We have a house in La Clayette and I am picking up a friend from Part dieu next week. I have a VW golf. Do I need a sticker! Help! Garth

    • Pete Barden says:

      Hi- Providing the pollution levels are not ‘high’ on the day you travel, you should be okay. Look out for local restrictions on days of heavy pollution. The Crit Air stickers in Lyon differ quite a lot from their Paris counterparts.

      • Garth says:

        Ah! Thanks so much. So if it’s. It a heavy pollution day I can travel in? So confusing! I will make sure I order my sticker on. Y uk return!! Thanks a lot.

        • Pete Barden says:

          Hi – On a heavy pollution day, the sticker will let you drive… whereas, I believe, those without stickers will be subject to an odd-even system based on number plate.

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