VIP your trip from Gatwick Airport!

VIP your trip from gatwick

You don’t need to be a millionaire to live the high life…

Airport; VIP style

Going on holiday should be exciting and exhilarating; unfortunately for many, it’s a chance to stress, worry and angst about the finer points and details. Here at APH , we believe that holidays are meant to be enjoyed not endured; so why not live a little bit more luxuriously and start your trip as you mean to go on; VIP stylee!

It might sound like you’ll be set to break the bank, but you don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy a little bit of star treatment; many of our VIP tips will actually save you cash; so what are you waiting for? Read on and get set for the easy life…

Airports are stressful places; the crowds and hustle & bustle can quickly take the shine off the start of your holiday; but follow our VIP top tips and it’ll be someone else taking care of the details, so you can start having a good time as soon as you set off.

Meet and greet parking at Gatwick Airport

VIP your trip from gatwick

APH’s very own friendly meet and greet team!

Don’t waste time queuing for buses; probably in the pouring rain, when you could be sipping a cocktail in the airport and putting the final touches to your holiday plans.

With meet and greet parking you don’t have to worry about a thing; that’s someone else’s job, simply cruise right up to the terminal where you will be met by a chauffeur; just like all good A- listers. As your car is carefully parked for you, you are free to make your way to the check-in desk and get the party started!

And meet and greet doesn’t come with a designer price tag; this is celebrity service with a down to earth price, so everyone can afford a little slice of the high life. Book your Gatwick meet and greet parking here and you’ll be getting a great rate and a guaranteed space.

The holiday starts here!

VIP your trip from gatwick

The super handy Sofitel London Gatwick

Don’t wait until take off to get excited; start your trip the night before your flight with a little bit of luxury at Sofitel London Gatwick.

Directly connected to the North Terminal by a short walkway, this clean and modern hotel can’t be beaten for location. With free Wi-Fi and a selection of on-site dining; you can happily set up camp here as you will have all that you need for a perfect night’s sleep.

With two on-site restaurants, a cocktail bar and a fitness studio open at any time of day or night; you can wine and dine the night away before slipping into a huge bed just moments from the terminal; bliss!

APH has Gatwick hotel & parking packages, too; so we’ll take care of your car as you head down the covered walkway straight to the check-in desks.

Take the fast-track

Use the airport’s fast-track system to speed up your progress.
How much: £5.00

VIP seats

Choosing the right seats can make all the difference on a flight, giving you room to breathe and move about.  Don’t travel cattle class; upgrade your legroom by using the brilliant

Just enter your flight number and a seating plan for your flight will appear; opting for an exit seat may cost a little extra, but it will be well worth the expense when you are reclining in bliss while the non-VIP passengers squeeze themselves into their seats!

Luggage the lazy way

Luggage Mule instructions

Have your luggage collected from home and delivered to your hotel

So you’ve sorted out your parking, you’ve enjoyed a leisurely morning at an on-airport hotel and your seats are taken care of; what’s next for the aspiring A-lister?

Luggage Mule is a great new service that lets you travel without being weighed down by bags. Don’t drag your case behind you, when it could be winging its way to your destination and waiting for you upon your arrival!

Luggage Mule picks up your bags, direct from your home and delivers them to your destination hotel for you. It might sound like an extravagance, but the company says it’ll save you £100 on a 25kg suitcase compared with a return trip on RyanAir! Get a quote from Luggage Mule.

Life is for lounging

VIP your trip from gatwick

Enjoy runway views in peace & quite with a Lounge Pass

Ditch the crowded departure lounge and book yourself into No1 Traveller Lounge or My Lounge at Gatwick for some respite from the masses. Tuck into complimentary treats as you unwind and get ready for your trip with a glass of something cool.

With papers, TVs, Wi-Fi and at the No 1 Traveller North Terminal; a cinema to help you pass the time; this VIP experience is a must for any wannabe celebs! And with passes costing just £25.00 you don’t have to earn a celebrity wage to gain access; book yourself a luxurious lounge pass at Gatwick here.

Fast track it

Some airlines, such as easyJet offer a fast track security pass when you book certain tickets; check with your carrier before you buy!

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8 comments for “VIP your trip from Gatwick Airport!

  1. Richard Hobson says:

    HI there I paid for Fast Track security on the 22.06.2016 However it was closed at 18.30 when I arrived. So I never received the service who do I apply to for a refund please?

    • Pete Barden says:

      Hi – You will need to contact the airport. Give them a shout of Twitter for more info @Gatwick_Airport

  2. Lisa Galsworthy says:

    How can I book fast track service please? I have parking/ hotel and lounge booked already – but would like to fast track through security.


  3. Mrs Hall says:

    How can we arrange Fast Track from Dubai, for our arrival back into the uk on the 12th?

  4. tavel says:

    Good morning

    how can we book fast track lane to avoid queue arrival gatwick north ?

    • Pete Barden says:

      Hello – The fast trak service is for arrivals only and not departures. Sorry for any confusion.

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