Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance should not be optional

Travellers that fail to buy insurance before travelling abroad are putting themselves at considerable risk if injured advises Moore Blatch Resolve.

Research carried out by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office shows that over a third of people are especially reluctant to purchase travel insurance if they intend to visit family and friends overseas.

Moore Blatch Resolve overseas personal injury specialist Ciaran McCabe says that saving money has become a key factor for tourists, but has seen the firm dealing with an increased number of people stranded abroad that require essential medical treatment.

“Whilst nine out of ten trips abroad will pass with no incident, an accident or injury only needs to occur once and the cost of medical care can have disastrous effects on individuals not only in terms of recovery but also financially.

“It’s important to remember that staying with family and friends does not lower your chances of an accident occurring and the risks involved remain the same,” he said.

Only recently a British tourist, Richard Plummer, was reported to be in a coma following a motorcycle crash. He needs to return to Britain for treatment in order to recover and his family are desperately attempting to raise the funds to do so.

The 32-year-old musician has been unconscious in hospital on the Indonesian island since the crash on July 1. His travel insurance had expired and his parents fear they may have to sell their Kent home to pay for the evacuation.

“To return Mr Plummer to the UK, it is estimated that approximately £80,000 is needed for an intensive care air ambulance and medical bills. If this doesn’t occur his chances of recovery at the hospital he is currently in is very low. It is likely that his parents will have to sell their home in order to fund his care bill.

“Whilst we can pursue claims on behalf of individuals that have suffered injuries overseas, it still remains incredibly important to have travel insurance in place if you require repatriation or urgent treatment due to your injuries.

“In our experience it’s definitely not worth taking the risk, we would always recommend travelling with insurance in place,” Ciaran concludes.

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