Lounging at Gatwick… what’s on offer for you?

There’s no better way to start your trip than side-stepping the holidaying hordes and heading for the stress-free tranquillity of an airport lounge – and Gatwick has something for everyone…

North Terminal
The newly refurbished No.1 Lounge

Informal lounging
Kick back and relax with MyLounge

South Terminal
The newly relocated No.1 Lounge

Value lounging
See how you can lounge for less

With a newly refurbished lounge for the North Terminal and a new location in the South, along with the great-value MyLounge, it really is the ideal time to take your seat and sample a lounge at Gatwick Airport. Here are the details you need…

Newly refurbished… No.1 Traveller Lounge, North Terminal

no1 lounge

Who’s it for: Anyone looking to start their trip in a luxurious and stress-free environment

What’s on offer: Step away from the hustle and bustle of Gatwick’s busy North Terminal and find a luxurious haven of peace and calm in the newly refurbished No.1 Traveller Lounge.

Complete with a fully tended bar, quiet library area and a wide selection of seating choices, there’s no better place to relax as you prepare for your onward trip.

Choose a meal from the made-to-order hot and cold menu, or take your pick from a range of additional items on the pantry table – there’s something for all tastes.

Wash your food down with a drink from the bar’s complimentary selection of award-winning wines, speciality beers and premium spirits. Coffees, teas and soft drinks are also available.

Other benefits offered in the newly refurbished lounge include unlimited free Wi-Fi, panoramic views of the runway and complimentary magazines and newspapers for all guests.

How much: Prices start from £28 for adults and £16 for children – which combined with the complimentary food and drink makes for a great deal – even before you take the benefit of peace and quiet in to consideration.

Click here to find out more and book your space

New location…  No.1 Traveller Lounge, South Terminal

no1 lounge

Who’s it for: Anyone looking to start their trip in a luxurious and stress-free environment.

What’s on offer: With its unrivalled views over the runway, there’s no better place to sit back and watch the world go by as you wait to board. There’s more than plane spotting to keep you occupied, though…

Enjoy a drink from the fully tended bar before browsing the menu to choose your fill from the wide selection of hot and cold dishes on offer.

There’s also a choice of complimentary award-winning wines, speciality beers and premium spirits available to help wash your food down. Teas, coffees and soft drinks are also on offer.

Other benefit include a self-service pantry table for additional grazing, free, unlimited Wi-Fi, TVs and complimentary newspapers and magazines.

How much: Prices start from £28 for adults and £16 for children. Don’t forget you’ll also benefit from food, drink and other airport essentials included in this price. See our infographic below.

Click here to find out more and book your space

Informal lounging… MyLounge, North Terminal

Who’s it for: Anyone looking for a cost-effective and relaxed respite from the hustle and bustle of airport life

What’s on offer: Billed as the ‘relaxed little brother of No.1’, MyLounge brings airport lounging without the added formality. Kick back in the light, airy space and learn to enjoy the airport experience as you wait to board.

Perfect for friends, colleagues and families, it’s the cost-effective option to bring back the fun to airport life.

Using MyLounge is simple, too. Take your place any time from three hours before your flight and help yourself to nibbles and graze on snacks throughout the day from the kitchen counter. There’s a before and after 11am menu to ensure you’re getting the right snacks ahead of your journey.

Along with the complimentary food, you can also grab yourself a draft beer or wine as well as soft drinks, juices, speciality teas and coffee, cider and spirits & mixers.

Other welcome perks include individual seating, Family Snug with TV, free, unlimited Wi-Fi, Mac workstations and plenty of device-friendly plug sockets for charging your gadgets.

How much: Entry is £20 per adult and £10 for kids (2-11) when booked in advance. Children under two go free and the lounge is open to anyone travelling from the North Terminal.

Click here to find out more and book your space

Think you can’t afford a lounge… think again…

Choose wisely and booking your place in one of the airport lounges at Gatwick could cost just a few pounds when you consider how much you’ll be paying for food and drink on the outside – compared with complimentary goodies in the lounge. Click below to see our infographic.

Lounge costs compared: Click here to reveal all

We’ve compared buying food in some of the great South Terminal restaurants with complimentary offerings in the No1 Traveller Lounge to see how much you’ll really pay to upgrade. Meals, drinks and snacks are not intended to be like-for-like…

Luxury upgrade for pennies

Luxury upgrade for pennies

Porridge with toppings
No1 Lounge: £Complimentary
The Beehive: £3.95

Fruit juice
No1 Lounge: £Complimentary
Giraffe: £2.80

Cup of coffee
No1 Lounge: £Complimentary
McDonalds (regular white): £1.49

Dinner – Caesar Salad
No1 Lounge: £Complimentary
Nando’s: £6.75

Dessert – chocolate brownie
No1 Lounge – chocolate brownie: £Complimentary
McDonalds – chocolate muffin: £1.19

Bottle of beer
No1 Lounge: £Complimentary
The Flying Horse 330mlbottle of lager: £4.50

No1 Lounge free for 3-hour stay: £Complimentary
Gatwick free for 90mins then charged: £3.50

No1 Lounge: £Complimentary
Daily Mail from London News Company: £0.60p

Total: 24.78
Price of lounge entry to lounge: £28.00
Final cost after savings on refreshments and services: £3.22

Check what’s on offer at your airport lounge…

Please note: Food examples are not like-for-like and do not take into account portion size or ingredients. Infographic intended to offer a rough indication to the value of food and goods included in the Gatwick South Terminal No1 Lounge entry price when compared with purchasing elsewhere in Gatwick Airport South Terminal. Serving times and T&Cs apply.

Buy you lounge access right here.

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