7 Tips and Tricks on How To Plan Your Honeymoon

Fancy a stay in a luxury hotel room? Feel like treating yourself to a bottle of champagne? Whether you’re on a budget or have some spare cash to splash, there are several ways that you can plan your honeymoon to make it the trip of a lifetime. Cosy up with your partner, sit back, relax and find out how to get a honeymoon upgrade.

Plan your honeymoon of a lifetime

1. Reach out to people

Here’s a sneaky trick…Once you’ve booked your trip, get in touch with the hotel and mention that you’re newlyweds. A great concierge wants to make your honeymoon experience extra special, so where they can, they may offer a range of honeymoon upgrades, like a free room upgrade, champagne, a special dinner or resort vouchers.

Top tip: The best way to get an upgrade is to arrive on time. Better yet, if you turn up to your hotel after 15:00, your chances will be slightly higher. Hotel staff have a clearer picture of what rooms are available later on in the day, so may be more able to make last-minute upgrades.

But don’t leave it there. When you arrive, casually drop into conversation that you’re celebrating your honeymoon. And remember to remind the airline and hotel staff when checking in. Tell the restaurant in advance and then again when you arrive for your romantic meal for two. You may find you’re  welcomed by a bottle of bubbly or an indulgent chocolate dessert.

And if all that fails…just ask! If you don’t receive a full upgrade, you may receive some freebies to make your experience that little bit more memorable. But remember to enjoy your trip regardless!

2. Plan an excursion

Treat yourself to a fun day out with your newlywed and upgrade your romantic honeymoon experience. Explore the local surroundings and soak up the romantic atmosphere, whether you book a vineyard tour and wine tasting, or you fancy something a little more adventurous to take you out of your comfort zone – like snorkelling, kayaking or zip-lining. If you’ve hired a car, why not head out on a mini road trip? Set out early, and see the sun rise whilst indulging on a delicious breakfast picnic.

Whilst sitting by the pool and lounging in the hotel room makes for a relaxing honeymoon experience, booking a day out will leave you with lasting memories. Try out something that you’ve never done before, and that you may never do again, as this will make your trip feel that little bit more special.

3. Fly high and upgrade your airport experience

If you’re looking for a luxury experience and have a few pounds to spare, upgrade your whole airport experience and book yourself a honeymoon flight upgrade to make the experience as smooth as possible. Pay extra for a first-class or business seat, let yourself get comfortable and book in extra leg room for your flight, or pay for priority check-in and be one of the first on the plane. And why not book yourself a private transfer from the airport? Avoid the stress of piling onto a minibus and competing with other travellers to get a space, and cruise along in a private car. Better yet, treat yourself to a fast track pass through security and fly by all of the queues, getting you to your honeymoon that little bit quicker.

4. Extend your trip and indulge in a spa experience

Extend your honeymoon by treating yourself to a spa day before you leave, or wind down before heading back home. Enhance your newlywed glow with skincare treatments and facials or relieve yourself from that pre-wedding stress with a full body massage. Better yet, sign up for couples’ treatments and go through the experience together.

Book the day off work and hide out in the complimentary spa facilities that come with any package, from a relaxing soak in the pool, to breaking out a sweat in the sauna. This is the perfect way to spend some quality time together, before or after the big honeymoon.

5. Relax and unwind in a luxury airport lounge

upgrade your honeymoon with an airport lounge experience

A sure-fire way to get yourself into full relaxation mode and upgrade your honeymoon is by winding down with a luxury airport lounge experience. With access to several facilities, from complimentary food and drinks to TVs and games rooms, it’s easy to switch off and free yourself from the hustle and bustle of the airport. A lounge allows you to sink into a comfortable sofa and get lost in a book or magazine before you board your flight. With family-friendly areas available, you can avoid the stress of a busy airport and hide out in a luxury airport lounge.

6. Book a stay in an aiport hotel

If you’re travelling a long distance to the airport, or even if you’re just heading up the road, booking an overnight stay in an airport hotel can help you to get into honeymoon mode before you go. Relax and unwind in a hotel room with a comfy bed and room service to start off your honeymoon. That way, you can wake up on departure day and take a leisurely stroll towards your airport terminal, avoiding the stress of having to drive up and park at the airport.

With thousands of hotel rooms to choose from, there is something for every couple – and every budget. Bring a welcoming touch of luxury to your trip with an overnight stay in an airport hotel.

7. Splash out on premium airport parking

Why not combine your overnight stay with an airport parking package from APH? Our hotel and parking deals are perfect for those who are looking to eliminate as much stress as possible before a trip. Avoid the hassle of having to park up a mile from the airport and book yourself a meet and greet parking package.

Here at APH, we put you first. We understand that keeping your car safe is a concern when booking meet and greet parking, but with more than 38 years’ experience, you can rest assured that we strive to give you the best service and experience to start your honeymoon off – the right way.

Plan your honeymoon the right way

Before you plan your honeymoon, consider these honeymoon upgrades to make it an experience to remember. Book your overnight airport hotel stay, Meet and Greet parking and luxury lounge experience with APH, to ease up that pre-honeymoon stress.

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