Bag Wrap – What is it? Is it worth doing? We reveal all about the cling film wrapping service

We’ve all seen the ‘secure bag wrap’ services available at major airports, but what’s it all about and is really worth smothering your bags with an industrial-sized roll of cling film?

You’ll be able to easy identify your luggage when it’s securely wrapped Credit: fizkes/Thinkstock

Bag wrap, also known as cling film wrapping service, is a service offered at airports where luggage is wrapped in plastic film to protect it from tampering, damage, and theft during air travel. The plastic film is usually a clear, strong material that is wrapped around the luggage several times and secured with a tamper-evident seal.

Whether the bag wrap service is worth doing depends on several factors, such as the value and fragility of the contents of your luggage, the likelihood of theft or damage during travel, and your personal preferences. Some travelers prefer bag wrap for added peace of mind, while others consider it an unnecessary expense.

It’s important to note that bag wrap does not guarantee that your luggage will be protected from damage or theft, but it can provide an extra layer of security. Before using the service, be sure to check with the airport and the airline regarding their baggage handling policies and insurance coverage, as well as any restrictions or fees for wrapped luggage.

What is bag wrap/luggage wrapping?

Many major airports, in the UK and abroad, offer a luggage wrapping service for departing passengers. The service uses industrial strength plastic wrap, or material similar to cling film, to wrap an item/bag before it’s checked-in.

What are the advantages of luggage wrapping?

Not only does it look fun, but using a bag wrap service at the airport has a number of advantages:
Prevent potential luggage damage:
Protect your suitcase against scratches, rips and harsh weather such as rain
Deter thieves:
Bag wrap helps to protect your luggage from being tampered with and will leave clear signs if anyone has attempted to get at your belongings
Stops overloaded baggage bursting open:
If you get over-excited when packing, bag wrap can help prevent your luggage from bursting open during transit
Luggage insurance:
Most bag wrap services include onward journey baggage liability protection, which helps protect your items against damage or loss on your immediate journey

What luggage can I wrap?

Most luggage that you intend to check-in for your flight can be wrapped:
Cabin luggage
Golf bags
Skis, ski poles and ski boots
Fishing equipment
Prams, buggies and pushchairs
Kid’s car seats
Musical instruments

How much does luggage wrapping typically cost?

In the UK, bag wrap services start from roughly £10 per item, with some providers including baggage liability protection for your immediate onward journey.

Where can I find bag wrapping?

You’ll find luggage wrapping services at most of the UK’s major airports, with different providers operating out of different airports. If you’re looking to use a bag wrap service, visit the official website of your departure airport to find out what’s on offer, you may even be able to pre-book your bag wrap.

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